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Hair Straightener: Tourmaline vs Titanium and Ceramic

Ceramic and Titanium flat iron hair straighteners are the most common hot styling tools to find in any woman’s beauty case.

But in recent years, we’ve found a lot of flat irons with the term TOURMALINE what does it mean and does it cause less hair damage than other hot styling tools?

Actually, there is no such made of pure tourmaline plate flat iron. Often it is fused on ceramic or titanium plates. But what your hair really benefit from tourmaline?


Comparison table: Tourlamine – Ceramic – Titanium

Tourlamine Ceramic Titanium
Intense heat Average Average

  • Best

Heat recovery Good Good

  • Best

Heat distribution
  • Best
  • Best
Heat up rate Quickly Longer than other types Quickly
Durability May break if dropped May break if dropped Rugged, polished surface
Easy to clean Easiest Easiest May need a hot tool cleaner
Ionic generation
  • Best source
Third Second

Tourmaline in nature – it is rare and expensive!



  • Produce way more negative ions than other types of material. The more flat iron can generate negative ion, the more your hair’s appearance is sleek and polishing.
    The natural look of hair is when positively charged ions on hair are neutralized by negatively charged ions from the hair straightener.
  • Tourmaline is a rare gemstone so tourmaline flat iron is expensive and the price is varied on the quality of the tourmaline fused on the plate.
  • Tourmaline flat irons represent the latest and advanced in hair straightener technology
  • Infrared property
  • Because of its benefit, the tourmaline is applied to curling irons, and hair dryers as well
  • When fused with titanium or ceramic, it creates a plate that has uniform heat.
  • It causes less hair damage like ceramic and heats up as quickly as titanium

If the heating is not uniform – uneven heat distribution of the plates, it leaves some part of your hair sections not straightened because they received less heat.

Uneven heat distribution on the flat iron’s plates



Tourmaline Vs Ceramic and their combination

Ceramic flat irons are often for home use rather than professionals, because of the even heat distribution but the heat recovery isn’t as quick as Titanium.

It depends on how often you use a hair straightener, for example, several times a week is quite a lot so it’d be better to have a ceramic iron because the heat is not so intensive that causes repetitive damage to your hair.

Don’t buy a cheap ceramic flat iron with defective plates. These plates are coated with a thin layer of tourmaline, ceramic on a week metal plate.

Over time, the layer will be worn away and your hair is exposed to extreme hot metal.

Tourmaline ceramic flat iron inherits the advantages of tourmaline and ceramic. You have a tool that heats up quickly, causes fewer damages.


My recommendations for tourmaline ceramic flat iron:

For Budget Buyers: Infiniti Pro

This tool is built with floating plates – a thin layer that coats on the ceramic and tourmaline. Once this coating wears out or degrades you should stop using it.


For Professionals: CHI Air Expert Classic

CHI Air Expert Classic with quality plates made of ceramic and tourmaline.


Our Favorite Picks:



Tourmaline Vs Titanium and their combination

Titanium is metal so its properties are completely different from ceramic and tourmaline. But it comes in second place for ionic sources after tourmaline.

When tourmaline is fused with Titanium to make the flat iron’s plates. The heat on the plates will be less intensive – mean no major side effect.

This is also especially beneficial in a flat iron due to its property that it can produce even more negative ion currents when the flat iron operates. You also don’t need to use high temperature to style your hair.


My recommendations for tourmaline titanium flat iron

Budget: FemJolie Titanium tourmaline plates it uses the infrared heat tech to minimize the hair damage

Professional: I’ve been looking to try this tool but it seems there are just a few products. I will update this post once I get it.


Tourmaline is added to ceramic or titanium plates so when you shop for a flat iron, the terms Tourmaline Ceramic and Tourmaline Titanium pop up on the product’s name.

If you frequently style your hair it’d be better to buy a Tourmaline flat iron – But if you always hurry in the morning and need a tool that quickly transforms your hair that would be a Titanium one.


Some of the best-selling tourmaline titanium and tourmaline ceramic hair straighteners right now.


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