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Why You Shouldn’t Use Hot Comb On Fine Hair

It’s true that hot combs (pressing comb) work great for African – American hair (thick, coarse hair texture). Only that intense heat is able to straighten this type of hair with ease.

But a few reasons for not using a hot comb if you have other hair types than Afro hair.


Hot comb is too hot

hot comb

The stovetop version hot comb for example after it warms up you don’t know their temperature. And applying the tool on your hair is not a good practice for fine hair – It causes damage to the protective cuticle.

Electric hot combs don’t distribute the heat well over their body and the teeth. Working with a tool that’s at some point it is too hot and others are cold isn’t preferred.

And you can easily obtain sleek, straight results even if you have toughest hair texture. But fine hair is thin and easy to break the concentrated heat on teeth of the hot comb will burn the hair off.