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3 Best Mini Flat Irons For Short Hair | Reviews 2022

You don’t need a big hair straightener for your short, fine hair. A mini flat iron can get the job done quickly and perfectly. 

Short hair needs love too! Sometimes using the bigger or longer flat irons can be a hassle especially if you have short hair.

The flat iron may be too long or bulky for the short section that you’re placing the hair in.

Additionally, the big iron may be too heavy to hold just to flat iron your hair, especially the bangs. Also, you may want to add subtle curls to your hair which may be difficult to do using the normal-sized flat iron.

For your bangs – a mini straightener is a good way to go


Lastly, they are not travel size friendly hence they can make your handbag or pouch heavy. This is why you need to buy a mini flat iron.

These flat irons assist you to get the sleek look in a short time, it’s lightweight, it can be used to curl your hair, as well as it is always travel-size.

Here are the 3 best 1/2 inch mini flat irons for short hair – note that if your hair a bit longer or thicker you can pick larger plate size 3/4 inch.

HSI Professional Glider Mini

The Glider Mini Flat Iron has a ceramic tourmaline-infused plate that has 8 Heat Balance microsensors (4 on each plate) that heats up fast and evenly distributes the heat throughout your hair. Therefore, your hair doesn’t need many passes.          

You will get a sleek look easier and in a shorter amount of time. Thus, reducing the chance of your hair getting damaged.

As well as, you are able to regulate the temperature for your fine, medium, or thick hair type. Lastly, this tool comes with a warranty for a year!

  • Ceramic tourmaline-infused plates less hair damage
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 0.5 inch is perfect for short hair


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPRO is a 6” flat iron with nano titanium plates that heat up quickly to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The plates are designed to distribute the heat evenly, as well as, give the hair a sleek and smooth look.  

This mini flat iron gets very close to the scalp to ensure that your roots are sleek. It is the perfect size for travel especially if your job has you on the go a lot.

As well as, the mini flat iron comes with a thermal pouch that houses the flat iron while you travel. Lastly, it has dual voltage so it is perfect for worldwide use.

  • Titanium plates of BaBylissPRO are a bit hotter than Glider Mini Flat Iron’s
  • Dual voltage: 110V and 220V
  • No temperature control – switch it on, wait for a few second and it is ready to use


MHU Professional Mini Flat Iron

This flat iron is made with tourmaline ceramic plates that heat up quickly and distribute the hair evenly which will give your hair a sleek and smooth look without damaging it.

It heats up to 356 F and can be adjusted to fit any hair type, whether it is fine, medium, thick, or coarse.

As well as, the plates provide ions that balance the positive and negative ions in your hair thus keeping it free of frizz.

Not only is compact or small which makes it great for travel but it is great for your bangs!

The small plates allow you to straighten or curl your bangs perfectly. The plates are  ½ inches hence it is perfect for short hair.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Size Flat Iron Is Best For Short Hair?

Ans. For hair that is short hair, you need to use a mini flat iron with smaller plates. The best size is half an inch to one about one inch thick.

If you have a shorter cut (pixie cut), the best size would be half an inch. This will allow you to properly grasp the section of hair for straightening.

For hair that is a bit longer (layered bob cuts), you may want to use a hair straightener that is one inch thick. 

Be sure that you can grasp the hair easily between the plates. If it is difficult, or you can’t grasp the hair very well, then you may need to go down a size. 


Q2. What Are Mini Flat Irons For?

Ans. A mini hair straightener is designed to straighten short hair and bangs. This styling tool has thin plates which grasp shorter strands of hair more easily, heats the hair evenly preventing hot spots, and its v-design eliminates kinks from occurring at the ends of the hair.

The added benefit is that they are small enough to fit in a purse for touch-ups, or for a travel straightener.


Q3. What Hair Straightener Causes the Least Damage?

Ans. There are several factors when answering this question, and they all intermingle with each other. 

First, you need to determine whether you use a titanium plate or a ceramic plate. A ceramic hair straightener is used if your hair straightens easily. However, if your hair is coarse or challenging to straighten, use a titanium plate. 

Titanium plates heat up faster than a ceramic flat iron and have higher temperatures. Since they can reach higher temperatures, they are used for coarse, spiraled, or curly hair. If you use this type of straightener on any other hair, you risk heat damage because the settings are too high.

Ceramic flat irons can be used for wavy, fine, colored, or easy to straighten hair because the temperatures are lower. It will distribute heat evenly at lower temperatures for less hair damage. These often come with tourmaline plates.

No matter which one you use, select the following temperatures as a guide:

  • 410-450° F for very virgin (natural hair), normal, thick hair
  • 370-410°F for hair that is coarse
  • 350-370°F for wavy or hair that has frizz
  • 330-350°F for normal hair
  • 250-300°F for fragile, dry, fine, or color-treated hair
  • Less than 160°F for synthetic hair

A straightening iron with moisture-locking negative ion will eliminate frizz and keeps the hair smoother in appearance. Also, a heat protectant spray is great to use beforehand as it will moisturize your hair and prevent damage.

Out of these 3 best flat irons for short hair, which one will you be using?


Here are some of the best-selling mini flat irons.


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  1. Small plate sizes what if my hair grows longer 😁. I have to buy another one? Keep in mind you only buy mini flat iron your hair is short.

        • It depends on your hair type, if your hair is fine and easy to break you should pick tourmaline ceramic plates (tourmaline fused on ceramic, so this type of plates have both pros of tourmaline and ceramic). Otherwise you can go for titanium.

  2. Can you recommend some straight hairstyles for short hair, I have round faces. Just bought BaBylissPRO mini flat iron.

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