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The 10 Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair – Manage Hair Like A PRO

Thick hair is tough to manage and you must get a good quality flat iron to ease your hassle. So, which one to buy? As there is an overwhelming number of flat irons of different brands and prices, it’s pretty easy to get confused.

Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair

Those with thick hair are blessed to have more robust hair strands with a lot of natural lift and volume. The problem with this kind of hair is that it’s a real headache to style.

Because of how dense and heavy the strands are, it’s hard to get a sleek straight look without having to do numerous passes with a flat iron. Let’s see what are the best flat irons for thick hair in the market right now.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product ImageTop Top TopRemington S9500 Ceramic Flat IronBest for Damage ProtectionSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Flat Iron#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopInfiniti Pro Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronBest for Moisture ProtectionSee Price
Product ImageTop Top Topxtava Professional Infrared Ceramic Flat IronBest for Frizzy HairSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopHSI Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Flat IronBest for TrevellingSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopRemington Pro Wet2Style Flat IronBest OverallSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopNITION PLatinum Professional Flat IronBest Multipurpose IronSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopChi G2 Ceramic Titanium Straightening Flat IronBest for Straight HairSee Price
Product ImageTop Top TopAmoVee Ceramic Tourmaline Mini Flat IronBest Budget IronSee Price
Product ImageBcway Professional Hair StraightenerRunner-UpSee Price


Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair

Generally, flat iron that is suited for thick needs to reach a high temperature in seconds. The iron plates should also be large enough to cover more of those thick strands. These are just some of the few tricky features that will get the job done. Here are some of the best flat iron that can tackle thick hair.

1. Remington S9500 Ceramic Flat Iron

The pink plate of this flat iron is not only there to give it a stylish look. This heating plate, which comes in a 1-inch and 2-inch version, can reach the maximum temperature of 450°F in 15 seconds. Plus, it contains a high ceramic content that helps distribute uniform and constant heat.

So even if you crack up the temperature to style your thick locks, it will still be protected from heat damage. Every glide you make will be smooth and effortless with the flat iron’s floating plates. You’ll have total control while you style, while the heat source stays in constant contact with your hair.

Aside from the ceramic content, the heating plate also contains real crushed pearls, which conditions the hair with every pass. Your thick hair will undoubtedly be looking healthy, smooth, frizz-free, and straight in no time.


2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Flat Iron

From the makers of professional styling tools comes the best flat iron for thick hair. This excellent flat iron by BaBylissPRO is available in three different plate widths: 1-inch, 1½-inch, and 2-inch for thick hair. The 5-inch plates are extra long to allow you to style more sections faster.

This flat iron is designed ultra-thin, so it’s exceptionally light to the hands. You won’t have to experience hand fatigue while you tackle your hair. The product includes fifty heat settings with a maximum heat of up to 450°F.

It uses Nano Titanium Technology, so hair is protected from damage while being subjected to high temperatures. Additionally, the flat iron uses a ceramic heater to provide instant heat and recovery. According to BaBylissPRO, these flat iron plates are ultra-smooth, which means every glide won’t be a hassle.


3. Infiniti Pro Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

This model of the Infiniti Pro series sets the spotlight on its Advance Tourmaline Ceramic Technology. It’s the perfect tool for thick-haired individuals because it has five heat settings, including 455°F. Now that’s higher than what the two offers above. Moreover, the plate heats up as fast as 15 seconds.

With its Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, you won’t have to be nervous about the high temperatures. The plate will stay hot all over, and there won’t be any adverse hot spots to damage your hair.

It’s designed with a 2-inch extra-smooth floating plate for quick passing and straighter results. Thick hair is also protected from static and humidity. Now you can enjoy that perfect sleek look all day.


4. xtava Professional Infrared 2 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron

If you’re looking for the secret to styling healthy-looking thick hair, then look no further. The 2-inch ceramic flat iron by Xtava combines Infrared and Ceramic Technology for a smooth, shiny, glossy, and frizz-free hair. Even the thickest of hair will reap from this powerful tool.

