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Top 10 Cordless Hair Straightener Flat Irons of 2023

If you’re thinking maybe cutting the cord straightening becomes a lot easier you’re right!

But how does a cordless hair straightener actually work in terms of effectiveness and time efficiency? Let’s have a look at our 10 favorite cordless hair straighteners.

Product ImageLanxim Mini Cordless Flat IronSee Price
Product ImageConair Unbound Cordless Titanium 1-inch Flat IronSee Price
Product ImageTUFEN Hair Straightener Flat IronSee Price
Product ImageDeogra Portable USB Rechargeable Ionic Hair StraightenerSee Price
Product ImageSalondepot Travel Cordless Mini Hair StraightenerSee Price
Product ImageConair The Cordless 3/4-inch Flat IronSee Price


Best Cordless Hair Straightener Flat Irons

1. Lanxim Mini Cordless Flat Iron


2. Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium 1-inch Flat Iron


3. TUFEN Hair Straightener Flat Iron


4. Deogra Portable USB Rechargeable Ionic Hair Straightener


5. Salondepot Travel Cordless Mini Hair Straightener


6. Cornair Cordless Flat Iron (No charging required)

A portable hair straightener without a battery pack. Butane gas has been used for heating hair tools for a long time.

The Cornair is a travel-friendly iron. It is small, compact and very portable. It is affordable too.

Unlike other cordless flat irons with an internal battery, which enables you to recharge them, the Conair comes with thermacell butane gas cartridge that will power the heating. This cartridge you can be refilled when they run out of gas.

Depending on how often you use the tool, the gas can last up to several months. You should order a spare of Conair Thermacell, which is sold separately.

Gas refills for hair straightener


The Cornair cordless flat iron is comfortable to hold and easy to style.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are traveling on flights, you are allowed to bring just ONE butane iron in carry-on baggage ONLY.

You should also check with your airline carrier for specific requirements, since they may not allow the cartridge in your carry-on bag.

Though once you switch it on, you should do something for a while since it takes roughly 2 minutes for plates getting to the desired temperature, 419°F.

I like its ceramic plates that seems pretty durable (they don’t wear out or break my hair), the quality ¾ inch plates do the job for getting closer to your roots for styling on the go–they can work with smallest sections.


Who will need this flat iron? Probably someone who value cable-free experience and,

  • Has very fine or freakishly thin hair.
  • Straighten just a part of your hair (probably a strand) that you always want them to be frizz-free.


7. Kibiy Cordless Flat Iron

With the built-in 26000mAh, the Kibiy iron takes your styling on the go to the new level.


8. CHI Smart Voyager 1″ Titanium Cordless Styling Iron

If you need a quick style for your bangs

Chi cordless flat iron that can be charged on the car via Cigarette lighter receptacle


Chi always innovates their products, and the CHI Smart Voyager 1″ allow you to style your hair on the go. The included cigarette lighter power adapter lets you charge the tool in the car.

It has rugged and smooth titanium plates, which ensure never breaking your hair when you style.

What people do like about this cordless titanium flat irons:

  • Very convenient for traveling and on the go.
  • Compact size and great build product
  • Suitable for a lot of hair types and texture even super thick, super frizzy
  • It is effective – work just 2 passes through your hair


However, you may not like:

  • This battery-operated hair straightener does not get hot enough to flat your hair.
  • It can work in less than 20 minutes.
  • Pricey


9. Carmen C81015 Mini Cordless Portable Hair Straightener

Carmen C81015
This mini flat iron from Carmen can hold a charge for 25 minutes


Get salon-quality styles on the go with Carmen C81015. The small and compact size of Carmen C81015 doesn’t hold it back from the capacity to straighten your hair smoothly and quickly.

Though the plate is narrow, it has the lithium battery, which helps maintain the plates hot for 25 minutes.

The Carmen C81015 works ideally on short hair with 3 settings 284, 320, 365F.

If you have very thick and stubborn hair and want to go through all sections, my advice is to avoid using a cordless hair straightener, well, the reason you have to pass a lot of times through sectioned strands since the iron may provide sufficient heat.

However, it is fine if you just want to smooth a small strand.


10. Mini Ceramic Hair Straightener with rechargeable battery

No products found.

