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Best Hair Dryer Diffuser for Curly Hair in the UK – Say Goodbye to Frizz

Are you gifted with beautiful curly hair? Without the right styling tools, you’ll end up with frizzy and unmanageable hair!

If you’ve been struggling with your curly hair, it’s about time that we introduce the right tools for you. Let’s begin with an essential hair dryer attachment for curly hair- the diffuser!

What Is A Diffuser?

The diffuser is a round plastic device that is attached to the nozzle of your dryer. To use them, you’ll have to place a section of your hair onto the attachment’s surface.

The attachment is designed to disperse air into a larger portion of your hair in a controlled manner.

Things to Consider When Buying A Hair Dryer Diffuser

With its unique design, it’s able to maintain the natural shape of your curls and eliminate or reduce frizz in the process. Having said that, here are some of the things you should remember when buying a diffuser for your hairdryer:

  • You may also consider buying a hair dryer with a built-in diffuser. If you already have a dryer, make sure that you choose a diffuser that will fit your dryer’s nozzle.
  • If you don’t have a dryer yet, the best option that you have is a universal diffuser, as it’s designed to fit most dryers.
  • If you love to travel, go for a collapsible diffuser for hassle-free packing.
  • You also need to consider the type of diffuser that you’ll buy. If your goal is to dry your hair faster, go for a cup diffuser that has prongs. On the other hand, frizzy hair needs a sock diffuser, while a hand-shaped diffuser can easily manage super tight curls.

Best Diffusers for Curly Hair in The UK

Now, without further ado, here are the best hair dryer diffusers for curly hair currently in the UK market.

7. UUCOLOR Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser

UUCOLOR Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser

If there’s one thing that you’ll be sure of when you use the UUCOLOR Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser, it would be its secure attachment to the dryer. The diffuser has 3-silicone non-slip pads, so it will stay attached to the dryer no matter what happens.


  • This is a universal diffuser and has been tested to match up to 99.9% of the hairdryers in the market.
  • The diffuser comes with an auto-lock for your safety.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • The diffuser features a sleek design, so it’s easy to hold and use.
  • This is made of high-quality and heat-resistant nylon and rubber.


  • The diffuser is a bit heavy.
  • It’s also too big for short to medium hair.

6. Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Dryer Diffuser

Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Dryer Diffuser

The Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser is one of the few hand-shaped diffusers that you can find in the market. This diffuser’s unique feature is it has over 90 air vents for optimal air diffusion that are suitable for managing tight curls.


  • The diffuser features extra-long fingers that are effective in drying your hair from roots to tips.
  • With its twist and push design, it’s easy to attach to the dryer.
  • This will fit dryers with 1.8-inch nozzles.
  • The advanced 3D grips can help tease your hair’s natural texture.
  • With its large size, it’s perfect for long curly hair.


  • This is expensive for a hair diffuser.
  • Some hair strands may get pulled by the little plastic parts in the diffuser’s surface.

5. The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser collapses flat, so you can easily place it in your bag or luggage. With its collapsible feature, it’s one of the best options for people that are always on the go.


  • Its silicone construction shrinks and stretches so it can fit most hair dryers in the UK.
  • The company offers a 100% risk-free guarantee for the purchase of this product.
  • The diffuser is lightweight.
  • This is made of high-quality silicone material.
  • The prongs in the diffuser help to improve the natural texture of the hair.


  • This shouldn’t be used with high heat.

It collapses a bit when in use.

4. Hairizone Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser

Hairizone Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser

If your biggest pet peeve when it comes to diffusers, it falls off from the hairdryer all the time. You’ll appreciate that the Hairizone Universal diffuser now has lockable buttons so you can securely attach it to your dryer!


  • This is suitable for dryers with nozzle diameters ranging from 1.7 to 2.6 inches—which is the size of most dryer nozzles.
  • It features a luxurious and shiny black finish.
  • This has over 200 air apertures, so it distributes air evenly to your hair.
  • The diffuser is lightweight and portable.
  • It’s made from eco-friendly and odor-free PC material resistant to water, fire, and heat.


