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Best Cheap Hair Straightener Flat Irons

In the world of flat irons, do more expensive means better? It’s a question that has gone unanswered for certain.

Here, we review ten low-cost flat irons and try to shed some light on this question – does cheap = ineffective?

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product ImageTop TopGurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair StraightenerBest for Frizzy HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopINFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronFastestSee Price
Product ImageTop TopRevlon Fast Results Ceramic Flat Iron#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Product ImageTop TopAmoVee Mini Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Flat IronBest for TravellingSee Price
Product ImageTop TopConair Double Ceramic Flat IronRunner-upSee Price
Product ImageTop TopBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening IronBest OverallSee Price
Product ImageTop TopKiss Products Titanium Flat IronBest for Thin HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopHSI Professional Glider Flat IronBest for Curly HairSee Price
Product ImageAndis High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat IronBest for Quick ResultsSee Price

Before you pull the trigger to order a cheap flat iron take note that

  • You will have to replace it in the next one or two years the reason? Check out my post
  • They are ceramic, titanium and other kinds

Frankly, when I look to buy something that cheap, it is a little or no brainer to read the review.

Just have a quick look at how many reviews the product got. And here are some most reviewed flat irons on Amazon.

1. Remington S5500 1 inch straightener

Remington S5500 1 inch straightener

It got thousands of reviews from customer, I think most of them are rated by young hair enthusiasts who first time ever are interested in buying a styling tool for their hair.

The S5500 has variable heat settings, quick heat up, leaving frizz behind for shiny and smooth hair with just a single pass.


2. Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Heat setting: 240F to 450F (120C – 220C) | Plate: Ceramic/tourmaline | Plate width: 1 inch | Auto shutoff: No

The Gurin Ceramic straightener is first on the list. It has heat settings up to 450 degrees and it’s 1- inch plates are made of a ceramic-tourmaline mixture. There are several pros of using this flat iron.

For one, it’s extremely easy to use. It has a heat-up time of about 1 to 2 minutes, and its design is unique in that it’s wide enough for coverage, but also narrow enough for bangs or edges that need a closer reach. 

Its curved edge design also allows you to not only straighten your hair but to curl or flip it if you desire to. In the midst of these pros, however, there are a few cons.

There’s no auto-shutoff with the Gurin straightener, as well as no numbered heat setting.

It’s the old, basic low to high heat setting design, which is a big con – you probably want to know exactly what heat temperature you’re using to iron your hair.

It also tends to snag hair sometimes, causing unnecessary breakage, but this may or may not be the case with you. Finally, it’s a bit heavy for flat ironing sessions: about 1 pound.

However, the Gurin iron does well for its price. It straightens well, is easy to use, and can give you those sleek results you desire.

This flat iron is definitely recommendable despite its cons.


3. Remington S9620B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Flat Iron

Remington S9620B Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, 2-Inch (Purple)
  • Color May Vary
  • 2 inch Floating Plates The 2 inch ceramic floating plates straighten more hair in less time while staying in constant contact with your hair for the...
  • Salon High Heat Get professional results from a salon-quality high heat of 455 degrees. Plus, the digital controls and temperature lock ensure consistent...
  • 15 second Heat Get styling instantly with the powerful 15 second heat up feature

Heat setting: Digital up to 455F | Plate: Ceramic Floating | Plate width: 2 inch | Auto shutoff: Yes

The Remington flat iron is the most expensive on our list, but it’s very affordable in the world of flat irons.

It possesses 2-inch ceramic plates with a 15-second heat-up time and automatically shut off. Its heat settings go up to 455 degrees.

In terms of pros, the Remington falls a bit short in comparison to its cons. Its features are all great: there’s quick heat-up time, auto shut off, and a high range of heat settings.

It has a bright blue digital temperature reading, which is quite useful and has a swivel cord for easy use at any angle.

It imparts shine to straightened hair and has curved edges for bangs/volume, but that’s about it. In terms of straightening power, the Remington is neither here nor there.

Its cons say a lot more about Remington’s ability. In terms of gripping the hair tight enough to straighten it, it lacks holding power. This results in hair not being left sleek and smooth. It also snags hair often due to its ceramic makeup.

Lastly, its design is a bit off – the temperature buttons are located where your fingers rest, which means that the temperature can be accidentally changed easily while your flat iron.

If it goes up too high, your hair can be burnt, and if it goes lower, you won’t have the results you want.

The Remington flat iron may be appealing because of its affordability, but its cons seem to outweigh its pros, rendering it not recommendable.


4. Conair The Power of Pink Ceramic Straightener

Heat setting: 30 levels up to 455F | Plate: Ceramic | Plate width: 1 1/4″ | Auto shutoff: Yes

The Power of Pink Straightener is the cheapest of the lot! It has a pretty quick heat-up time as well, about 30 seconds, and has 30 heat settings.

When we look at its pros, the Power of Pink iron stands up pretty well. Aside from its cheap price, the iron is light and has a good size.

