The Truth About Argan Infused Hair Straightener

My friend recently showed me an interesting product – Argan straightener, I wonder whether they come with a tank containing the argan oil to be infused or they have the plates that are infused with Argan Oil.

Photo: encolombia – Argan oil-infused on flat iron’s plates or diffused with steam coming out of iron is good for your hair.


Argan oil has a lot of benefits to your hair, it softens hair and locks the moisture in.

It may help bring head hair back to life with their enriched essential oil contents such as antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids.

And I found these 2 flat irons


What if argan oil infused into plates of flat iron?

Like oil infused ceramic cookware, this flat iron’s plates have some sort of similar properties – NONSTICKY

According to the product’s description, the plates are treated with Moroccan argan oil during the production process.

One of the benefits everyone would know I think plates are less likely to stick hair products and snag hair during styling.

Other than that, like less hair damage, shiny and smooth hair which in turn are a result of the “Oil infused ceramic surface because the oil once infused on the ceramic It can’t again apply on your hair.


What if argan oil is sprayed while straightening your hair?

Adding argan oil to the water tank to create a formula

Steam straighteners come with a water tank – that you can fill the tank with a mixture of water and oil.

At high-temperature oil become more active and here are possible benefits to your hair

  • Smooth and healthier hair
  • Hydrate hair
  • Reduce the frizz and split ends.

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