How To Clean A Hot Comb (Pressing Comb)

As thick, coarse requires intense heat from a hot comb, which will burn hair products and your hair too. 

These products build-up on the comb’s teeth and sometimes it’s impossible to remove it (then you would search for a new hot comb – I recommend a few sets)

Your comb may end up being like this


It’s not nice if your hot comb glides through your hair with buildup.

For a good, clean press – you should clean your hot comb at least once a month.

A hot comb can be simply cleaned by soap, brush, and hot water if it doesn’t get dirty.

But in case of your comb built-up dirt heavily, you will need to clean by a mini wire brush and prepare the cleaning agent – baking soda and vinegar. It would be a mixture of hot water with the agent.


Put your hot comb into the mixture for about 30 minutes (or longer if later you still see a lot of black gunk sticking in between comb’s teeth).

If you have an electric comb, don’t submerge the entire comb into the mixture as it can permanently damage your tool. Then using the brush to go through comb’s teeth.

Don’t use relaxer or any kind (check out a youtube video how to clean hair straightener using a relaxer) to clean your comb because at high heat a relaxer can degrade which causes more harm than good.

But relaxer can work on hot combs if you don’t heat it up


he final step, wipe the comb with a soft towel.


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