Best Automatic Rotating Curling Irons

Choosing a styling tool to curl your hair is confusing.

Curling hair can be a challenge too, but by no means is it impossible, especially when you have the right tools at your side.

If you think that using a curling iron is a bit of a challenge, then that simply means that you’ve never had the opportunity to use a rotating curling iron (or spinning, automatic curling iron the manufacturers try to add a lot of term to their product name to fool the consumers)

Nevertheless, with a rotating curling iron, achieving perfect curls will be the easiest task ever.

Rotating curling irons and regular curling irons look the same, but a closer look shows us that a rotating curling iron comes with an additional button to press.

When this is pressed, the barrel begins to rotate, creating the magic that you’re looking forward to.

Auto Rotating Curling Iron

Not to be confused with automatic hair curlers like Chi Air Spin N Curl  (or modern curler) that actually catch onto your hair and twist it around the barrel, rotating curlers require you to do a bit of the work as well.

When choosing a rotating curling iron, a few factors should be considered before you purchase, like: Brand – what are reputable brands that create products that you can trust?

Some names stand out in the hot tools market, like BabyLiss, Beachwaver, Conair, Remington, CHI, etc. The more trusted a brand is, the better your chances of finding a great product!


Features – what are the features of the rotating curling iron?

Keep in mind your hair and its needs. Temperature range, barrel size, and barrel material are just three of the things to keep in mind.

Price – is this curling iron within my budget? Does the piece match the features offered?

A top-of-the-like rotating curling iron may be worth a hefty price, but a basic one might not be. Figure out what best suits your pocket.

Reviews – what are people saying about this curling iron? Other people’s opinions are priceless when it comes to buying a new product. If the general consensus is that a product is horrible, then you know that it isn’t worth purchasing!

You now have a general guide to help you when deciding on a rotating curling iron to suit you.

For reference, let’s take a look at the following 8 auto-rotating curling irons that are trending now!

1. The Beachwaver Co. S1 Rotating Curling Iron


The Beachwaver S1 is an iron that will turn styling into a breeze for you. Complete with custom heaters on the 5.5” ceramic barrel, this curling iron has the ability to distribute heat evenly along the rod.

Gorgeous waves and curls can be created in mere minutes without breaking a sweat, all with the push of a button.

There’s even a dual rotation setting that allows you to choose the direction in which the barrel rotates.

Based on how you select each setting, you can create up to 3 different types of curls to match the look you’re going for.

There’s also a setting to configure the speed of the rotation, the temperature, and a device to lock the barrel in place.

If your hair is super thick or long, it may be wise to note that the clamp that holds the hair in place may be a bit small for you, or may not hold the hair as securely as you need it to.

You may find that you have to use smaller sections, which can take way too much time (the 1.25 inch models are available – pick that one if you have that type of hair). However, most hair types should find no issue with this curling iron.

Even if you’ve never used a spinning curling iron before, this one is pretty much foolproof! You can’t go wrong. It’s easy to use, comfy to hold and gets the job done right.


2. KISS Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

KISS Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

KISS Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron is the ideal hair curler that you can buy for yourself. It is not your conventional hair curling rod but a revolutionary product that comes with a patented curl dial.

The patented curl dial has prongs that are very helpful in combing and detangling your hair while curling them at the same time. It also comes with ceramic ionic technology that gives your hair a super-glossy look and healthy-looking curls with no frizz at all.

There are two heat settings for different hair types. Its auto-shutoff features turn it off after ninety minutes in case no one is using it.


3. SalonTech Spinstyle Automatic Rotating Curling Iron

SalonTech Spinstyle Automatic Rotating Curling Iron

SalonTech Spinstyle Automatic Rotating Curling Iron comes with a 1.25-inch barrel that is ideal for giving your hair perfect curls. You can use this magic wand to achieve ringlets, beach waves, loose waves, or soft curls, depending on your mood.

If you want loose waves and you have long hair, then you should definitely get your hands in this product. It is also perfect for short to medium hair lengths.

The adjustable temperature control dial can reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit and has minimum heat setting at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for easier curling and long-lasting curls.


4. OCALISS Automatic Hair Curling Curling Iron

OCALISS Automatic Hair Curling Curling Iron

OCALISS Automatic Hair Curling Iron is super easy to use. This product can be used to get the curls of your choice while staying out of the mess of the traditional curling products.

You only need to place your hair in the curling prongs of this curling iron, press the right or left direction button, and wait for a few seconds to achieve beautiful and glossy curls.

Its super-fast dual PTC heater feature heats up the iron rod in about thirty seconds and makes for a super-efficient curler. Its tourmaline ceramic glaze coating is helpful in reducing hair damage and giving your hair a beautiful look.


5. Xtava Auto Styler – Professional Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

xtava Auto Styler Auto Rotating Curling Iron

Xtava Auto Styler – Professional Auto-Rotating Curling Iron is the curling iron that you have been waiting to get your hands on all your life. It is the curling iron that can fulfill your wish of flaunting those shiny curls you have always dreamed of having. Indeed, it’s one of the best automatic rotating curling irons that are useful in efficient curling.

The.1 inch barrel gives your hair just the right amount of curl, not too thin and not too thick. Its amazing feature is its automated bi-directional rotating control for convenience.


6. CHI Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron 

CHI Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron 

CHI Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron comes with a 1-inch arc that is built for ideal curls, waves, or rolls. One of the innovative features includes a rotating barrel iron rod that gives your hair the proper rotation so that you can achieve long-lasting curls.

 Its MCH heater technology heats up the iron rod within thirty seconds and makes it energy efficient. You can also prevent heat damage by making use of its digital temperature adjustment control.

 It also comes with a two-year warranty so you have nothing to fear if you are thinking of buying this revolutionary product.


7. Conair Rotating Curling Iron 

Conair Rotating Curling Iron

Conair Rotating Curling Iron is not only a revolutionary hair curling product but also a beautiful accessory that is super easy to use. It comes with a right and left rotational button with its bi-directional technology for effortless waves and curls.

The ceramic barrel is gentle on your hair and protects them from excessive heat damage. It has an auto-off feature too that shuts it down after a few minutes when it is not in use.

The anti-frizz technology gives your hair a glossy shine and minimizes the frizz that many conventional curling irons produce in your hair.


8. Gawervan Auto Rotating Curling Iron

Gawervan Auto Rotating Curling Iron

Gawervan Auto Rotating Curling Iron is a wonderful hair styling product built to straighten or curl your hair on the go. It comes with universal dual voltage so that it can be used around the world.

The temperature adjustment ranges from 100 to 200 degrees, making it an ideal product for all hair types. Its auto-shutoff features turn it off after sixty minutes that no one uses it. You can also adjust its rotation speed for easier curling and convenient hair styling.


What more could you ask for? Rotating curlings are a very useful thing you need to add to your hair care routine.

They’ll make your life so much easier! You’ll wish you had tried them before.

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