How To Use Hair Curler

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It is not that complicated to use a hair curler

Using hair straightener or curling wand is straightforward. But there is a learning curve you would go through with an auto hair curler.

Read the use manual you could figure it out how to use a hair curler but here are a few tips and tricks for you to totally harness these applicants.

Prepare your hair

Just make sure your hair is clean, section your hair and comb through it.

Take the hair section and place it straight inside the curl chamber and clamp down.

When my hair curler is ready to use?

Switch on the power button, you will see the red indicator flashing, the curler is ready to use when the indicator stop flashing, and the heating is set to your desired level.


The open chamber of curler has to face the head, because you curler on the left and the right you may forget to place it on the right side.

For example, the ShowLiss Pro Steam Curl if you place it on the right – it should be on R setting. This is similar to you place it in the opposite side and on the L setting.

You may want to turn the curl outwards then you place it on the left with R setting – on the right with L setting.


  • Dry and comb through your hair
  • Take a hair section which is less than 3 cm, make it straight
  • Pull the end of hair section and put it into the open side of curler, you can start at the middle of section.
  • Clamp down the curler, it will roll the hair in

How to create shinny, beautiful curls

If you have long hair, place the hair section from the root of hair section may be to much for the curler to handle. The hair section to be rolled in the chamber would be less than 1.5 inches.

The curler only has one open side, make sure it faces your hair. You can style your curl inward or outward as pointed out in the direction section.

Well you just figured out where to place the curler, now close handles, your hair section will be rolling in. If you set No Timing, hold the clamp until you release it for 10 seconds or more. It depends on your hair thickness.

If you set time settings often 8, 10 or 12 seconds, the curler will start beeping as you clamp down, when it stops you can release the hair. Most hair curler will beep 3 times for 8 seconds, 4 times for 10 seconds, and 5 times for 12 seconds. When it finishes if you don’t remove hair it starts beeping in quicker manner.

If you hold tight the hair section, and the hair couldn’t get it, the tool will stop and beeps to notify that you must release the hair. It happens the same for large hair section more than 3 cm wide or messy hair. So your hair never get tangled or stuck in the chamber.

Time settings

Time setting will define how your curls look like, bouncy or wavy. Less time you get loose waves, more time you get more defined curls. But it is varied on hair types and you would try all time setting to find out.

Temperature settings

Together with time setting, if combined correctly you will get perfect curls.

How To Clean It

Like other hot styling tools, the curler gets hair products built up on parts contacting directly with hair. It is the curl chamber, and you should clean this regularly to ensure the best results. I will write the guide in another post please check back for update.

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