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Top 8 Tips for Choosing A Titanium Flat Iron – Buy The Right Tool

When it comes to buying a new flat iron, there are two kinds of women: those who buy the cheapest thing they see first and those that do a little more research to find one of quality. It’s important to know what kind of product, ceramic or titanium, you’re putting on your hair. You want to still have hair on your head when you’re 80, right?

Hairstylists and professional salons agree: titanium flat irons are the best. It heats up quickly, thus requiring less styling time, and achieves a gorgeous result.

If you’re in the market for a new flat iron or you’re now curious as to whether you should buy a new one, we have a few helpful tips to assist you in making a decision.


How to Choose The Right Titanium Flat Iron?

Tips for Choosing a Titanium Flat Iron

Before jumping online or heading to the stores, read through these tips so you know what to look for.

Temperature Setting

Make sure the titanium flat iron you choose has a temperature setting. Some are available for purchase that just have a high, medium, or low setting. Having the option to set the temperature is a way for you to know for sure the degree of heat you’re applying, literally. It also will help you determine if you’ll be able to accomplish those gorgeous hairstyles you want, the ones with curls and waves.

Overall, remember, if you have thin hair, a medium temperature is ideal. Opt for low temperatures for fine hair and higher temps for thick hair, although you should never need to go over 400. Anything higher and you risk damaging the hair.


Plate Size

This refers to the size of the plates that your hair will be flattened between. The larger this area is, the more hair you’ll be able to straighten at one time. 1″ to 1 1/2″ is the typical size you’ll see. For thin hair, you can get away with the smaller plate size.


Hair Type

Women who end up with titanium flat irons choose them because they have a tendency to do wonders with coarse, thick hair, and natural hair on Black women. Women with thin and fine hair can still use them, but as mentioned above, a lower heat is recommended. Just check the details of each titanium flat iron you consider so you can be sure you’re getting one that will work specifically for your hair type.


Hair Products

Which styling products will you be using with the flat iron? While most flat irons are made to be used with the many styling products us women use.


The End Result

What do you want to be able to do with your titanium flat iron? If it’s basic straightening, you’re good to go. If you’re wanting to go a little fancier, you might need more than one tool to get there. Some flat irons made of titanium can’t necessarily be used for curling and straightening, though many boast that ability.

Before choosing your flat iron, consider whether you want one that is going to be a 2-in-1 or whether you’ll be okay if all it does is straighten.



How much are you comfortable spending? There are some titanium flat irons that are as much as $200. While the saying is true that you get what you pay for, sometimes that isn’t always the case. If you have the budget for it and the reviews of your choice say the cost is worth it, a little splurge may be worth it.


Your Current Hair’s Health

If your hair is already really damaged from hair dyes and tools, it may be best to completely avoid picking up any more hot tools. Give your hair a chance to heal before you take heat to it again. You can speed up this process or give your hair a boost if it’s already healthy by purchasing a hair mask or making one yourself at home.


Wet/Dry Flat Irons

Some titanium flat irons will state on the packaging that they can be used with wet hair. However, professional stylists will agree that it’s not a good idea; taking hot tools to wet hair is a one way ticket to fried locks. If your goal is to find one that does work with wet hair, it’s recommended you nix that. Always air dry or blow dry hair as much as possible before using your titanium flat iron.


With all the hair tips out there, it can be difficult to decipher which are most important. But keep the above 8 tips in mind when choosing a titanium flat iron and you won’t end up with buyer’s remorse.