Most cordless hair straightener runs out of battery quickly. But if you just need a few minutes for your hair, this one would do the job no matter what you straight or curl your hair.

Product’s highlights

  • Temperature range: 180 °C – 200 °C
  • Plate: Tourmaline ceramic
  • USB – micro USB charging
  • Lifetime of thermal plate: 10,000-20,000 passes
  • Plate size : 0.7 inch
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Temperature Controller: Digital
  • Voltage for charging:100-240v (Dual voltage)
  • Styling time: 3-5 min.
  • Temperature setting: 180 and 200
  • Power: Less than 25 W
  • Color: White, Pink


The others: 

BaByliss 2581BU Pro

Babyliss 2581BU PRO Cordless Hair Straightener

BaByliss 2581BU Pro is a ceramic cordless flat ironIt is powered by butane gass, it gets the same problem as Conair cordless flat iron. But all you need is to sort a couple of strands it is fine.


NexGadget Rechargeable Mini Cordless Flat Iron

NEXGADGET Hair Straightener Rechargeable Mini Cordless Flat Iron With Power Bank...
  • 8.2 INCH COMPACT CORDLESS - Can use when there is no outlet for plug-in; fit in luggage, purse, or cosmetic bag for traveling,commute and on-the-go.
  • SAFE LOCKED BUTTON - Cannot be accidentally turn on in bag. When unlocked, automatic sleep mode after 30-minutes dis-use.
  • 2 USB PORT - Micro USB make it a universal hair straightener, easy to charge worldwide. USB out port make it power bank in emergency.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - From 248° to 338°F (L-M-H)to suit your hair type.Especially for touch-ups on bangs, thin, fine, short hair for teens , women,...

A hair straightener that can charge your phone on the go. It can offer 3 levels of temperature from 248 to 338 F. This is average heating for hair tools, and I found it is only suitable for a number of hair types, it certainly for slightly hair straightening or curling.

It is an item that you only need for your perfect hairstyle but for your phone when it runs out of battery.

Plus, the safety feature will lock the tool when you put in your bag, no accidentally turn on, or in case you just forget to switch it off after use, it will automatically shut off in 30 minutes.


Sarah Potempa The Jet-Setter

One thing you would love about this portable flat iron as I do is that it does get to the heat enough to straighten your hair.

Note that the small plate size and a low heat system makes it difficult to work on curly or thick hair.

Once they are fully charged, you can use them for up to 30 minutes with the lowest heat setting.

I found no trouble with the silicon plates, like snagging or breaking hair. If you travel to a place where the voltage supply is 240V, don’t worry it is safe.

The maximum temperature the surface of plates can get is 450F as they claim, but it happens to be lower than you have to go slowly through sections.

Want to curl with this flat iron, indeed, the curved housing design makes it very possible for creating beach waves.


CHI Escape Cordless Flat Iron

The problem with most cordless rechargeable flat iron is battery, which doesn’t last long and inconsistent temperature on the plates. This makes it difficult for you to finish all sections of your hair.

And Chi Escape is not an exception. The lithium battery provides power for the iron around 30 minutes.

The Chi Escape is a rugged and ergonomic tool. Well, it is easy to operate this tool since you can adjust the heating level suitable for your hair types.

Whether you have fine, medium or coarse, they always have a setting giving you the best results, which you easily notice by colors coded to blue-green and red.

If you don’t want the battery drain so quickly, choose a lower temperature setting.

Each of heat setting indicates the temperature as following this table for different hair type

Blue 284°-338°F Fine Hair
Green 335°-366°F Medium Hair
Red 356°-392°F Coarse Hair

You can take Chi Cordless everywhere, it works for both voltage 220 and 110. Chi claims their iron can last up to 100 minutes, but truly the time for it working best significantly shorter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to choose a cordless hair straightener?

Ans. The best way to choose a cordless hair straightener is to consider several factors. The first is charging time. When selecting any cordless hair tool, consider how much time it takes to charge it because, obviously, you can’t use it while charging. 

The amount of time it takes to charge your portable flat iron is based in its mAh. More powerful batteries will require additional time to charge. It will also last longer.

The second thing to consider in a styling tool is the type of charging port.A cordless flat iron will have two different types of ports: USB or apin. USB ports are highly recommended because you can use them anywhere. It is the most convenient to use.

