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GHD Hair Straightener Vs. Cloud Nine: Which One to Buy?

For most women, managing the mess of tangles and curls atop their heads means investing in a high-quality hair straightener. But which to choose, a GHD hair straightener vs. a cloud nine hair straightener?

Both are exceptional choices, but you can only afford one, so narrowing down these products is the way to go!

GHD Hair Straightener vs. Cloud Nine Hair Straightener

Both GHD and Cloud Nine are among the top name-brands when it comes to hair straighteners on the market today.

These hair irons are outstanding for your hard-earned money, but choosing one depends on your hair type, style, needs, and desires regarding features and convenience options in a straightener.


The History Behind the Hair Straighteners

Back in 2001, GHD entered the market with its line of flat iron hair straighteners. Since then, they have sold over 2 million irons worldwide, making them the leading brand. Setting their sights high, GHD became one of the first hair tool manufacturers to sponsor the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Then, we have Cloud Nine, who entered the scene later, in 2009, with a hair straightener designed for comfort and convenience without harsh styling options. Their flat irons feature innovative technology, including temperature control, to avoid breakage.


GHD Hair Straightener vs. Cloud Nine

The Features

Comparing defining traits between GHD Hair Straightener vs. Cloud Nine straighteners is the only surefire way to narrow down your choice.

Heat Index

How hot do these hair straighteners get?

  • GHD hair straighteners offer heat control technology to achieve ranges between 347-degrees Fahrenheit to 365-degrees Fahrenheit. Experts find this range is the ideal temperature setting for hair stylers to work efficiently while that seems high.
  • Cloud Nine straighteners, on the other hand, achieve a heat range between 212-degrees and 392-degrees Fahrenheit, with over seven unique options for added functionality and customization.



When buying a hair straighter, its design and material make a difference. You do not want a shoddy product.

A GHD hair straightener is typically designed of copper-colored iron or titanium plates, making it durable—less to worry about when you pack your bags and travel on the fly. Conversely, Cloud Nine hair straighteners are built of mineral-coated ceramic plates. This material is durable, lightweight, and leaves hair soft and shiny after each use.

Both offer a sleek package. But when only one product can win, we must proclaim the Cloud Nine design a clear winner. It is travel-friendly, easy to transport, lightweight, and attractive.


Comparing Prices

Of course, when buying a hair straightener, perhaps you have a strict budget in place. You will be happy to know that both straighteners are within a similar price range, depending on the series you purchase.

The GHD original professional hair styler is $195, making it an excellent starting option. The Original Cloud Nine C9 Iron – Hair Straightener and Iron is $340—an investment and a half.

However, if you opt for GHD’s platinum line, the price skyrockets, and you will not find much of a difference between the two brands.

In terms of pricing, GHD offers more affordable products, though you may find them lacking in features and design for the bargain price.

Then, of course, there are warranties to consider. As GHD only offers a 2-year warranty, while Cloud Nine offers a 3-year warranty, the latter is more attractive if you are prone to dropping your products or breaking them outright.


Recommended Products

As both GHD and Cloud Nine offer a broad range of products in their lineup, narrowing down your choice even further is tough. Here are a few we can recommend:

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GHD vs. Cloud Nine Hair Straightener: Which One is Better?

GHD Straightener vs. Cloud Nine Straightener

Selecting one straighter to use each day for a few years is a tough decision. But deciding between the Cloud Nine and GHD products comes down to you— your hairstyle, your needs, your concerns, and your unique hair type.

Do you prefer a low or high temperature when styling your hair? Do you want consistent temperature control options? Are portability and durability defining characteristics you seek?

The answer to these questions, and many more like them, will help you determine which hair straightener is worth your hard-earned money.

For the most part, we do recommend the Cloud Nine hair straightener because, despite the higher cost, its functionality, sleek design, portability, and innovative feature set turns an everyday styling product into an investment.

Not that the GHD hair straighteners are bad. Their budget-friendly options are excellent starting points for DIY stylists. Furthermore, GHD innovates annually, with new product lines and straighteners released to the market, so keep an eye out for another high-quality product like their last and the one before that, too.