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Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium Keratin Straightening Flat Iron Review

The Brazilian Heat After Dark BBH3003 hair straightening flat iron is an extremely powerful but quite underrated flat iron on the market of heat styling tools today. It has a sophisticated design and is easy and hassle-free to use, while simultaneously giving perfectly straight results for a reasonable price. Its price is marked at around $100 in beauty supply stores and salons, but it can be found at about $70 on Amazon and other sites.

Intense heat allows this hair straightener work on stubborn hair

Plate material: Titanium | Heat up in 30 seconds | Temperature range: 250F – 450 F with locking temperature feature | Thermal pouch for storage after use | Voltage: 120V |


  • Easy to use
  • High heat setting with digital control
  • Can be used for the Brazilian keratin treatment

  • No auto-shut off

The hair straightening flat iron boasts a ceramic heater and extra-long titanium plates that conduct heat a lot better than other flat irons on the market. Its plates can get as hot as 450 degrees without scorching your hair, so don’t worry. Its plates also heat up in 30 seconds flat, allowing it to have one of the fastest ready-to-go times around! There’s no endless waiting around for it to heat up. Thirty seconds and you’re set.

We know that every head of hair is different and responds to heat differently, so we also understand that it’s important to choose the best heat level for your own hair. The Brazilian Heat flat iron has heat settings from 250 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can have thick or fine hair, straight or curly, and there’ll be a heat setting that best suits your hair to straighten it without damage. And what’s more, this iron possesses a digital temperature lock that prevents any accidental temperature switches from happening while it’s being used. It won’t unintentionally heat up and give your hair more heat than it can take – a advanced technology that will surely save your strands from any mishaps!

Note that for the first time use you should never adjust the temperature of this flat iron up to 450F, it may burn your hair. Just increase the heat setting stepwise until you observe a effective slide. 

The Brazilian Heat hair straightener is also quite light and very comfortable to hold, so it won’t tire out your arms or cause your straightening sessions to be a painful drag. With it, you can actually enjoy your quick and easy straightening sessions. And get this – have you been a victim to flat irons that weren’t able to go too close to your roots without burning you, leaving you with mostly straight hair but puffy, unsightly roots? Well, with the Brazilian Heat, this won’t be a problem! This iron can go as close to your scalp as needed without burning you, giving you smooth roots that complete your look exactly how you want it!

The Brazilian Heat’s slim, chic design allows it to slide through your hair effortlessly, almost like butter. There’s no need for you to go over sections of hair repeatedly to get them straight with this iron, either. It perfectly straightens hair in only one pass, leaving it smooth, silky and full of body, whether it’s frizzy or unruly. As a matter of fact, you can pick up this iron and be completely done with your hair in as little as 30 minutes – and for any woman out there who’s used to hour-long straightening sessions, this is a godsend.

As its name may suggest, the Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium Keratin flat iron is ideal for hair that has been through a keratin treatment or a Brazilian Blowout. It’s best used in conjunction with keratin-infused products to preserve the effects of the keratin treatment. Of course, any hair type can use it, but the iron is specially designed towards re-creating that freshly blown-out look for keratin treatment customers who don’t desire to go back to the salon every time they want their hair re-done.

In term of durability, this hair straightener can withstand a simple drop with being cracked or damaged interal electrics. But keep in mind that always take care of them by cleaning the plates.

Is The BBH3003 for my hair type?

The BBH3003 is for those who have very thick, coarse hair, full of texture difficult to manage, like afican american hair that is thick with small curl, due to its nature structure, they need intense heat for properly straightening. It is worth noting that due to high heat setting of this tool, you should use heat protection spray priord to styling to protect your hair. And also remember to wear gloves to prevent heat from the plates and cases–you could not hold it on your hand.

All in all, the Brazilian Heat BH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium Keratin iron is a total win. It has no automatic shutoff, but this is a small loss for an iron that’s much more affordable than many other high-quality flat irons that don’t deliver results of such a caliber.

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  1. Hi, I have fine hair, should I use this hair straightener. You said in the review that this flat iron will do faster than others. Does high heat released from it cause hair damage?

  2. Most effective hair straightener I have used. I have very thick and curly hair. I tried several ceramic flat irons, but they seem not provide enough heat to My hair.

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