Its many heat settings give you a wide range of choices, and it’s very easy to use. It also straightens pretty well, getting hair straight enough with ease.

It does have its cons, though. For one, it’s only ceramic coated, not fully ceramic, which means that the coating on the plates won’t last forever.

Also, when this coating begins to wear off, the iron begins to snag hair, which may cause breakage or cause your hair to be burnt.

Though it gets hair straight, the iron seems to not give hair much shine, unless you use a ton of silicone or serum products.

And lastly, this iron seems to not be very durable, so it won’t last as long as a BabylissPRO or another high-end flat iron.

All in all, the Conair Power of Pink iron isn’t the worst of cheap flat irons, but it isn’t the best.


5. Revlon Fast Results Ceramic Flat Iron

Heat setting: Upto 400 Degrees

Plate: Ceramic

Plate width: 2’’

Auto shutoff: Yes

This ceramic iron is one of the best cheat hair straightener flat irons, with the best qualities.

The wider plate allows for easy and faster straightening than any other flat irons, equally distributing the heat.

While the price and the quality do seem great, one of the cons of this product however remains that it is not as durable as you would it to be.

The plates may work great for a while, however, they may damage over time.

All in all this Revlon flat iron is not the worst when considering the cheap price it is retailed for, however, it is not a beneficial long term investment.


6. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron

Heat setting: 410F

Plate: Ceramic and Tourmaline

Plate width: 0.79’’

Auto shutoff: No

Compact and light is a handy rule when traveling, and so taking care of your styling needs may become a heavy burden. However, with this cheap hair straightener flat iron, all your worries can be kept at bay.

The new advanced appliance combines the benefits of ceramic and tourmaline into one, spreading the heat evenly across the plates so that there are no hot-spots while handling the straightener.

The one temperature feature may not work for many. The same heating level may damage or not work with many hair styling needs.

It is recommended for those who are not bothered or require different heat levels for their hair and need a good quality mini flat iron!


7. Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

Heat setting: 5 levels up to 410F

Plate: Ceramic

Plate width: 1’’

Auto shutoff: Yes

The double-coated ceramic plate adds a bonus feature to the already elegant looking, best cheap hair straightener flat iron that exists. It provides an extra layer of protection to the hair, making sure that the heat is evenly distributed and gentle, all the while controlling the frizz.

The 30-second heat-up feature makes sure the flat iron takes care of straightening needs when in a hurry along with its extra-long floating plate.

This high quality, yet the cheap product is a must!


8. BaBylissPRO BABNT3053N Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Heat setting: Temperature reaches up to 440F

Plate: Titanium

Plate width: 1’’

Auto shutoff: No

The best cheap hair straightener flat irons are often those that can provide quality feedback, with the wallet staying sturdy. This is one of those products. The BabylissPRO comes in light, compact, and ready to be used.

The heating pattern of the flat iron fulfills the basic needs. It heats up equally and has a wide enough plate to not require a lot of time.

There are a few cons that need to be considered.

The plates may have a gap between them, which may loose fine and thin hair, making it difficult to straighten.


9. Kiss Products Titanium Flat Iron

Heat setting: heating levels reach up to 450F

Plate: Titanium

Plate width: 1”

Auto shutoff: No

This cheap hair straightener flat iron works best with all hair types. It can endure all types of styling, as well as chemical hair treatments.

An excellent conductor of heat, it controls the frizz locking in the hair moisture.

Despite the wonderful features, it may not be durable and can be a waste of money if looking for something long-term.


10. HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron 

Heat setting: Adjustable from 140-450F

Plate: Tourmaline and Ceramic

Plate width: 1”

Auto shutoff: No

This straightener easily takes care of curling, straightening, and any other styling requirement.

The combination of ceramic and tourmaline give out smooth and silky results on the hair.

It may not be the best cheap hair straightener flat iron, because of the lack of durability and adaptation to different types of hair.


11. Andis High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat Iron

Small but powerful. This is the best way to describe the Andis Heat Ceramic Flatiron.

With its 1 to 1.5-inch plate, it’s perfect for styling short and thin hair or your bangs.

But even though it’s quite small, it has one feature that you can’t find in full-sized straightening irons—20 temperature heat settings! This simple feature makes the flat iron one of the most versatile hair irons as it can work well on almost all hair types.

The small plates are also ceramic coated so they can help retain your hair’s moisture and keep it straight, smooth, and shiny all day long.


Cheap flat irons may be attractive because of their price, but it seems that their cons are often many, especially in terms of design or material.

Many of the higher-end irons’ plates are titanium rather than ceramic, so they straighten better, give more shine and last longer.

Cheap irons may do an okay job, but they aren’t as good in the long run. When it comes to quality, a more expensive iron may be a better choice.

As hot styling tools, they somewhat cause damage to your hair, preventing it before it’s too late, check out some hair protection sprays.


A few draws

You may get a strange smell from them. They are not durable and sometimes overheated.

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