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These 5 Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers Are Just What Your Styling Setup Is Missing

Wall-mounted hair dryers were initially used in commercial establishments. As they are compact, space-saving and lightweight; more and more people wished to experience the benefits. So, the companies have started to develop wall-mounted dryers for home use too.

However, please keep in mind that even the best wall-mounted hair dryers for home use have limited technologies since this type of product is still relatively new. That’s why you will have to compromise on the latest technologies and a few other features that you can find in other blow dryers.

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

The good news is we’re here to help you out! Check our list.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product ImageTop TopSunbeam Hair Dryer with Night Light#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Product ImageTop TopConair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair DryerBest OverallSee Price
Product ImageTop TopAndis 30975 Quiet Turbo Wall Mounted Hair DryerQuietestSee Price
Product ImageTop TopProVersa JWM6CF Wall Caddy Hair DryerBest Compact DryerSee Price
Product ImageJerdon Proversa Wall Mount Hair DryerPrevent the Risk of Electrical ShocksSee Price
Product ImageOster Professional 76932-710 Wall Mount Hair DryerRunner-UpSee Price


Best Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers

Below we enumerated some of the best wall-mounted hair dryers that you may want to check out!

1. Sunbeam Hair Dryer with Night Light – Our Top Pick

The Sunbeam Hair Dryer comes in a unique design—like a payphone! The hair dryer holder is compact and looks stylish that’ll fit in most narrow corners. In addition to its convenient and compact design, this dryer offers plenty of advanced settings, including Tourmaline Technology, which emits ions that protect the hair and leave it smooth and shiny.

This hair dryer also offers two heat and speed settings for styling flexibility.


  • The dryer has a magnetic locking system, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.
  • It has dual wattage allowing you to switch from 1500 watts to 1200 watts to save energy up to 19%!
  • The motor may be powerful, but it’s quiet.
  • It also has a nightlight feature.


  • It doesn’t automatically turn off when placed back in the mount.
  • The cord is stiff, which makes it challenging to lengthen.


2. Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer

The Conair 1600 Watt Wall-mounted hair dryer is one of the most versatile wall-mounted hair dryers you can find. This is because you can easily mount it on almost all surfaces—ceramic tile, wall mount, or countertop. Its white color will also easily blend with your bathroom interiors.


  • The 1600 watt motor will deliver powerful heat for quick drying.
  • It comes with an LED light function, which can also function as a nightlight.
  • The dryer shuts off automatically when placed in the wall mount.
  • It already includes the hardware needed for mounting.
  • You can choose from two heat and speed settings.


  • It’s difficult to mount.
  • The LED function is too bright for a night light.


3. Andis 30975 Quiet Turbo Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

The Andis 30975 is the perfect wall-mount hair dryer for those people who hate noise. The dryer is equipped with a powerful yet quiet motor that can deliver the heat you need in the quietest way possible. The motor also comes with Lifelong Shock Protection to prevent accidents and prolong the motor’s life span.


  • It comes with a hanger loop for more storage options.
  • The electronic light is also long-lasting.
  • It also features 2 heat and speed settings.
  • The mounting plate is made of metal and comes with the exclusive Andis cord storage so the cord won’t get in your way.
  • The nightlight is energy efficient.


  • Some people find the low speed to be too low.
  • It’s not as durable as the company claims it to be.


4. Jerdon ProVersa Wall Mount Hair Dryer

With the Jerdon ProVersa Wall-Mount Hair Dryer, you can both save on cabinet space and achieve a perfectly dried and styled hair as well!

Equipped with 1600 watt motor, this hair dryer can help you dry your hair in the fastest way possible. It also features 2 speed and heat settings so you can adjust it according to the needs and type of your hair.


  • It’s equipped with LED night light which you can switch on and off.
  • You can get this dryer in two colors—black and white.
  • It already comes with hardware for easy installation.
  • The lint filter is removable for easy cleaning.


  • It only has 1-year limited warranty.
  • The hardware is not that easy to work with.


5. Oster Professional 76932-710 Wall Mount Hair Dryer

If you want a wall mount dryer with a low profile, check out the Oster Wall Mount Hair Dryer.

In addition to its compact and slim size, this wall mount hairdryer has an immersion shock protection technology so you’re assured that it’s durable and can last longer so you can get value for your money.  It also has a magnetic hand piece locking system to prevent any unwanted accidents.


  • It has a 6 ft. durable cord for your convenience.
  • The 1500 watt motor allows you to dry your hair faster.
  • It offers 2 power settings for styling versatility.


  • The dryer dies while in use.
  • The cord is inflexible and stiff.


The Verdict

As you may see, the features of wall-mounted hair dryers are limited. Luckily, we found one hair dryer that has some of the technologies that you may need. It’s no other than the Sunbeam Hair Dryer!

This is one of the few best wall-mounted hair dryers that come with a heat protection technology like Tourmaline.

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