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12 Things You Need To Know About Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

Steam hair straighteners such as Magicfly Professional release steam from nozzles positioning around the plates at high temperatures. This moisture will help prevent hair from getting damaged at high temperatures. But is it true?

Unlike straightening with a regular flat iron your hair dries out the steam flat iron moisturize your hair while straightening it. This process is also made different from wet-to-dry iron. Here’s everything you need to know about steam hair straightener flat iron.

1. Plate sizes are varied

Steam flat iron’s plates are from 1 1/2″ to 2″

In order to build a steam system into the iron, the steam flat iron has plates at least 1-inch width and the plate width is up to 2 inches. As a rule of thumb for picking irons, the more you have hair the larger iron.

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2. They may have a LED screen to display the temperature

led screen on steam hair straightener flat iron

You can monitor the temp on the LED display. It is much easier for you to adjust the temperature, and lock it.


3. A small, 40mL water compartment is removable and you don’t have to refill until you completely straighten your hair

steam hair straightener water compartment

The small water tank is ready to heat up. You can fill up the tank with distilled water. It may come in a separate steam pod which supplies more consistent steam.


4. You can choose any type of plugs

Depends on your location, you can customize the plug.


5. It won’t give bone-straight look, rather make your hair more bouncy

The steam adds moisture to your hair while you’re straightening it but unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well as a flat iron, because hair with moisture from the steam doesn’t dry hair as quickly as using irons.


6. Just like flat iron, they can get to 428 Fahrenheit

It is fine if it goes to high temperature


7. Like other flat irons, it features 360°Swivel Cord – That can easily to rotate when you move the straightener

Long cord and 360 degrees rotating are not new.


8. Are they any better than regular flat iron? they cause less hair damage, but the quality of plates is questionable.

Whether the plates are made of titanium or ceramic, these products are relatively new and we need time to verify.


9. Besides water, you add other oils to the water compartment to make your hair shinier and sleeker.

You don’t have to apply hair product before or after straightening just add oil or another heat protectant to the tank.


10. They are not expensive we did research about this product and you won’t be charged more than $100 to get a unit.

Around $50 you get a quality steam flat iron.


11. They Work Great On Black African American Hair and Natural Hair As Well

This hair type is easily prone to break, so the stream would add benefits certainly. They are heavy and once you can turn off the steam they work just like a flat iron. Just turn the steam off, see how they work? you have to test it yourself.


12. Specs that matters

  • Dual Voltage: 100-240V
  • Power: 120W
  • Heating Temperature: 300 – 446 F
  • Digital Display: LED


Should I buy It?

So if you just want something that’s quick and that’s not as damaging as a regular flat iron would be then I don’t see why you wouldn’t go for it. You can also use the hair tool without the stream, they work just like other irons.


+ Tip: Don’t buy a cheap steam flat iron

Photo: ResearchGate, bubble hair caused by excessive heat applied to damp or wet hair. Defect stream flat iron may not be set to the temperature as it should be.


An article on NCBI states that bubble hair is the result of hot straightening on wet hair, but this also occurs for stream flat iron as well. Actually, the heat of steam could frizz your hair.

Last but not least, you should know that the steam doesn’t come out from the tank, rather the water drips down and then evaporates to steam. As long as the water drips down, the current becomes inconsistent (because of gravity law).