The third is battery type. A cordless hair straightener comes with either a butane cartridge or a rechargeable battery. The benefit of a butane cartridge is that they don’t need to be charged with energy to work. You simply change the cartridge. They generally last three to six months before replacement.

Rechargeable batteries run for a decent amount of time, but users need to make sure they are properly charged otherwise it will stop working.

Fourth is plate construction. Ceramic plates evenly distribute heat and eliminate hair from burning/becoming dry. Titanium plates heat faster and prolong battery life. However, if they rest on the hair too long, they can cause heat damage. Tourmaline ceramic plates will make your hair shinier and reduce frizz.

Finally, select one with an adjustable temperature for your hair type, and one that is lightweight if you are traveling or using it for touch-ups. Also, if you are traveling, select one with a dual voltage.


Q2. How do you clean a flat iron?

Ans. To clean a flat iron, you will need rubbing alcohol, warm damp cloth, and cotton balls. 

When the portable flat iron is cool and unplugged, dip a few cotton balls in rubbing alcohol. Gently glide them over the plates to clean them. Once completed, wipe each plate with a damp cloth, dry and store.


Q3. When you would need a cordless hair straightener?


  • Go camping
  • Traveling
  • Fix your bang while you are in your car


Q4. Is cordless hair straightening flat irons suitable for all hair types?

Ans. Unlike wired variable temperature flat irons, which can heat up the plate to the temperature virtually works on all hair types, cordless flat irons don’t.

Being cordless, the hair straightener has to compromise the heating.

You shouldn’t buy a cordless flat iron if you have super thick, coarse, ethnic, or very curly hair because these flat irons don’t get hot enough so you may have to pass over the same section many times, which is not only annoying but more like to damage your hair. For variable heat setting hair straighteners, if you set higher heating the battery will drain faster.

A common thing that most hair tools using internal battery has is their battery after one or two years of use will be dead (it won’t hold a charge), meaning that you can’t recharge them.

So it is time you should replace them with a new one. However, most wireless hair straighteners are pretty cheap, no brainer if you replace them.

In the future, like smartphones battery operating flat irons can be wirelessly charged on Qi-certified chargers, it’s even quicker and more convenient for you to take them on the run.

Another drawback of cordless flat iron is their low heating, each time you slide the flat iron on your hair section, the plate will lose the amount of heat.

Most cordless flat iron fails to provide quickly that heat lost to keep the plate’s temperature consistent. In other words, they couldn’t supplement the heat lost.

In the future, maybe a better battery will be used to keep the plate temperature more consistent once after they go through your hair.

But for me, they are a necessary item when I travel since they are wireless and easy to carry on and help form my hairstyle everywhere.


If you have decided to buy a cordless flat iron, here are some of the best-selling cordless flat irons.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Cordless Hair Straightener Flat Irons of 2023”

  1. I have thin, short hair. I have been loking for a new hair straightener, the cornair seems to be suitable but I am afraid its plate is too hot to my hair, only one setting for Butan hair straightener. The Camen is good, but I am not sure its battery can last until I finish straightening. Any recommendations?

    • I would prefer Cornair flat iron if I have thin and fine hair. You don’t have to recharge it. But because of its low heating, you are expected to wait a little while to go hrough your hair strand agian. Since it takes time for the plate to recover to the highest heat.

  2. Looking for a flat iron for camping, I ended up on this post. So as you said the cordless flat iron with butane cartridge is the best for camping because they don’t required charge. I wonder can we take a few butane refill cartridges on the plane. And how many hours the gas can last for straightening?

  3. For battery operated flat iron, how long do they last, just a few minutes or up to 10 minutes.
    @Lindsay J don’t buy battery flat iron and take them with you on your camping trip.

    • @Angelina I think time for straightening is optimized from 3 to 5 minutes, if you set lower temperature they can work longer. For camping I also rather take the flat iron with butane cartridge.

  4. These cordless flat irons never work on my thick, long hair. 😀 why they sell hot tools that only work in a few minutes. Supposedly they are used to style a bang to keep it straight.
    The problem with battery flat iron is the battery itself, with its low capacity, it couldn’t power the plates.

  5. Hi, what is battery’s capacity of these flat irons and how long they can hold charge. If the battery capacity is 3000mAh it is just the same as my phone’s battery and powerless for a flat iron.

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