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The 10 Best Curling Irons for Short Hair of 2023

More and more women are going for the big chop, adopting the short trendy look as a way to change up their look.

If you too have decided to take on your own short hair journey, you’ll find that curling irons are a great tool to keep your hair exciting and fun.

It’s always great to keep things fresh when it comes to your look, so what are you waiting for? Long hair is beautiful in its own right, but this year, short hair is definitely in!

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How To Pick A Curling Iron For Short Hair

With so much variety out there, it may be difficult to choose the right product. As you scan our list, however, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you find the right curler for your hair.

For short hair, a thinner barrel is best. Try to keep the width under an inch so that it can grip all of your hair. 

Price is also a critical factor you’ll want to keep in mind. A product that is too cheap risks breaking. More expensive tools are usually worth it, but looking for a warranty or a money-back guarantee is a great idea to protect your investment.

Finally, if you know how you typically like to wear your curls, that can dictate which curler you choose. Tiny barrels create tight curls while larger ones often create looser waves.


Best Curling Irons for Short Hair

These 10 curling irons are some of the best around, and what’s more, they’re specifically suited to short hair. What more could you ask for?

1. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Gold Curling Iron

While the standard size of Paul Mitchell Gold Curling Iron works for all hair lengths, the .75 inch barrel is ideal for medium to short hair.

If you have thick or even frizzy hair, the gold titanium barrel is perfect for smoothing locks and making them shine. Quick heat up time means that you’ll be creating your curls in a flash. 

As you are styling, this tool has a temperature dial that locks in place, so you don’t have to worry about even heat as you work.

Paul Mitchell has been a trusted name in hair care for years, so purchasing this curling iron guarantees that this product will give you soft and gorgeous curls every time you use it. 


2. HANMEI Mini Curling Iron

The Hanmei Mini Curling Iron is just what short-haired babes should look for in a product. At just .35 inches, this super narrow barrel can wrap around the shortest of hair lengths. 

Whether you have a cute and cropped pixie or even baby bangs, this tool can help you achieve the curls that you desire.

At just $25, the Hanmei curling iron presents the best budget option backed by over 200 four star ratings on Amazon. 

In just 7 seconds, this amazing little tool heats up so you don’t have to waste any time getting ready. Plus, it comes with various adjustable heat settings, so you can expose your hair or protect it from heat as you’d like. 


3. ghd Professional Hair Curling Iron

For a more glamorous appeal, the ghd Curling Iron promises to deliver big, bouncing curls with a soft, retro feel. 

At $200, you may be wondering if the product is worth the price tag. This sleek tool comes from an award-winning company that uses scientists to set only the highest of standards in hair care.

Plus, it comes with a 2-year manufacture warranty so you can be sure your tool will always work for you. 

This tool’s heat tops out at 365 F degrees to avoid any unnecessary breakage and burning that comes with higher heat.

As a helpful assurance, this curling wand enters sleep mode after 30 minutes so you can style your hair and rush out the door with complete peace of mind. 


4. Hot and Hotter Gold Ceramic Curling Iron

At just $17.99, the Hot and Hotter Curling Iron is our favorite budget-friendly selection on the list. 

Never has holding a curling iron been easier or more comfortable thanks to its ergonomic handle designed with your hand in mind.

This tool promises to heat up quickly and can reach a high temperature of 450 F degrees to suit your specific hair needs. 

The tiny 1/4 inch barrel makes curling short hair super easy. When it comes to pixie styles, reviewers seem to agree that this nifty little tool should be your go-to.


5. PHOEBE Curling Brush Iron

The Phoebe Curling Brush is perhaps one of the more unique products on our list for curling short hair. It uses ceramic and tourmaline like the rest of them but is surrounded by Nylon bristles that comb through your hair in a blow out style.

Not only do the bristles work through your hair as you curl, but they are anti-scald, meaning your hand, neck, and face will always be protected. 

If you prefer looser waves on your short hair, then this product should remain at the top of your list. It will heat up in 60 seconds for quick styling as well. 

Finally, keep in mind that this product should never be used on wet hair.


6. ThermaCell Compact Hair Curler by Conair

The ThermaCell Compact Hair Curler by Conair means business! The handy little case makes it ideal for travel and for storing in your bathroom. 

This tool is powered by a butane cartridge, so it’s really made for on the go as you don’t need an outlet to fire it up. It may not be the best option for everyday styling, but if you travel a lot, this should definitely become a staple in your suitcase.

It’s small, 5/8 inch barrel makes it ideal for styling your short locks and making those curls last all day.

Never again will you have to fuss with a cord! This tool is perfect for perfecting your pixie and other short layers. 


7. Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron Set

If you are looking for a product that truly does it all, then look no further than the Xtava 5 in 1 Curling Set. At just $43, you’re getting 5 different barrels to create tight coils, loose mermaid waves, and every curl in between.

We love this for short hair because the largest barrel has a width of just 1.25 inches. The included tapered barrel is perfect for bob hairstyles with lots of layers.

Each barrel is made of tourmaline ceramic to really seal the cuticle and make your short locks shine.

Some other extra features include a 60 minute auto shut-off and 9 different heat settings to work with your specific hair needs. 


8. FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional 3/4 Inch Curling Iron

This tourmaline-ceramic blend comes together to provide the very best in quality for your hair.

Negative ions seal your hair shaft as the iron curls your hair, battling frizz and locking in moisture for that shine you love!

This iron is a savior for hair that gets frizzy fast. It’s perfect for those humid days where you want to look your best, but can’t afford to risk your hair giving up on you throughout the day!


9. Hot Tools 1 Inch Curling Iron

This 1 inch iron by Hot Tools is another one of our favorites. Keeping you in mind, it comes equipped with cool features that help to make curling your hair as much of a breeze as it should be.

The barrel itself is spring-loaded, while the temperatures go all the way up to 410 degrees to accommodate both fine and thick hair – and everything in between!

This iron also doubles as a curling wand, simply by keeping the barrel closed and wrapping your hair around it as you would with a curling wand. It’s a two-in-one tool that you’ll be glad you got your hands on!

At an affordable range in most stores, finding a salon-grade iron like this is rare, but Hot Tools has got you covered.


10. The Hot Tools Gold Line

Hot Tools – the perfect name for a brand like this, because they’re certainly making their name in the world of amazing heat styling tools!

Here they are again, this time with an offering from their Gold line. The 5/8-inch or 1/2-inch barrel is greatly recommended, whether it’s to achieve soft waves or defined ringlets.

For looser waves, simply use larger sections as you curl. It’s that’s easy, and looks great!

This one also comes equipped with safety guards at the end of the barrel shaft, which is an underrated but key feature for maximum comfort and safety.

Much too often, flat irons and curling irons can accidentally scald your hands or even your face, which is not only painful but super frightening.

Hot Tools ensures that you won’t have to worry about this for a second, allowing you to place more of your attention on achieving results.


Short hair – don’t care! Short hair needs love too, and these curling irons are here to grant your every wish.

High-quality materials, affordable prices, and great results? It couldn’t get any better than this!