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Four Signs That Tell Your Hair Straightener Has Reached Its Expiry Date

Hot styling tools – hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners don’t last forever. 

Users claimed they have been using their their tool for five years and it still works, it is true but in most cases if you use it frequently after 2 or 3 years you should replace it. 

Old straighteners can ruin your hair – causing hair breakage, strip your hair of its natural oils.

There are a few signs to to know if your hair straightener is out of date

Sign #1: You can not clean the plates, at high temperature, it burns a lot of hair products. Gradually, the build up is so sticky that you cannot remove them. Even you can remove it will leave some cold plots or hot plots.

These plates don’t look nice

Sign #2: Plates worn out scratching on is surface. Cheap hair straightener even degrade quickly.

Sign #3: Light indicator that tells the tool ready for us is flashing continuously, something went wrong because the plate doesn’t get to the temperature it would be.

Sign #4: Lastly, you have to go through hair section over again more than you would do. Last time you just do with a single or second pass to get a bone straight but now you have to pass more than that.

Other issues such as only one side (either plates) of the straightener get hot indicate you should replace your tools. Because hair straighteners lose their heat over time.

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