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Black Women’s Hair (Afro Hair) Everything You Need To Know

It’s true that cultural habits of hairstyles neglect the hair health. Afro hair or coily hair is much diffrent from other hair types by its properties and appearance, often it takes a lot of effort to style this hair type – which is naturally dry, easily prone to damage and shrinkage.

Using heat styling tools such as hot comb (press comb) can change the structure of hair shaft, making hair prone to damage.

Hair breakage on back women’s hair is also involved in using chemicals for a long period of time – probably after years of use. Sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide are a few chemicals to blame.

Oils such as coconut, jojoba and argan are good for black natural hair. You can apply these oils to hair daily, that will lock moisture in and your hair won’t dry as quick as it would be.

Afro hair has a high level of elasticity, that means once it was straightened, it can get back to the original tight curls or coils and your hair will be shorter.

Black woman hair comes with a great variety of texture, and it refers to type 4 (or coily hair), which is identified by size of curl patterns – 4A, 4B and 4C.


If you observe the hair damage

  • Don’t style your hair and stop applying any relaxers
  • Stop using any heat styling tools such as press comb, hair dryer, hair straighteners, etc.,
  • Use wide tooth comb (a wooden would be good)