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Best Curved Plate Flat Iron: Top 3 Models Reviewed

If you want to achieve different hairstyles without breaking the bank, it’s recommended that you invest in a multifunctional hairstyling tool like a curved plate flat iron. This styling tool can be used for both straightening and curling purposes.

What Is A Curved Plate Flat Iron?

Best Curved Plate Flat Irons

From its name, this type of styling tool comes with curved (instead of straight) edges. This edge shape allows you to create curls easily. And because of the curved edges, you can maneuver it more smoothly, allowing you to move the styling tool in any way you want.

The middle part of the plates looks similar to that of straightening iron plates, so you can also create sleek and straight hairstyles.

Best Curved Plate Flat Irons

When choosing the right curved plate flat iron, you need to pay attention to the plate material. If you have fine hair, choose ones that are made of ceramic or ceramic tourmaline.

On the other hand, people with thick hair will benefit from Titanium, Titanium Tourmaline, and Nano-titanium Technology.

If you’re looking for the best curved plate irons, here are some of the brands that you should take a look at:

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Styler – Best Overall

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Styler claims to be the styling tool that can do it all – from waves to smooth curls to boosting hair volume. It comes with ultra-smooth titanium plates that deliver ultra-high heat for a faster styling session. Its extra-long 5-inch plates allow you to cover more hair to minimize styling time.


  • It can heat up to 450F.
  • You can choose from 50 heat settings.
  • The Ryton Housing is lightweight and features a sleek design.
  • The Nano-Titanium Technology minimizes heat damage.


  • The on and off button sticks.
  • The styler snags the hair.

The Andis 37695 Curved Edge Ceramic Flat Iron is the perfect flat iron for thick hair. This styling tool has ceramic plates that provide even heat distribution to minimize hot spots and reduce heat damage. It also features a clamp style that holds the hair tight for efficient and quick styling.


  • The iron delivers high heat of up to 450F.
  • The ceramic plates lock in moisture and boost hair shine.
  • The styling tool offers 20 temperature settings for a more precise styling result.
  • It comes in three different color combinations—red and gold, black and gold, and black and black.
  • This heats up quickly.


  • The handles get hot.
  • It’s not suitable for fine hair because the plates don’t touch the hair well.

3. Bed Head Split Personality Curved Edge Flat Iron

Bed Head is known for its fun approach to hairstyling, and this curved edge flat iron is not an exception.

What makes this a step above the rest is its split plate design. One plate is similar to the plates of straightening iron, while the other has almost the same shape as curling plates. The good news is both plates are coated with tourmaline and ceramic technology, which can maintain hair shine.


  • It has a fun, and attractive color split design.
  • The plates have an Instant recovery feature.
  • It can also reach up to 400F.
  • This is recommended for thin hair.


  • This takes a bit longer to cool than other styling tools.
  • The hair gets stuck on the plate.

The Verdict

Finding the best curved plate iron isn’t easy because there are only limited options. From this roundup, our best bet is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Styler because of its multiple heat settings (50), long plates, and advanced Titanium Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a curved plate flat iron?

A curved plate flat iron is a multifunctional hair tool that can be used for curling, waving, and straightening hair. As opposed to the flat ceramic plates of a traditional straightening iron, this one has curved edges.

The shape of the plates allows users to maneuver it more smoothly through the hair permitting increased versatility in a curl.

They also eliminate marks and kinks made by a hair curler with a clip. Users will not have that fishhook appearance at the end of their hair.

The middle of the plate is similar to a regular straightener, so it serves the dual purpose of a straightener as well.

What’s the best flat iron for fine hair?

For fine hair, you should use a curved flat iron that is made from ceramic tourmaline or ceramic flat iron. Ceramic plates do not dry out the hair and promote a natural shine. 

What’s the best flat iron for thick hair?

The best curved-edge flat iron for thick hair is one with titanium tourmaline, titanium, and non-titanium technology. 

How to use a curved-edge flat iron?

A curved flat iron makes a wavy shape by using twirling, wrap-around movements. The shape generates a smoother style without unwanted marks from the styler. 

To make a perfect curl, prep your hair. Make sure that it is fully dry to prevent heat damage due to moisture loss or frizz. Hair should be freshly washed and blow-dried. 

Then, a heat-protectant product should be added to lock in moisture. It seals the hair follicle and creates silky hair.

Part the hair into sections (three to six). The smaller the section, the tighter your curls will be. Sections can be tied up to separate each section from each other, or you can grab sections randomly as you style.

After the hair is sectioned, vertically clamp the iron and twist the hair backward away from the face. Go all the way to the tips, then release.

For a natural, fully style, twist hair in different starting positions. Pull some back and around the wand, or forward and around the wand.

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