Thanks to its innovative technology, your thick hair will heat up from the inside out without damaging the strands. Combining infrared and tourmaline generates negative ions that lock in your hair moisture for a glossy look even in humid weather.

This Xtava model provides ten temperature options starting from 265°F up to 445°F. It may not be as fast as the others in heating up, but the 90-second time is good enough. For added safety, Xtava also included a 60-minute auto shut off feature.


5. HSI Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

Straighten, flip, and curl those thick mane with ease using this flat iron by HSI Professional. This ultimate glider utilizes the combined power of Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology for a silky, smooth, and glossy finish. Plus, the generated negative ions from those two technologies penetrate through the hair strands and reduce frizz and static.

With a wide temperature range of 140°F to 450°F, this flat iron can cater to all hair types, including thick hair. There are eight micro-sensors with HeatBalance Technology, so you’ll be sure that heat is regulated and evenly distributed. You’ll spend less time styling your hair, thereby preventing heat damage.

This device is also a great styling tool for your overseas travels. It operates on a dual voltage of 110 to 220 volts. Additionally, this professional tool has a 360° extra-long swivel cord for ease and flexibility while you style.


6. Remington Pro Wet2Style Flat Iron

Is your thick hair taking too long to completely dry? Save your time in drying damp hair by using this flat iron by Remington. With its unique steam vents, you can safely remove the remaining water from your hair and start styling in one step. Just make sure that you check the indicator light before using it on wet or dry hair.

The plates contain ceramic and tourmaline components, which will constant temperature and protect your hair from heat damage. The thirty different heat options allow you to adjust the temperature as high up as 420°F. Safety is also guaranteed with the auto shut off feature.


7. NITION PLatinum Professional Flat Iron 

At first glance, this flat iron looks like it came from the future. Well, it might as well be true after learning about all its features. You can straighten or curl your thick hair with this flat iron infused with five different health styling elements.

Enjoy the many benefits of nano silver, argan oil, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium to your hair. Thanks to the combination of all five, your hair will retain its moisture and have less frizz, static, and damage.

It has an extra-long 4.1-inch non-stick heating plate so you can glide it through your hair smoothly. There are six precise temperature options with an auto temperature calibration feature from 265°F to 450°F. For maximum safety, the flat iron also includes an auto shut off function.


8. Chi G2 Ceramic Titanium Straightening Flat Iron

All CHI products guarantee silky, shiny, and frizz-free locks. However, this famous and improved flat iron from CHI is renowned for its reliability and superior performance. They took G2 to another level by giving it the most recent and advanced technology.

CHI’s floating ceramic plates are now infused with high-grade titanium for a more durable device with a longer lifespan. Aside from that, this improves the smoothness of the surface for a snag-free and no-tug passing.

The 1.25-inch plates can heat up to a maximum temperature of 425°F as quickly as 40 seconds. Plus, this flat iron uses a dual voltage, making it a great styling tool for travels.


9. AmoVee Ceramic Tourmaline Mini Flat Iron

AmoVee’s mini flat iron is the last on the list. This product is only suitable for bobs, bangs, short hair, beards, and minimal touch-ups due to its small dimension. Nonetheless, this flat iron instantly heats up to a fixed temperature of 410°F, suitable for thick hair strands.

The floating 3D heat plates are coated with ceramic tourmaline to reduce frizz and static in hair with each smooth glide. Aside from being small and lightweight, this flat iron also has a dual voltage for overseas use.


10. Bcway Professional Flat Iron

With its 2.16-inch floating plates, here’s a straightening iron that’s made for people with thick and long hair. Equipped with 3D Floating Titanium Iron, this straightening iron can help you achieve perfectly styled hair without pulling or damaging it.

Not only that, the tool comes with 5 adjustable temperature levels so it’s suitable for all types of hair.

Here’s the best part: This is one of the few straightening irons that come with a hair care mode that allows you to enjoy the best keratin hair care treatment in the comforts of your own home.

Bonus Point: The hair straightener is also available in a gorgeous pink shade.



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