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Japanese Hair Straightening – Everything You Need To Know

Japanese Hair Straightening is till date one of the most popular hair straightening methods commonly used in Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Originating from Japan, it made its way to New York in the early 2000s. Since then, hundreds of thousands of women have resorted to the treatment to achieve pin-straight tamed hair. 

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The process is particularly popular amongst women with untameable hair.

For any woman, her hair is the biggest concern. The way women style their hair can make or break a beauty statement.

Besides, hair is all you need to visibly change the appearance of the face.

Initially, when Japanese Hair Straightening originated, a lot of women were sceptical about this hair treatment method.

However, after popular models and celebrities relying on the miracle treatment for flawless hair, the takers to it definitely increased. 

Here’s all you need to know about it.


What it is a Japanese hair straightening method and How it Works

It is a hair styling treatment that transforms curly or wavy hair into pin-straight, sleek and shiny hair.

The treatment uses a straightening agent that breaks the bonds within each strand of hair allowing it to be free to be shaped straight.

When the hair bonds are broken, the existing shape of the hair can be replaced with a straight and sleek look. 

This is where the treatment is appealing for frizzy or extremely curly haired women.

A straight and sleek hair look will give you manageable hair for months together until your hair eventually grows out.

The process may take a few hours but the results are totally worth it.  


How to do it?

1. First step: wash your hair


2. Shampoo your hair


3. The stylist analyzes your hair type and applies for the protection.


4. The hair straightening solution is then applied to your hair and is allowed to be absorbed by the hair cells.

A professional will make sure that the solution is evenly spread and covers each strand of your hair.


5. Once the solution has set in, it is then rinsed off.


6. Once the solution is rinsed from your hair, the stylist will blow dry your hair and bring it to normalcy.


7. After your hair is blown dry, a ceramic flat iron will be used to make your hair straight.

The reason behind using a ceramic flat iron is because the ceramic coating of the appliance distributes heat evenly, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage caused to the hair.

Since your hair is very sensitive during the process of straightening, a professional will always look for ways to proceed by causing minimal to no damage to the hair.

Straightening process


8. The final steps are to apply the neutralizer and resin and blow dry hair.

Since the bonds in your hair are broken after applying the solution, your hair is free to be shaped.

However, a ceramic flat iron will give it a straight and sleek appearance that will last up to 6 months. 

When Japanese hair straightening is referred to as permanent straightening it only refers to the strands of hair that went through the process.

At the time of the procedure, your hair goes through permanent straightening. Any hair that grows afterwards will grow in your original texture. 



This method tames extremely curly hair. Many women have hair that is curly, frizzy and uncontrollable. This treatment ends all your woes and leaves you with soft, sleek and shiny hair that you can flaunt for weeks.

Straight haired women often have the advantage of experimenting with their hair more often. Your hair can be styled however you want it to be and it will be all the easier since it’s more manageable. 

It has made it easy for many women to experiment with different haircuts as well. Anything done on a straight and sleek hair will look more noticeable.

Haircuts such as layers and feather cuts look more distinctly on straight hair.

Besides, the famous pixie cut which keeps making an entry into the style world every decade looks best on hair that has undergone this treatment.

When you can colour your hair or opt for highlights a few months after hair straightening, you will notice that the colours are more appealing to the eye because of your straight hair. This allows you to experiment with beautiful combinations too. 



This method can be very appealing but the chemicals used during the treatment cannot be dissolved or undone.

If you want your hair to go back to normal you have to wait till your hair grows out.

This can be very inconvenient if you have recently done straightening your hair using this method and are looking for ways to undo it. 

Japanese Hair Straightening as a treatment is more of a commitment. You must think a hundred times before you choose to have this treatment done.

The only way you can go back to your hair the way it was is by patiently letting it grow out. 

After a session of straightening one must avoid the use of other chemicals on their hair.

Since your hair is already treated, opting for another treatment within a year will cause damage to your hair.

Colouring your hair can also be a strict no-no if you have only recently done Japanese Hair Straightening. This somewhat restricts you from undergoing procedures for a while. 


Best Products for Japanese Hair Straightening

1. Yuko hair treatment is one of the most commonly used methods of Japanese Hair Straightening. It is most ideal for women of African-American origin with extremely curly hair.

The treatment works wonders on the hair just after the first application even before being flat ironed.

After the treatment is done, you will be left with shiny, pin-straight hair.


2. Liscio hair treatment, on the other hand, is perfect for women who want to mask their straight hair with a little bit of natural look.

The treatment is commonly desired among middle-aged women. Frizzy, dry, coarse hair can be easily transformed into soft, smooth and straight hair.


3. iStraight is another brand this is extremely popular because it beats several Brazilian Keratin treatments.

iStraight is gentle on the hair and super effective with results. You can expect to have manageable, beautiful locks after the treatment.

The treatment may cost anywhere between $200-$800 depending on the salon or the professional who does it.


Cost of the Treatment

Japanese hair straightening can be done anywhere between $150 – $800 depending on the salon and the expertise of the professional.

In New York, you can get the service done for approximately $200 at Queen’s while the same treatment will cost you at least $400 in Manhattan.

For the best results, it is ideal to choose a salon/ professional who is well known for their expertise. After all, damage done to your hair cannot be undone. 


Things to Remember

While doing Japanese Hair Straightening you must always inform your stylist/ professional if you have undergone any other hair treatments in the past.

If you are sceptical about the procedure suiting your overall look, experiment with a temporary hair straightener. This will give you a fair idea.

Remember to clear up at least half of your day as the treatment may take quite a while.

After the treatment avoids tying your hair into a tight ponytail or braiding it for 5-7 days.

Moreover, avoid taking a shower within the first 3 days of having the treatment done. 


Find a hair salon that offers Japanese hair straightener services

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  1. I want to get my hair colored with a violet ombre and I’ve heard, as you said, that getting a Japanese hair straightening done first makes the color more distinct and vibrant. Right now, I’m planning to look for a hair salon that can provide the straightening and coloring form the same provider, because as you said, a professional is the best way to make sure that everything is applied evenly and smoothly. Your tips on what sort of hair products work best with it will be invaluable for the treatment and I’ll definitely discuss getting the Liscio hair treatment with the stylist.

    • Hi Rhianna Hawk thank for your comment. I am not sure I would know a hair salon that provide both the straightening and coloring form. Anyway,Just listed your Salon Keiji into the map 😉

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