Five Hot Combs For Afro Hair and Black Hair

Using hot comb is an old school hair pressing technique, but it works great on certain hair types and textures (such as 4C hair type). 

Afro hair is very thick and coarse in nature. Therefore, it is difficult to get a sleek look using many hot tools.

After using some hot tools, your hair can be frizzy, and puffy which does not look good.

You may remember the hot comb being used on your hair in the kitchen while your mama or grand-mama straightened your hair for your graduation or graduation pictures.

Electric straightening combs are the perfect hot tool for a sleek straight look whether you have black or afro hair. If you want a straight look with no frizz then you should use a hot comb.


If you have this type of hair, there are a few tips you should consider before buying a hot comb 

  • Manual vs electric hot comb: while a manual hot comb (a.k.a pressing comb stove iron – because we use it to press hair straight) is heated in the thermal stove, an electric one is plugged in and style.
  • Manual pressing comb comes with a wide selection of sizes


Here are 5 hot combs that you can use to get a sleek look:

1Conair Hype Hot Comb

Type: Electric pressing comb

Firstly, is the Conair hot comb as the name suggests instantly heats up within 30-seconds with ultra-hot technology which will give you the sleek look in a reduced time.

The heat settings on the comb will assist you in perfecting the sleekness if you want your coarse hair to be bone straight or blown out straight.


As well as, it has an auto-off feature which will turn off the comb if it is left on for too long.

Lastly, the comb prevents heat burns on the scalp or heat damage unlike back in the day because it has a heat recovery system. 

If this hot comb is not available you can get Kentucky Maid tool instead. 


2Hot Tools Professional Pressing Comb

Type: Electric pressing comb

This is the advance, modern, professional pressing comb. It has patented pulse technology, specifically 85 watts of power, integrated into the comb that allows heat to be distributed like lightning but efficiently and effectively.

In addition, it was designed with your hands in mind because it has a soft grip handle which makes holding and maneuvering it easy.

The temperature control goes up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit which is the heat level at which paper burns. 

Lastly, it comes with a heavy duty stand to hold the tool, as well as a heavy-duty corn to prevent tangling. 


3Kentucky Maid SPKM222

You can heat it up by stove burner


Type: Pressing Comb Stove Iron

The Kentucky Maid hot tool is a double press comb so the heat is distributed evenly through your thick hair in order to straighten it.

In addition, the teeth of the comb are very fine which helps to distribute the heat.

As well as, the teeth are made of brass and they are copper spaces which are great conductors of heat thus preventing overheating and heat damage.


Tips: Only take a small section of hair

Sliding or pressing? you will get your answer


4Andis High Heat Press Comb

Type: Electric pressing comb

Andis has one of the best hot combs for straightening coarse hair. This comb heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds.

The gold ceramic comb retains the heat as well as makes the hair sleeker, shinier, and frizz-free.  It has 20 heat settings hence it can be adjusted for various hair types whether fine, medium, thick or coarse.

There is an auto-off safety feature so the comb turns off when it is not in use. There is a swivel cord which makes moving the comb around a lot easier.  Lastly, it comes with a warranty!


5Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ceramic Heater Stove                       

This tool will bring you back to the old days of going to the salon to get your hair pressed, however, you can now have the salon in your home.

The ceramic heater heats up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit (860 degrees Celsius) which will be able to straighten your hair, especially if it is thick.

It has an on/off switch cord so that you can switch it off when you are not using it. However, it has a 4-feet cord with grounding plug hence it needs to be placed near an outlet. 


A couple of things you should know about hot comb

Hot comb is also called pressing comb, the old fashioned pressing comb is put in to heater stove for heating up.


Who invented hot comb (pressing comb)

It is still un-known who invented this brilliant tool, though you may acknowledge that a hairstylist did use a hotcomb on his customer in 1872, whose name is Marcel Grateau. Using hot comb is believed done by ancient Egyptian for styling hair.


How to use hot comb (pressing comb)

Apply a bit heat protective cream ( I recommend Kiehl’s Heat Protective Silk Straightening Cream) that not just leaves your hair more silky, shiny, but work as heat protector.

First you heat up the tool, test it on paper towel if it burns you have to wait for a while before styling.

Take a small section of hair, start from the roof, come in without contact with scalp (you know hot comb is hot – and it hurts), slowly press the back of pressing comb – pull against your hair all the way through.

After styling hair with hot comb, your hair could last 2 weeks.


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