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Do Steam Straighteners Damage Your Hair? Let’s Find Out

There are so many different ways to straighten your hair today that regular flat irons often don’t cut it anymore!

Ladies all over the world have been moving in the direction of a newer, more innovative way to straighten your hair and get amazing results – the steam straightener.

Many women often wonder: ‘Do steam straighteners really work?’ The short answer is that they absolutely do!

In fact, not only do steam straighteners work well to get hair straight and sleek, but they also protect your hair to a certain extent when used properly!


Why a steam straightener?

If you’ve ever used a hair steamer to do a deep conditioning treatment, then you know the power of steam.

Using a regular hooded dryer with dry heat is no match for the hydrating benefits that steam introduces to the hair shaft.

Flat irons and other hot tools use dry heat. This dry heat often sucks up the moisture from the hair shaft while it straightens, which is what causes damage and gives hot tools a bad rep.

Steam straighteners, on the other hand, infuse warm moisture into the hair shaft while the hot plates do their job at straightening. This plumps up the hair shaft keep your hair from drying out and prevents frizz!

Most women don’t know that frizz can be your hair’s way of searching the atmosphere around it for water, which is why dry hair is usually frizzier than healthy, moisturized hair.

With moisture being put directly into the shaft during straightening, there’ll be no need for your hair to seek it elsewhere. It’s great news!


Does this mean that steam straighteners don’t damage hair?

Any hot tool, whether it brings great benefits to hair or not, has the ability to damage hair to some degree. That’s just the reality of things.

Warm steam held to a section of hair for a reasonable time creates glossy results under safe conditions, but what happens if you hold warm steam and hot plates to a section of hair for too long?

That’s right – hair can become weakened and split. It’s the equivalent of placing your hair in boiling water! Preventing this is easy, fortunately.

Ensure that your straightener is at a safe temperature and that you don’t stay on any section of hair for too long.

Your hair shaft can also fall victim to damage if you neglect to use a heat protectant. Steam might not be inherently harmful to your hair, but it is still heat, and your hair needs to be protected by a good silicone-based protectant.

All in all, if you’re considering a steam straightener and aren’t sure about how well they stand up in terms of protecting your hair, there’s no need to fear.

Damaged hair will be a thing if the past. As long as you’re using your steam iron the right way (and with a great heat protectant), you’ll be sure to fall in love. We won’t be surprised if you swear off regular flat irons for good!