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Paul Mitchell Flat Irons Reviews – Which Model is For Your Hair Type

Paul Mitchell flat irons are able to give your hair the salon look and feel.

They heat up quickly using their respective technology leaving your hair with the 3 S’s – smooth, sleek and shiny.

They are categorized into Pro Tools (Models: Express Ion Smooth Plus Flat Iron for straightening hair and Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron for curling hair) and Neuro.

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Based on our research, the top 3 best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons are

  • Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Plus Flat Iron
  • Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth
  • Paul Mitchell Model# NS12NAS


Each tool will offer a different look on your hair than someone else’s that is why it is great to do the research on your potential options.

But, don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 3 flat irons based on pros, features, and cons.

There are better hair straighteners out there but if Paul Mitchell hair straightener is in your shortlist, here are their pros and cons:

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Plus Flat Iron

This hair straightener is one of Paul Mitchell’s best seller because it is the perfect tool if you want to achieve salon-quality hair.

Pros of the Flat Iron:

  • Smoothes and polishes your hair strands.
  • With the Express Ion Complex Technology, it makes your hair look healthy.
  • Great for thick, thin, wavy, curly and straight hair. In addition, you don’t have to turn up the heat in order to get the best results.
  • Can be used at home or the salon.
  • Doesn’t tug at or snag your hair when straightening it.
  • Travel size friendly.
  • Versatile for creating a straight look with curls, and waves.
  • Promotes incredible lustre for your hair.
  • Great for travelling purposes.


The Typical Features 

  • The plates are 1.25 inches, made of ceramic with bevelled edges. Therefore, the large plates make you straighten your hair more quickly and efficiently. 
  • The heat-up rate is 60 seconds, the maximum, with a 5 second recovery time. In addition, it heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. My recommendation is keeping it below 400 degrees because it doesn’t need much heat to get the job done. 
  • There is an LCD display for the digital temperature control so you can turn it up or down depending on your hair’s needs.
  • It’s long-lasting and durable.

It has dual voltage so it is perfect for worldwide use.


Cons: There is no auto-shutoff. Hence, you have to turn it off when you are not using it.


Next up is the Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth

paul mitchell metaltech collection neuro smoothWith SmartSense microchip for heat recovery


This Paul Mitchell Flat Iron is equipped with the latest thermal technology, hence the word neuro, in order to achieve smooth results.

Pros of the Flat Iron:

  • It contains IsoTherm Titanium technology that will leave your hair feeling smooth. In addition, it is great for adding flips, such as curls, and waves, to your hair.
  • Does not snag or rip your hair out.
  • It’s a lightweight flat iron.
  • The flat iron glides easily through your hair, especially if it is tangle-free.
  • Perfect for thick, coarse or frizzy hair.


The Features of the Flat Iron:

  • The plates are 1.25 inches thus giving you a greater surface area to straighten your hair in
       less time.
  • It is dual voltage hence it can be used by any individual wherever you are.
  • The flat iron has a 2-year warranty with online tool registration. However, a 1-year warranty without tool registration.
  • There is an automatic shut off when you are not using it. However, this can be customized.
  • It has a smart sense microchip for lightning fast heat recovery.
  • The iron heats up in less than 30 seconds. As well as, the maximum heat is 450 degrees
  • Programmable temperature settings for your thick, fine or medium hair type.
  • 9-foot swivel cord with handing loop so you can move around with the flat iron.
Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Before And After


Cons of the Flat Iron:
1. It costs more than the first and third flat iron. However, it’s still in the affordable price range for a flat iron.


Lastly, is the Paul Mitchell Model# NS12NAS

This Paul Mitchell Flat iron is of superior quality with temperature control, microchip, and neuro for thermal care. This tool is also known as the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron:

Pros of the Flat Iron

  • You will get beautiful, and sleek look.
  • It’s perfect for smoothing, flips, curls, and waves. In addition, it allows you effortlessly style your hair with professional-grade quality.
  • It has dual voltage hence can be used anywhere in the world
  • The iron is durable and long-lasting.


The Features of the Flat Iron:

  • The plates are 1.25 inches of premium IsoTherm Titanium for sleek, and full coverage. In addition, it reduces your styling time tremendously.
  • The plates heat up within 30 seconds which saves you time. As well as, it heats up to a maximum temperature of 450-degree Fahrenheit that can be regulated during use.
  • It has an auto shut off for when the flat iron is not in use. In addition, it can be customized to your preference.
  • There is a smart sense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery.


Cons of the Flat Iron: While it may be perfect for your hair, it may not be perfect for your friend’s hair.


From my experience, any of these Paul Mitchell hair straighteners will work for any hair type.

A lot of salons use it and recommend it to their clients which is proof that this brand is the best brand for your hair straightening tools.

They are affordable, light-weight, grip-friendly, and gives your hair the salon look, which is want everyone wants.  

In addition, the manufacturers keep on updating the tool with the necessary technology to provide the maximum sleekness without damaging your hair.

Lastly, ensure to use a heat protectant prior to flat ironing your hair in order to prevent heat damage. As well as, allows the style to last for a long-time.


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  1. The Paul Michell flat irons are expensinve. I got a hand-on from my friend, it feels premium. Work quickly on my curly, thick hair. I don’t remember exactly the model, but it seems to be the NS12NAS.

  2. Hi Sophia, sure you are expected to pay anywhere from $120 to $140 for a Paul Michell flat iron, but it is definitely worth it. I know it is not just durable, but something kinda flash and sleek and fashionable on hand.

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