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15 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Thick and Curly Hair

In general, most of us desire luxuriously thick and curly hair that accentuates bountiful health. If you have this hair type, however, you understand that it isn’t always easy to manage a ton of hair. Elements like frizz and heaviness may be issues that you deal with regularly. That is why we’ve compiled different hairstyles to make hair that is curly, coily, and kinky truly shine, regardless of age.


Beautiful Ways to Style Thick and Curly Hair

Below are 15 various styles to suit your curly hair needs. Take a look at the different ways to rock your beautiful curls in a way that flatters and enhances.

1. Textured Wide Bun

updo for thick curly hair

If you have tightly coiled 4c strands, then you know how delicate your beautiful curls can be. A simple yet stylish updo for thick curly hair can not only protect your hair but show off your gorgeous face. We happen to love a super-wide bun, so all you have to do is gently gather all of your hair at the top of your head and secure with a wide hair tie.


2. Thick and Curly Pigtails

thick curly natural hair

You can easily let your thick curly natural hair fly, or you can try a pulled-together look like this one. Here, the thick hair of each ponytail frames your face and remains under control, thanks to the sleek middle part and smoothed hair at the top of the head. We love this hair for the workplace or anywhere where you may want your hair relatively tied back.


3. Topsy Tail

ponytail for thick curly hair

This kind of ponytail for thick curly hair is best achieved on type 2 hair. Soft, manageable curls can slide into a topsy tail with much more ease than super kinky locks can. Let your gorgeous locks cascade down your back and pull a few pieces forward to frame your face to enhance this ponytail’s romantic air.


4. Frizzy Low Bun

frizzy thick curly hair

A touch of frizz is all the rage these days, so accentuate that frizzy thick curly hair with a loose low bun. Ask your stylist to incorporate short layers to help break up any excessive bulk that often comes with thick and curly hair.  Layers cut short at the front will frame your face and modernize a low chignon.


5. Curly Shag

thick curly mullet haircut

One of the best ways to manage bulky hair is with a thick curly mullet haircut or iconic shag. The shape of the cut dictates where the hair falls. Typically, one will rock short, curly bangs while the rest of the hair is drastically tapered to shear away volume. The thinnest part of the hairstyle remains at the bottom. A mullet or shag isn’t for everyone, but if it speaks to the artist in you, then embrace it!


6. Ultra Long Curls

long thick curly hair

Type 2 and 3 curls lack the roundness found on more intense curls, therefore growing long thick curly hair is not only easy but enviously beautiful. With hair this long, make sure you’re hydrating properly with weekly masks as well as a moisturizing curl creme. For a little fun, try half-up space buns to get your hair out of your face while showing off your trendy and youthful side.


7. Long Afro

medium length thick curly hair

Type 4 hair is the kinkiest and coiliest of the bunch. So, use your medium-length thick curly hair to create a gorgeous Afro. This celebratory style is not only symbolic and iconic, but suits virtually every single face shape out there. Short Afros are great, but we happen to love this longer, grown-out look, especially if you feel like adding some dynamic balayage highlights.


8. Playful Pixie

short curly hairstyle

Growing super coily hair can be a big challenge. So, embrace a short curly hairstyle like a pixie to make caring for and moisturizing hair a breeze. This style in particular has a rounded shape similar to an Afro. Type 4 curls may find the round shape easiest and the most natural to achieve. Luckily, a swept back pixie style can suit virtually every face shape and personal style with ease.


9. Square Shape Curls

thick curly hair with bangs

Layers should become your best friend if you have thick curly hair with bangs. Without them, hair will feel heavy and look a bit out of control. For medium-length hair, ask your stylist to cut short layers starting around the eyebrow, so that they are level with your bangs. To open up your face, avoid an excessively thick fringe and go for a piece-y style.


10. Bubble Mohawk

thick curly mohawk

Choose a powerful style full of elevated grace with a thick curly mohawk. Instead of letting hair run wild, section off hair to create a bubble effect. This may be easiest to achieve with a weave if your natural hair is short. On the scalp, divide hair into three distinct sections and separate with defined parts to create sleek lines for an interesting feel.


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11. Graying Curls

thick curly ombre hair

Transitioning hair to gray isn’t always easy, but it can be done! Embrace your thick curly ombre hair as it grows out with a simple medium style. Be sure to nourish hair consistently to combat the dryness that is inevitably with graying hair. Instead of creating a strong part, try a slightly off-center part that honors the integrity of your curls. This will open up your face without flattening your hair.


12. Curly Layers

thick curly hair with layers

Create gorgeous shape on your thick curly hair with layers. Without layers, hair can feel excessively heavy. Movement is key, and these short layers come with loads of energy. Going for square or triangular shapes is a great starting point, especially if you have a round, diamond, or square face shape.


13. Stunning Side Braid

braids for thick curly hair

Looking for that perfect style for a wedding, prom, or any other formal occasion? Soft braids for thick curly hair can work wonders to move hair how you choose and create contained shapes that flatter. If your hair is medium or short, try sweeping hair totally to one side and ‘securing’ with a strip of side braid. .


14. Cornrow Bun

bun for thick curly hair

A bun for thick curly hair is simple, but adding thick cornrows kicks hair up a notch. Create rows around the entire scalp so that they can feed into a high ponytail. Twist hair into a bun and let a few curls pop out for a loose, natural feel. Thanks to the cornrows, hair will be more evenly distributed over the scalp so that the up-do doesn’t cause tension at certain points on the head.


15. Chic Curly Bob

thick curly hairstyle for women over 50

Short cuts are often the best thick curly hairstyle for women over 50. Even thick hair thins and becomes more brittle as we age, so a pretty bob is certainly the way to go. Your stylist will likely create a soft, rounded shape to honor the integrity of your curls.

There are so many versatile haircuts and styling options for gorgeous thick and curly hair. Treat your curls with love and you’ll be certain to take everyone’s breath away, regardless of the style that you choose.