  • The adjustable grips on the side of the diffuser come off from time to time.
  • This isn’t recommended for BaByliss hairdryer and other hairdryers with the same nozzle diameter.

3. Hot Sock Hair Dryer Diffuser

Hot Sock Diffuser

Are you tired of dealing with frizzy and curly hair? The Spillo Hot Sock hair Dryer Diffuser is here to your rescue. Its unique shape offers better heat dispersion than most hair dryers and is an excellent option for minimizing frizz.


  • This is the lightest type of diffuser that you can find.
  • You can easily fold it so it won’t take too much space on your luggage or bag.
  • It’s made of high-quality foam designed to last long.
  • This fits almost all blow dryers.
  • It’s also the easiest diffuser to attach to dryers.


  • This may not work well for thick hair.
  • If the nozzle is too small, the sock may fly off during use.

2. Anself Adjustable Hair Dryer Diffuser

Anself Adjustable Hair Dryer Diffuser

The Anself Diffuser claims to be adjustable and can adapt to about 90% of the dryer’s nozzle diameter in the market. This is because it comes with silicone grips adjusted to accommodate a diameter range of 1.57 inches to 2.76 inches.


  • The silicone and rubber materials of the diffuser are heat resistant.
  • The materials are also waterproof, eco-friendly, and economical.
  • It delivers 360-degree airflow for even heat distribution.
  • With the amount of airflow it delivers, it can reduce drying time by up to 75%.
  • This also comes in white color.


  • This is a bit heavy.
  • The diffuser is too big for fine hair.

1. BaBylissPRO BABNTD3 Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser – Our Top Pick

BaBylissPRO BABNTD3 Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser

This is one of the most advanced hair diffusers as it features a Nano Titanium Technology. Once the hot air goes through the diffuser, it releases natural ions, which can dry your hair faster while eliminating frizz.


  • Contrary to popular belief, this is a universal dryer so that it will fit not just BaByliss dryers but also most dryers.
  • This works well on both naturally wavy and permed hair.
  • The diffuser is quite affordable.
  • It easily slides into the nozzle.
  • The diffuser snuggly fits most nozzles when it’s properly attached to the dryer.


  • The prongs are a bit small for thick hair.
  • This tends to get hot when in use.

The Verdict

When it comes to hair styling tools, we’re more than just after beautiful results. The process matters too! We must use devices that can prevent hair damage at the same time.

That’s why we have decided to go with the BaByliss Nano Titanium Hair Diffuser because the Nano Titanium Technology is known for eliminating frizz and drying hair faster, so it minimizes the hair’s exposure to heat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a diffuser best for curly hair?

Yes, a diffuser hair dryer is best for curly hair. While curly hair is beautiful when properly cared for, some hair types can easily dry out or frizz- especially in the heat. To eliminate this, select a diffuser to tame your tresses.

When combined with a good styling product, you will experience better-defined curls, quicker drying time, and improved hair health. It will also eliminate frizz.

What should I look for in a hair diffuser attachment for curly hair?

If your hair is shorter, use a diffuser attachment that looks like a hand with spaces where your hair can easily fall through. If your hair is longer, this type of diffuser will dry it unevenly. Instead, select one that is round and wide enough for the hair to even fall. 

Quick tip: The more holes that are found in the diffuser bowl, the more air flows through the diffuser. This will result in faster drying hair.

If you have fine hair, dry hair, or are prone to frizz, this will not be ideal. It can cause heat damage. However, if you have coarse or thick hair, and if it takes a long time to dry, you will love this type of blow dryer.

What is the best way to blow dry short curly hair?

First, towel dry your wet hair. Squeeze out any excess moisture. Apply product (no larger than a dime to quarter-sized) on your hair using a scrunching technique.

Then, lightly place the curls in the diffuser’s claws. The hairdryer diffuser should be placed close to the scalp with the hair lifted gently at the root for added volume and lift.

The blow-drying should be done up to 80% and leave the rest to air dry. This will prevent your hair from frizzing, experiencing hair damage, or becoming dry.

Finish your look by lightly running the fingers through your wavy hair or scrunch your hair into shape. Then form it into your style and mist hairspray to lock it in. Then you can happily sport your flawless curls!

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