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Amika Hair Straightener Review: Are They Really That Good?

On Amika’s website, they tell visitors, “All hair is welcome”. Their name even means “friend” in Esperanto. With their cruelty-free, environmentally friendly products, which work for different hair textures and needs, Amika deserves their name.

Amika Hair Straightener

If you’re looking for a new hair straightener, Amika is an excellent brand. We’re going to tell you about two of the best Amika products on the market.


Best Amika Hair Straighteners

1. The Conductor 1 Inch Precision Germanium Flat Iron

This Amika hair straightener works on many hair types and textures. Frizzy hair can be tamed with the Conductor. It also doesn’t take very long for it to kick into gear.


The Conductor has plates made of ceramic and tourmaline. They’re also infused with geranium. When combined, they transmit negative ions to your hair. As a result, hair is smoothed within seconds, and moisture is retained.

This straightener can also get seriously hot. You may adjust the temperature up to 450°F. Be careful when using this, as it heats up very quickly. Be slow and deliberate with your movements, so you can protect your hair and achieve the best results possible. The “stay-cool” tip is an outstanding safety feature.

There’s also an auto shut-off mode. This kicks into gear when you haven’t used this straightener for five minutes. Its motion-sensor design means it powers on when you pick it up. The Conductor is a comfortable and practical Amika hair straightener.

What Customers Like

  • Size: This Amika hair straightener is quite lightweight, and it doesn’t take up much room.
  • Versatility: The Conductor can handle different types of hairs. Even customers with thicker and coarser hair have found success with it.
  • Fast-acting: As soon as you plug the Conductor in and set it to your desired temperature, you can start using it.

What Customers Dislike

  • Tugging: At least one customer has taken issue with this Amika hair straightener for pulling their hair.
  • Lack of Curling: Lack of Curling: While this product is good for different hair types, its performance is mostly limited to straightening. If you want to curl your hair, you should look for another product.

The Conductor is a strong Amika hair straightener. If you need to smooth your hair, this is an excellent product. It works very efficiently and offers excellent protection when you’re using it.


2. Illuminati Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron

This Amika hair straightener is similar to the Conductor. However, there are enough differences to distinguish it from the Conductor. You may decide this is the straightener for you based on visuals alone.


The first thing you’ll notice about this Amika hair straightener is its colorful exterior. There are unique and gorgeous designs running all along the outside. Although it functions similar to The Conductor, using special plates to keep hair moist and straight, the makeup of the plates helps to set it apart.

The Illuminati Diamond has nano-diamonds in its plates. These are very powerful, bringing smoothness to hair that might otherwise seem unmanageable. As with the Conductor, you can operate this Amika hair straightener by setting the temperature and guiding it carefully from your roots to your tips.

You can also use this Amika hair straightener for curling purposes. Hold it in a vertical position on your hair. Then, twist it, making sure it faces away from you. Finally, bring it gradually to your tips. The faster you pull your hair with the straightener, the looser your curls will be.

What Customers Like

  • Design: Looks aren’t everything, but they’re definitely something. The pink and patterned look stands out, making a great addition to a rainbow of styling accessories.
  • Plates: The nano-diamonds aren’t just there for luxury. They provide ample health and luster for your hair.
  • Control: Getting this Amika hair straightener on is very easy, and using it is a pleasure. There’s a spot where you can rest your thumb, giving you a strong grip while treating your hair.

What Customers Dislike

  • Speed: While this Amika hair straightener’s fast-acting performance is a pro for many, some wish it would slow down. Be aware of how fast you’re operating it, slowing down more if necessary.
  • Heat Loss: Some have found this Amika straightener doesn’t get hot enough. Others complain that the heat goes out too quickly.

The Illuminati Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron sets itself apart. First, there’s the look. Then, there’s construction and performance. Consider Amika hair straightener if you want great straightening and curling action from a unique product.


Final Thoughts

No brand has perfected the hair straightener, but Amika has still done a great job. These two products exemplify their high standards and great results.

If you choose either of them, we hope you have an excellent experience, turning your hair from something wild into something gorgeous.