Best Chi Hair Straightener Flat Irons For Normal Hair

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Chi flat iron that can last for a decade

The term normal hair applies to the hair type that is not very thick, or extremely thin. If you have this average hair type and now you want to change your hair style a little bit, maybe to make it straight, what hair tool you think of first?

If you have no idea about a brand of hair tool, I would recommend you the CHI Original Pro 1 straightening flat iron. But why? simply put they are made for your hair type. That said the heating of most Chi hair straightener is suitable for those who have normal hair type.

Chi flat iron that can last for a decade

Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline plates proved “safe” for hair

In terms of advanced technology, Chi flat iron has built-in the heat transmitted technology (Ionic Tourmaline transmits infrared heat and negative ions) that ensures the even and consistant heating to the plates. As you know without being consistant you hair may end up with brizz and breakage.

You may wonder the length of your hair can be a factor for choosing a flat iron, yes you’re right for the best practice, I would suggest you use Chi if your hair has shoulder length

CHI Original Pro 1’s Highlights

  • No temperature controller once turned on the plates get to roughly 370F.
  • Thick, durable ceramic plates
  • 1 inch plates should be ideal for normal hair
  • Power supply 120V, don’t use with 220V

It is a very durable hair tool, actually they can manage to last over 5 years
The hair straightener provide even heat after 30 seconds you turn it on–it takes a little short time to settle plates to stable condition. As the plates are smooth and sleek, they won’t tug or pull hair. And since it is a fixed flat iron, they never go wrong to the heating that burn your hair.

The long cord also make it easy for you to perform hair straightening. My advise you can pass the tool through your hair strand 2-3 times for the best result.

If you have exceptionally thick and frizzy hair this Chi pro can work well, smoothing out your hair to the style you are expected.



The Chi original pro ceramic hair straightener is adjustable to the temperature that you want to set. But it is more specified to those who have normal hair. It is a good point you don’t have to wonder which level to set.

There are a lot of good adjustable hair straightener, you can choose but it may be complicated for setting and that feature wouldn’t be neccessary if you’ve already known the hair straighten that work best on your hair.

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