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Hair Dryer Attachments: What Are They Used For?

To get the perfect hairstyle, sometimes it’s necessary to use more than just your regular air dry method or flat iron. There are times when a stylish hairdo calls for a hair dryer. But did you know a hair dryer can do more than just drying the hair? There are a plethora of hair dryer attachments you should know about.

Using hair dryer attachments is an ideal way to accomplish those coveted hairstyles: from short or long wavy locks to tight spiral curls on an updo. They also won’t break the bank, saving you money in the long run.


Different Types of Hair Dryer Attachments and Their Uses

The great thing about hair dryer attachments is not only are they great to have on hand at home, but they’re easy to travel with. No need to sacrifice style when you head on that tropical vacation. Just make sure you pick one of the below hair dryer attachments to tag along in your carry-on.


hair dryer diffuser

Diffusers are a thick, frizzy, or curly-haired woman’s best friend. With a diffuser attachment (named for its secret weapon ability to dry hair without the high heat), you can easily get Carrie Bradshaw or Felicity curls without the poof and frizz. The attachment, shaped like a shallow bowl, features 3D massage prongs that massage your scalp while drying.

Use a diffuser when your hair is damp or mostly dry. Before switching it on, apply your desired styling product such as a curl cream. After separating hair in small sections, hold the diffuser up to each area and hold for a few seconds at a time.

It will gently dry hair and assist in refining the shape of curly or wavy locks. Diffusers also cut down on drying time, so when you’re in a hurry in the morning, you can spend less time in front of the mirror.



hair dryer concentrator

If you’ve ever been frustrated with how a hair dryer only blows at one loud fast speed, you need a concentrator nozzle. This hair dryer attachment will tame that air flow, slowing it down so it isn’t as harsh against the hair. While you can purchase a concentrator at your local beauty salon, there are a few affordable ones on Amazon.

You can purchase just the nozzle attachment or a kit of several different attachments. The handy thing about the concentrator is it will easily twist on to your hair dryer or secure magnetically. As with all hot hair tools, be sure to use a heat protectant spray beforehand to protect those locks from frizz and damage.



hair dryer pick

Also available at an affordable price on Amazon are hair pick attachments. They have multiple uses: detangling, straightening, and drying. It’s ideal for curly or heavily textured hair, even natural African American hair.

After washing your hair and applying a styling cream or leave-in conditioner, tighten the styling pick to your hair dryer. To use the hair pick attachment, start at the roots and pick out sections that you want to add volume to or comb through.

Then work your way through locks with the attachment. Using the pick at the crown of the head will add a flattering amount of teasing, great for updos, while wearing hair down and using the pick under the hair will give a fuller luscious look.


With as affordable as these hair attachments are, you’d be crazy not to spend less than $50 for all three! Chances are they’ll come in handy, whether it’s for your daily hairstyle or for your date night look.

And of course, adding hair product like curl cream or leave-in conditioners will give curls and waves that extra bump for definition and shine when you’re through using your favorite hair dryer attachment!


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