Best Steam Hair Straightener Flat Irons | Reviews 2018

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Recently, steam hair straighteners have been buzzing within the beauty community because of what they call the new steam technology. Simply put, the straightener sprays hair with water steam while you straighten your hair.

I did a research and found five best steam straightener flat iron in the market you could buy right now!

1 Infiniti Pro by Conair Steam Iron

The Infiniti Pro has ceramic tourmaline heating plates which allow for the heat to be evenly distributed along your hair to get the bone straight look. In addition, it is infused with ionic technology which reduces the likelihood of your hair is frizzy. Hence, it will last longer.

The plates are 1 inch in length and are coated with Nano silver technology. This ensures that the hair strands glide through the iron smooth to give the sleek finish.

The steam iron comes with a detachable reservoir or tank that you should fill with water only. The manufacturers recommend only pouring water into this container. While the iron is in use and clamped unto your tresses the water is sprayed unto your hair to activate steaming your hair bone straight. In addition, there is a temperature controller that goes to the maximum of 395 degrees. Lastly, it is very affordable for $40.00 n hence you won’t have to break the bank.

2 Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straightening Iron

Next, is the Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straightening Iron. It gives off a high heat that will straighten your hair smoothly.

It’s recommended that if you have thick hair to use this iron because the high steam heat will be able to penetrate your hair to tame it. The iron has double technology plates which ensures that the steam reaches your hair from the root to the tip to give the sleek look. As well as, it allows your hair to be shiny from the steam.

The temperature controller goes up to 410 degrees which is the temperature level used to burn paper. In addition, it comes with a removable comb that can help you to detangle your hair prior to or while straightening it.

In addition, it can be used when doing the chase method. Lastly, the Redken iron will have you going to the bank as it is priced at $500.00. However, it is definitely worth the funds because it offers you a lot and has been highly reviewed by its customers.

3 Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener

Thirdly is the Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener. This steam iron has the latest steam ultrasonic technology. The technology splits up the water molecule to infuse moisture into your hair. Thus, ensuring that your hair is straightened effectively and efficiently thus 

reducing the chance of your hair being damaged from the high heat.

There are titanium plates which allow the steam to pass through all of your tresses evenly from root to tip for sleek hair. Furthermore, titanium is not vulnerable to heat expansion or contraction therefore the steam hair straightener will last longer.

In addition, the plates will glide along your hair easily to give the smooth look. Lastly, the straightener has an auto-shut feature whereby it turns off when not in use to prevent unwanted accidents.

4 Stallion Steam Hair Straightener

Based on the name of the iron you can ascertain that the results will be good. The straightener provides a professional and salon-quality look to your hair. It comes with ceramic tourmaline plates that give your hair the sleek look which is frizz free and full of lustre.

It is great for all hair density whether fine, medium, thick r coarse. As well as, it is great for textured or natural hair. The straighter has a 5-level adjustable temperature controller with a steam switch function which locks moisture into your hair while straightening it.

The ion covering of the plates helps to promote silk-satin like hair. The tool heats up quickly and boasts a 40% quicker heating rate than other irons. Thus, your hair will be straighteninIn addition, there is a LED display screen to adjust to your desired temperature level. As well as, a 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to twist it while in use without hurting your hand. Lastly, the stallion straightener is very inexpensve as it costs $40.00.

5 Sela Beauty Ultrasonic Steam Hair Straightener

The last best flat iron is the Sela Beauty Ultrasonic Steam Hair Straightener. This steam straightener has ceramic plates that heat up within less than 90 seconds. Therefore, you can straighten your hair in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition, it has ceramic plates that ensure that even pressure is applied to each individual strand from root to tip no matter how thick your hair is. This ensures that your results are smooth and sleek. In addition, there are steam vents that release steam continuously while you are straightening your hair to prevent heat damage. Thus, giving you smooth, shiny and moisturised results.

The straightener has a temperature controller that you can adjust between 305 and 445 degrees. As well as, an auto shut feature so that the straightener shuts off which prevents your surroundings from burning.

This hair straightener is priced at $75.00 with many positive reviews about the benefits.

As you can see each straightener offers similar benefits as well as different features that may be beneficial to more than others.

So, which one should you pick?

If you have used a combination of water and heat on your hair before it is usually to steam it for deep conditioning or hair masking purposes. The heat and water mix lifted your hair cuticles so that hair mask/deep conditioner could penetrate into your hair strands to impart moisture, shine, and/or strength.

With steam flat irons your hair won’t get a bone straight, because the state of your hair when it get straightened. But there is a bright side, your hair won’t expreience the high heat that is given off from many flat irons robs your hair of its natural lustre, the protective layer, natural moisture and oils. Thus, resulting in your hair being dry, damaged, and breaking all the time!

The steam flat iron cause less hair damage and you are still able to get sleek results – We all want sleek and smooth straight hair because it is perfect for every and any event.

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