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The Best Guide to Perm Rods – Everything You Need to Know About These Styling Rods

When it comes to alternative methods for curling hair, we are always on the lookout for cool, innovative ways to get lovely curls.

Perm rods have become a well-known and loved method of curling hair among many, especially in the natural hair community.

They were once known for helping to set curls while perming the hair, which is where they get their name.

We all know natural hair requires a lot more care and a lot less heat, which is why these little rods rose to popularity so quickly!

But we’ll talk more about the benefits of perm rods in just a minute. Let’s talk about the interesting design.

These little rods are super cute! They usually have a hard plastic body and contain open ends which are secured by elastic pieces to hold the rod in place against your head while your curls set.


Why Should You Use Perm Rods?

The reasons are clear! For one, let’s start with the ease of use.

Even though your first time using perm rods may be a lot different than what you’re used to when curling your hair with a regular iron, applying the rods to your hair is undoubtedly simple. You won’t believe how quickly you’re finished!

Perm rods are a no-heat solution to your hair woes. That’s right – no amount of heat has to be used for great results.

Even if you choose to use a hairdryer to speed up your drying time, it doesn’t have the same effect as direct heat and won’t damage your hair.

Lastly, perm rods are also reusable, which makes them quite a bang for your buck.

These durable rods can last for years! You won’t have to replace them often by any means unless of course, you lose them somehow.


How to Use Perm Rods For Perfect Curls

  • Prep your hair by detangling it thoroughly. You’ll also need to apply a leave-in conditioner and a moisturizer to ensure that your strands are adequately quenched!
  • Since these are heatless curls, you’ll need a product to help the curls set properly.
    For straight hair, setting lotion is best, while textured hair types should use curl cream or gel for best results. Section your hair into medium-sized sections.
  • Holding your section, place the perm rod tautly at the ends of your hair and begin to roll upwards, wrapping your hair around the rod.
    When you reach your scalp, use the elastic pieces to secure the rod. Repeat all over and you’re done!
  • Your results will be better the longer your rods stay in and the more your hair is allowed to dry/set.
    Air dry for a day or two or use a hairdryer to speed up the process if necessary.
  • To take down the rods, oil your fingers to avoid frizz, then unwrap each rod carefully. You can separate or fluff out each curl to your liking.
    You can also add hairspray or oil serum as a finishing touch for a bit of shine and flyaway control.
  • That’s it! It’s a simple, reliable method with stunning end results every time.


Watch The Following Video on How to Use Perm Rods on Natural Hair


Now that you know all about perm rods, tell us – will you give them a try? Think you’ll ditch your curling iron for heatless curls? We sure hope you try these out!