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Bathroom Blues? Four Clever Ways To Organize Your Hair Styling Tools

Here’s a secret: the way you get ready in the morning can really set the tone for the rest of your day.

Just picture it. Would you feel better getting ready in a total rush with tons of clutter around, or in a clean, organized space? There’s no question that the latter can truly make your morning routine go by much more smoothly. If you’re one of those girls that cycle between a bunch of hair tools throughout the week, then it’s likely that your bathroom is a cluttered, unruly mess in severe need of taming! Thankfully, everything you need to know is right here.

Want to find out just why an organized morning routine helps, and how you can incorporate this into your very own life just by modifying the way you organize your bathroom?

Just keep reading!

If you’re like most of us, then the odds are that you’re absolutely not a morning person.

Getting out of bed can be the hardest part of your day, while getting ready can seem like a never-ending barrage of twists and turns that takes way too long. Even on those good days, just the thought of getting ready can seem impossible. When your mornings are like this, the rest of your day usually follows in the same tone – stressful, disorganized and flustered.

It all comes down to the way you lay your day out, and we don’t just mean mentally! The way that you organize your room, your closet and even your bathroom can make the biggest changes in your morning routine.

Before we get into these cool, creative ways that you can organize your hair tools, here are a few other little hacks that can make your morning routine as smooth as possible with barely any effort.

Sleep is for the…strong?

It’s time to do away with the ‘sleep is for the weak’ mindset. To operate at your best every day, your body needs adequate sleep. Four hours of sleep simply isn’t going to cut it – especially as you get older. To feel your best in the morning and jumpstart your day on the right foot, try going to bed earlier so that you can get at least seven quality hours of sleep a night. Getting out of bed will feel much easier!

Reduce the number of tools you use

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You know that flat iron you bought on sale two years ago, used once and didn’t like? Or what about those hot rollers that you never use because they make your hair frizzy?

Don’t use it? Throw it out! Having useless tools lying around just means less space for the things that you actually need room for. Getting rid of useless junk lying around can make the world of a difference when it comes down to it.

So you’ve finally gotten rid of a few flat irons and an old blow-dryer, and now you’re left with those hair styling tools that you absolutely love. There’s just one problem, though – you don’t have a designated space for them! The way you store your different tools in your bathroom not only makes them easy to find every time you need them, but it helps to keep them clean, safe and in tip-top shape. No more tangled cords, dirty rollers or misplaced combs and brushes. For a satisfying combination of practicality, neatness and a beautiful aesthetic, give one of these nifty storage ideas a try!

Magazine magic

Spare magazine holders lying around your house? Make use of them! Simply by using command hooks to attach these holders to your bathroom door or cabinet door, fill magazine holders with the tools you use most often. You can even use multiple magazine holders and categorise your hair tools by type. Combs and brushes in one, flat irons in another, curling irons in the next!

Get busy with your hands – build a custom storage box!

Putting together your very own container from scratch might seem a bit daunting, but building a custom storage box can save you money on buying one. You can also exercise your inner creative artist by painting and decorating the box how you’d like. Sure, it’s a bit more time consuming and complicated than just buying a container from the store, but it can be super fun getting your hands dirty! You’ll be even prouder when you’re done.

Mini-baskets can come in handy

Lots of vertical wall space that’s pretty bare? Hang a series of pretty baskets or caddies on sturdy hooks to keep all of your products well within reach while simultaneously being out of the way. Avoid clutter while making your bathroom space look gorgeous? Check, and check.

DIY shelf

Take the DIY storage box just a bit further with this DIY shelf! You’ll keep your counters clear, your cabinets free and your tools right where you need them. You might need a lot more skill for this one, or even help from a friend, but after all the work is done, you’ll truly be amazed at how much nicer your hair tools look when they’re organized neatly.

Want more useful tips for bathroom organization made easy? Here’s a few:

  • Shoe racks can be repurposed to hold your favourite hair tools as well. Hang it from a door or cabinet to make a convenient rack!
  • Command hooks are your friend. You don’t have to damage your walls or doors with nails, hooks and screws. A good command hook will do the trick and leave no marks or blemishes behind

There you have it! Clever ways to organize your styling tools in your bathroom that can change the way you get ready in the morning. You’ll be so impressed at just how much of a difference these small changes will make. Styling made easy every morning? You’ve got it covered!