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Dyson Corrale Is The Most Powerful Cordless Flat Iron Yet?

Hair tools may have a lot of potential for tech specs. Dyson just released the newest cordless flat iron today.

The new technology used on the flexible copper plates of Dyson Corrale hair straightener ensures precise heat settings on plates and even heat distribution over the hair section.

Flexible plates mean they pass your hair section without transforming the hair section because of pressing.

In other words, it does soft press/slide rather than hard press by regular iron. It’s effective so you don’t have to go over again your hair section, minimizing hair damage.

Unlike any other flat iron, the Corrale has flexible plates

Dyson is well-known for its Supersonic blow dryer and Airwrap which can blow-dry hair while styling it – adding volume or curling hair.

The Corrale hair straightener has rounded design which allows it to curl your hair but your hair has to be completely dry first.

With 3 heat settings, 330, 365, and 410 the Dyson Corrale can work on a variety of hair types and texture whether you have a lot of hair to style it should work fine to completely style your hair before running out of juice.

Most cordless irons come with a drawback – short battery life. Dyson claims the Corrale can work for up to 60 minutes, with the highest heat setting I can do for a bit more than 30 minutes.

Used at home if you forget (since it includes a charging station so I don’t think you will forget to place the iron on it after finishing, but just in case) to recharge it you can plug-in and use it.

Dyson Corrale’s highlights

  • Good for many hair types (including coarse, thick hair)
  • Powered by 4 -cell Lithium battery it can last 30-60 min
  • Straighten or curl hair
  • 3 precise heat settings