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Can I Iron Clothes With a Flat Iron?

Just imagine having an urgent call from your workplace, and you have to be there right now. Your clothes are wrinkled, and your iron is broken. Visiting a formal place without a decent appearance can be really embarrassing. During unplanned situations like this, a flat iron can come of huge help.


Can I Iron Clothes With a Flat Iron?

Obviously, you can. In fact, it is very easy, no matter how unconventional the process seems.

Although flat irons are not designed for ironing clothing, to some extent, it is very much possible to iron the clothes. It may sound really complicated to a lot of people as the design of flat iron is completely different.

However, with a little modification in the way of using the iron, you can do it.


How Can I Iron Clothes with a Flat Iron?

How Can I Iron Clothes with a Flat Iron

Ironing is quite an easy task, but you should be cautious about the garment you are using. It is important to find out if the cloth is suitable to flat irons or not. Some clothing materials are not meant to be ironed, and ironing them will lead to loss of texture and quality of the garment.

However, without delaying more, let’s find out how you can iron clothes with a flat iron just by following 5 easy steps


Manage a Suitable Ironing Area

Usually, people go for iron boards, which are available in almost every store. However, if you don’t have enough time to buy an iron store right now, you can use a strong and flat surface. It can be a table or anything that is sturdy enough. But, make sure the surface isn’t flammable.


Clean the Plates of the Flat Iron

If there are unwanted marks on your hair, it will definitely ruin the cloth you are going to straighten. Make sure you clean the plates before you heat up the iron.


Heat Up the Iron

This may be a little tough for you to find out the right heating level when you are ironing the clothes. Medium heating levels of the flat irons are great for soft clothes such as cotton, silk, and garments similar to that. A bit higher heat level may be needed for hard clothes that are stubborn from being straightened.


Iron the Clothes

ironing clothes with flat iron

It is important for you to go with gentle presses/strokes if the piece of garment is soft. Starting the front side of the clothing is the right way of doing it.

Place the clothing in between the flat iron plates, and go for gentle presses in the beginning. With a little wiggle, this will stretch the material at its best. After you are done with the front side, apply the same to the backside, and then the sides of the clothing.


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Hang the Clothes

It’s important to hang the clothes just after you are done ironing before it gets any wrinkles again. Hanging the cloth for a while will lower down the heat absorbed by the fabric. Your cloth will be safe from further wrinkles.


Watch the following video to learn how to iron clothes using a flat iron.


If you have made it this far, whether can I iron clothes with a flat iron or not won’t be a question you might ask. If you still have queries, let us know in the comments section.