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8 Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays For Healthier Hair (2023 Review)

Hairsprays with alcohol can dehydrate your hair, so if you have damaged, colored, or naturally dry hair, you might want to try an alcohol-free hairspray.

There are many benefits to using alcohol-free hairspray vs. alcoholic hairspray, but not all hairsprays without alcohol will hold your chosen hairstyle.

Many hairsprays that don’t use alcohol stay away from other artificial ingredients, too, making this line of products healthier to use long-term.

You’ll want to find the one that works best for you based on how well the alcohol-free hairspray holds and how it affects your hair.

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Benefits of Alcohol-Free Hairspray

Hairsprays without alcohol are better for the environment because they use natural ingredients and don’t release chemicals into the air.

When considering alcohol-free hairspray vs. alcoholic hairspray, remember that alcohol-free hairspray is healthier for personal use because it doesn’t dry out your hair or scalp. Many alcohol-free hairsprays even use botanical ingredients that will promote healthy hair growth.

best alcohol free hairsprays

Your hair dye will last longer if you’re using alcohol-free hairspray, meaning you’ll be able to go longer between salon visits or dye jobs and still have vibrant hair color. Hairsprays without alcohol don’t hold curls as well, so if you’re doing a very curly style, it might fall.

On the other hand, since alcohol-free hairsprays are natural and healthy, you can use them daily and even reapply them throughout the day without damaging your hair.


Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays

Here are the top 8 alcohol-free hairsprays that we have reviewed to make it easier for you.

1. Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Airspray

Herbal Essences is a brand that uses natural ingredients, so it makes sense that they offer an amazing alcohol-free hairspray. Along with being alcohol-free, Herbal Essences’ Airspray uses no parabens, no colorants, and no gluten.

Bio:Renew is the brand’s custom blend of aloe vera, antioxidants, and bamboo, and is also used in other Herbal Essences products.

Airspray is a moisturizing product that allows you to touch your hair while maintaining your style long after the hairspray is applied. This hairspray keeps your styled hair soft and smooth and tames frizz.

This combination revives your hair in as little as three weeks and prevents further damage from using hairspray. Hold Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Flexible Airspray about twelve inches away from your hair and keep it moving to apply a light, even application.


  • Uses effective Bio: Renew technology
  • Tames frizz
  • Keeps hair soft


  • Slightly sticky when applied
  • Can only be used on dry hair


2. Aussie Air Spray Alcohol-Free Hairspray Maximum Hold

Aussie’s alcohol-free hair spray has a wonderful scent of citrus and jasmine. One application can last up to 24 hours, so you won’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.

The product is so light that it will brush out before bed, and you won’t have to worry about tangles in the morning.

It is especially amazing for a maximum hold hairspray that it doesn’t make your hair feel crunchy and dry. Aussie’s secret is that they make the hairspray with aloe vera, sea kelp, and jojoba oil to keep your hair smooth and healthy.

You’re even able to touch your hair after applying the product, and you don’t have to worry about messing up your style.

Style your dry hair and hold Aussie Air Spray Hairspray about eight to ten inches away as you apply a light layer of product to your hair. Reviewers say the spray comes out quickly, so make sure you keep the can moving to get an even application.


  • Has a pleasant scent
  • Long-lasting application
  • Maximum hold


  • Spray comes out quickly
  • Only works on dry hair


3. Pantene Pro-V Airspray Hairspray

Pantene Pro-V is a major name in hair care, so it’s no surprise they have a fantastic alcohol-free hairspray on the market. This product contains no ethanol, so it feels light on your hair and keeps your scalp and strands from drying out.

Pantene Pro-V’s Airspray has an extra-strong hold to keep your style in place, but because it’s stronger than typical hair sprays, using more than a spritz or two of this formula might make your hair feel sticky.

Thankfully, the spray comes in strength levels so you can pick what you need and not overdo it. Consider your hair’s thickness and texture along with the hairstyles you wear when selecting what strength of Pantene Pro-V Airspray you need.

Level one is best for fine hair, so an even application of hairspray won’t leave your hair looking heavy or greasy. The level two hold is strong enough that you don’t need to use much to have a lasting hairstyle with shine, bounce, and body.

Level three gives you a strong hold while leaving your hair soft to the touch and brushable. Level four provides extra strong control that is resistant to humidity and keeps your hair looking silky smooth.


