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Top 3 Best GHD Hair Straighteners Reviewed

Are you in the market for a new hair straightener? Maybe you’re having trouble sorting through the mess: there are hundreds of companies all across the globe selling hair straighteners in all the dark holes of the internet.

If you believe the advertisements, every one of these hair straighteners is high quality, affordable, and durable. With all the noise, who do you trust?


Best GHD Hair Straighteners of 2023

One of our favorite brands, offering some of the highest-quality hair straighteners, is GHD. Here we’ll let you in on what we know: why should you pick GHD, and what is the best GHD hair straightener?

3. GHD Max Hair Straightener

“Salon-quality styling for long, thick hair types.” The GHD Max Styler is number three on our list because it is an awesome, middle-of-the-line styler for, as the description says, those with thick hair. With just a 30-second heat-up time, we love the simplicity and elegance of this styler.



  • The price. A highly affordable but excellent GHD Product
  • Excellent for women with long, thick hair types
  • No tugging on hair, no burning, only great experiences!


  • If you don’t have a thick hair type, GHD has better products for you


2. GHD Gold Hair Straightener

Okay, I promise I didn’t just put this straightener at number two because of the color. This awesome product from GHD outshines the competition and produces great results. The GHD Gold has only a 25-second heat-up time and is an excellent choice for all hair types.


  • Automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of use
  • Dual-zone technology leads to natural, healthy-looking hair
  • Universal voltage: excellent performance no matter where you are
  • Maintains optimum styling temperature, so your hair doesn’t get burned
  • Two-year warranty


  • For the price, this is an awesome product. Only slightly more than the GHD Max but featuring the dual-zone technology, the GHD Gold wins
  • Excellent for women of all hair types
  • Awesome color!


  • Great features, but because the GHD Gold isn’t the highest-end of GHD’s products, it’s missing some features


1. GHD Platinum Hair Straightener – Best Overall

Our number one pick from this number one brand is the unforgettable Platinum+. The Platinum+ has it all: straighten and curl and do everything with this one fantastic item. Excellent for all hair types.


  • Automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of use
  • Wishbone hinge makes styling effortless
  • Ultra Zone technology leads to healthy hair with a healthy shine!
  • Universal voltage: excellent performance no matter where you are
  • Maintains optimum styling temperature, so your hair doesn’t get burned
  • Three-year warranty


  • This is one of the best products in the hair straightener industry. You just don’t find a product with as many styling capabilities as the GHD Platinum+.
  • Another great color. With the gift set, the GHD Platinum+ is an awesome addition to any woman’s toilette.


  • Because this product is so sophisticated, some users have experienced the product failing. Luckily, with the three year warranty, you should be covered!


How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener For You

How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener

Women all over the world want to know what kind of hair straightener they should choose. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing your hair straightener.

Hair Type

Consider your hair type. The GHD Max is only good for thick hair. If you have thin hair, steer clear.


Straightening Needs

Are you someone who never straightens your hair? Consider the investment you’re making. The GHD Platinum+ might not be right if you only straighten once a year for the work Christmas Party.

Conversely, if you’re straightening your hair every day, you really shouldn’t go for a lower-end hair straightener. The more expensive hair straighteners at GHD are designed to keep hair healthy over long-term use.


Personality Type

If you’re someone who’s straightening your hair right as you walk out the door, consider buying a hair straightener with an automatic shutoff after thirty minutes. This excellent feature of GHD products has saved homes countless times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is GHD Platinum Worth the Money?

Yes. Though the price might look expensive to you, the investment is so worth it. If you’re someone who straightens your hair a lot, think of this as an investment in yourself. With the GHD Platinum you will feel healthy-haired and confident, so you can out and live your best life.


What is the Difference Between the GHD Gold and GHD Platinum?

GHD Gold is a lot like the Platinum, but with pared-down features. Whereas the Platinum has the wishbone hinge for optimum styling and triple-zone technology for the healthiest possible hair, GHD Gold does not.


Can You Curl With GHD Platinum?

Yes! You can! With the GHD Platinum’s wishbone hinge, the Platinum can straighten and curl in a single, glamorous stroke.


The Magic of GHD

The women at GHD have got many things right, but if I may restate their case: every woman deserves to feel beautiful. You deserve to go out into the world and do the things that will bring self-confidence. You deserve ownership over those things that make you beautiful.

Flip that hair. You’ve got it, girl, now flaunt it!