Best Cordless Curling Irons of 2019

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What are the best cordless curling irons on the market today? Depending on who you ask, you are bound to get a dozen answers, but today, we are here to identify the best cordless curling irons that are trending in the marketplace and winning positive praise from novice and expert curling iron consumers across the globe.  

Best curling irons won’t necessarily work great on your hair

Because it is not for your hair

Cordless irons are fantastic for travel. You don’t have to worry about finding a plug or source for power supply while in use. Additionally, many of these irons can charge quickly, and they warm up just as quickly as your standard plug-in curling irons.

Another attractive feature of these irons is that they are lightweight, and you can easily fit them into your carry on bag or gym bag without worrying about them taking up too much room.

Here are six cordless curling irons you should know about today.

Conair Ceramic ¾ Inch Cordless Curling Iron

The Conair ThermaCell Ceramic  ¾ Inch Cordless Curling Iron is a fantastic curling iron to have on the road that allows you to keep those curls bouncing on the road. The ¾-inch ceramic barrel is perfect for all lengths of hair and is capable of delivering classic beach wave or curls that are sleek with vibrancy and definition.  The iron heats up quickly, and the controls make it easy to handle.

Heat settings span as high as 360-degree Fahrenheit, which combined with its ceramic technology enables it to straighten hair that is medium-thick or coarse. It is approved for airline travel and has a slip safety cover that meets the FAA, SA and DOT requirements.

The good thing, you don’t have to recharge it. The heating is powered by the thermal cell, which is can be filled when they run out of liquid Butan.

Roman Beauty RMB-Mini-26 PUR Rechargeable Cordless Curling Iron

The Roman Beauty RMB-Mini-26 PUR Rechargeable Cordless Iron features ceramic coated plates that deliver instant heat with temperatures that range from 280 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The barrel is 1 to 1 ¼-inch and warms rapidly.

One of the cons of this iron is that it does not seem to be hot enough for certain hair types and thus, it is unable to deliver the degree of curl you might expect to see.

iChi Escape 1-inch Cordless Curling Iron

The iChi Escape Cordless Curling Iron is yet another brand of cordless curling irons that is liberating and delivers results according to many of its faithful users. This 1-inch ceramic barrel heating tool is small enough for travel but is powerful enough to deliver results thanks to its iCHI ceramic technology.

The Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron

The Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron reaches temps of up to 450 degrees which makes it attractive for women with thick or coarse hair that is otherwise resistant to heat or styling efforts. This device converts into a wand due to its clip feature which is especially useful for those seeking to create versatile styles with the use of a single tool.

Whether you want a curly, wavy or straight style, this iron is adaptable to your immediate hair goals. While it is not intended to replace your everyday corded heating tools, it is capable of delivering just the same. This iron is safe for travel.

Conair TC700RM You Style ¾ Cordless Ceramic Curling Iron

The Conair 700 RM curling iron is designed for styling that is on-the-go. This iron heats rapidly reaching close to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. This iron operates using a thermacell butane cartridge and delivers ceramic heat to your hair leaving it to feel silky smooth and with a fresh appearance.

Braun Independent Cordless Styler

The Braun Independent Cordless Styler is a 7/8 inch size, a ceramic barrel curling iron that functions on butane technology. Butane curling irons get their power from the flammable gas –Butane. The Braun curling iron has a cartridge that houses the Butane, and the iron uses it as fuel. This gas helps to heat the barrel of the curling iron when it is in the on position.

These are just six cordless curling iron options for you to choose from for your collection. These irons are convenient, and most produce positive results. However, it is important to note that some brands are not without their drawbacks.  Also, at some point you will have to charge them so, voltage may still pose a concern for you depending on whether or not you are traveling internationally.

If traveling, keep in mind that only certain types of cordless curling irons are allowed on flights. Additionally, if you are carrying a Butane Cartridge aboard a plane, only one cartridge is allowed.

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