  • Comes in four strength levels
  • Feels light on your hair
  • Won’t dry out your scalp


  • Feels sticky if you use too much
  • Sprayer gets clogged and has to be cleaned


4. Honeybee Gardens Alcohol-Free Hair Spray

Something to remember when researching alcohol-free hairspray vs. alcoholic hairspray is that hairspray typically comes in aerosol cans.

Honeybee Gardens’ alcohol-free hairspray is especially intriguing to use because it comes in non-aerosol packaging. The hairspray is a vegan product that reinforces that you’re buying from an environmentally and socially conscious company.

Honeybee Gardens uses all-natural botanical ingredients like chamomile, aloe, lavender, and rosemary in their hairspray. Going for all-natural ingredients doesn’t mean you have to give up a quality style because this product includes a stronghold that keeps your hair shiny all day long.

You’ll have to apply a non-aerosol hairspray differently than the aerosol hairsprays you might commonly use. Hold the bottle of Honeybee Gardens Hair Spray six to eight inches from your dry hair and spray it in short bursts.

Since it’s all-natural, you can layer the product to build up a stronger hold without worrying about damaging your hair. If you want to use the hairspray to add volume, spray it directly on your hair’s roots.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Adds volume to your hair
  • Can apply it in layers with no damage


  • Not as strong hold for styles
  • Spray nozzle can get clogged


5. Ion Alcohol-Free Finishing Hair Spray

Ion is another brand that offers a vegan hairspray, and it’s also alcohol-free to guarantee silky, shiny hairstyles. Ion’s hairspray provides a medium hold that resists humidity and brushes out easily at the end of the day.

This product is perfect to use to tame flyaways because instead of a continual spray, it’s easiest to use by spraying on a comb and brushing through your hair.

Ion isn’t just the company’s name—they finish their products with ionization, meaning they convert electrically neutral atoms into electrically charged ions.

Because Ion uses ionization, it doesn’t use as many chemicals, and its products are paraben-free, making this spray healthier for you to use.


  • Is completely vegan
  • Resists humidity
  • Uses less chemicals


  • Doesn’t have a continual spray
  • Is hard to spray directly onto your style


6. SEXYHAIR Healthy Pure Addiction No Alcohol Hairspray

SEXYHAIR Healthy Pure Addiction No Alcohol Hairspray gives you big volume from a product that’s good for your hair! This spray dries almost as quickly as hairspray with alcohol, making it one that even the professionals choose.

SEXYHAIR’s hairspray also boasts 72 hours of humidity protection to keep your hair from frizzing.

Style your hair once it’s dry and spray SEXYHAIR Healthy Pure Addiction from eight to ten inches away for medium hold and high shine. The product is made with mimosa flower extract to give it a light floral scent.


  • Fast drying application
  • Includes humidity protection
  • Keeps your hair shiny


  • Slightly sticky when applied
  • Can only be used on dry hair


7. L’Oreal Paris EverStyle Strong Hold Styling Spray

L’Oreal Paris has a great reputation for its line of hair care products, and their version of alcohol-free hairspray is no exception. If you’re still debating alcohol-free hairspray vs. alcoholic hairspray, L’Oreal Paris is the brand that can change your mind.

EverStyle Strong Hold Styling Spray is completely vegan, using natural ingredients to give your hair the ultimate shine. This product holds your style all day long. It also resists humidity, so you won’t have to worry about any stray frizz as the heat ramps up.


  • Completely vegan product
  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Resists humidity


  • Slow to dry once applied
  • Can feel sticky on your hai


8. Organic Excellence Wild Mint Styling Spray

Organic Excellence Wild Mint Styling Spray is a unique alcohol-free hairspray you can use on dry or wet hair. When used on wet hair, it keeps your hair looking shiny while guaranteeing a natural hold for your style.

Organic Excellence Styling Spray gives you a long-lasting hold on dry hair while keeping your hair looking natural. You can also spray a little on your fingertips and work it into the roots of your hair to add volume.

Organic Excellence doesn’t use animal testing for their products, so they are a cruelty-free company. The styling spray is made from natural ingredients like lavender, rosemary, and grape seed extracts, with peppermint oil added to give it a light mint fragrance.


  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Can be used to add volume


  • Fragrance is very light
  • Can leave residue behind


Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of using alcohol-free hairspray vs. alcoholic hairspray, you’ll be able to pick the best product for your hair type and style.