Best Round Brushes For Blow Drying

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Recently Revlon One-Step hair dryer offers an great way to blow dry hair instead of using a brush and blow dryer. But you may have hair with length and texture that Revlon One-Step isn’t good for.

A round brush comes in a more sizes for you to pick and it can add volume or curl yor hair while blow-drying.

Osensia Professional Round Brush 

Osensia offers a bunch of sizes that you always find the best suited for your hair length from short to long hair. Their typical bristles are heat-resistant (up to 428°F) and ionic mineral infused.

The nylon, anti-static bristles are supposed to work nicely for fine, thin hair. The vent hole patterns that maximize the air circulation, ceramic barrel that prevent snagging hair, and various sizes to choose if you want to add volume, making this brush perfect for a lot type of hair. For instance, if you have short, fine hair, they offer the 1 inch barrel model.

HOTHEADS 3D Speed Brush 

The brush’s barrel is heat conductive so it dries hair faster and give more “tight” curls – not really but your hair is more bouncy I think

I was impressive with this brush – it doesn’t have hole vents on barrel and the barrel itself can heat up and with end cap these concentrate the heat from hair dryer to give more defined look to your hair whether it’s a lift or curl.

CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush for Long Hair

If you have a longer hair to blow-dry this 2 inch barrel brush could be a good pick. Quite standard for a CHI product: ceramic and nylon bristle.

Round brush for short hair

This round brush comes in at just 1 inch, making it suitable for short hair. You can easily get close to the roots to make the difference with volume

This round brush is great for your short hair not just because of boar bristles but the nano ceramic ionic technology.

How do I pick round brush for blow-drying

  • Barrel size: simple rule of thumb if you have longer hair pick a brush with larger barrel. Large barrel also adds more volume to your hair. Barrel design (holes or vent patterns on barrel) and material (such as ceramic) also play an important role how heat from hair dryer distributes through your hair.
  • Heat-resistant bristles
  • What are the bristles made of? plastic, boar, nylon or combination of boar bristles and nylon pins to support. If you have fine, thin air, you have to be cautious – because the bristles can pull hair off or break dedicate trands.

Tips for using round brush for blow-drying

  • Only start using your brush after your hair goes through air-dry or rough dry with a blow dryer it’s about 80% dry. And you should dry the crown and front of your head first
  • If you want volume, you can flip your hair up side down and place your brush close to the roots.

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