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Royale Black Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron Review

In the world of hairstyling, hair straighteners have their own special place; yet a very special one that deserves all the mention it can get is the Royale Black Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron.

With features that distinguish it from the hair styling tools lining the shelves of your favorite electronics store, this flat iron is for those who love their hair and wish for a product that cares for their hair just as much as they do.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what makes the Royale Black Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron such a hot item to get your hands on – pun intended!


Royale Black Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron Review


Royale Hair Straightener Review


Keep the Heat Away From Your Hands

First things first. Yes, it’s a straightener, but that doesn’t mean it should burn your hands.

Fortunately, unlike the many flat irons in the market that get warm to the touch and need to be cooled every so often – this straightener works its magic without heating up your hand.

While using 100% ceramic plates to seal in the moisture in your hair, the handle is plastic – an insulator. Thus, protecting your hands against the heat and allowing you to hold the iron for as long as you want until you’re done.


The Magic of Ionic + Infrared Technology

Many straighteners have begun using ionic technology, but there is none like the Royale Black Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron; which combines ionic and infrared tech to give you a magical fusion.

While the infrared tech softens the hair and protects your hair cuticles from damage, the ionic technology seals in moisture to give you hair that flows silky smooth.


Curl, Wave, or Style – the Sky is the Limit

You may be purchasing the Royal Black Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron thinking you’re just going to use it to straighten your hair – but this product does much more than that, really!

The device can be heated from 80°C to 200°C in under a minute, and then be used to make hairstyles like beach waves, curls, or the Kim Kardashian-like sleek straight hair center-parted for a bit of glam.

Whether you wish to style your hair from scratch or simply give a little life to your fringes or bangs – you can do it with this iron. Simply choose the temperature you are comfortable with, and let the styling begin!


No Tearing or Pulling

Let’s face it. You may be thinking that while a straightener can be used to curl your hair; all the pulling and curling may actually hurt your hair or leave you in pain.

This is where the Royale Black Nano Ceramic Flat Iron proves everyone wrong.

Its Nano Ceramic plates are a wonder for the hair, ensuring the hair gets sufficient heat to be styled as per our wish, but not pulling or tearing the hair.



Nanoceramic plates, ionic technology, 360° swivel cord – one could expect the flat iron to weigh a ton (not literally, of course!).

This product weighs only 2.1 pounds – think a pineapple, or a liter of water. That’s in.

Posing no strain for your hands; you can easily hold the device, get your styling on – and be ready to shine with sleek, smooth, and beautiful hair.


Summing it Up

Altogether, the Royale Black Nano Ceramic Flat Iron is a great product, and definitely a much-needed change in the usual world of hair straighteners.

Let’s sum up what this hair device holds for you:


  • Cool to the Touch with Floating Plate Tech
  • Ionic Technology leaves hair healthy and silky smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Not heavy on the pocket – Affordable
  • 5-year warranty!


  • Takes its time to heat up
  • Works slightly less efficiently on coarse/thicker locks



Providing a royal finish, just like its name, the Royale Black Nano Ceramic Flat Iron is a technologically advanced straightener that promotes hair health, shine, and sleekness.

While it could take slightly longer to heat up, it does so beautifully and with no harm to the hair – just what the hair of every woman needs.


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