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The 5 Best Low EMF Hair Dryers of 2023

Radiation is all around us, surprisingly in items we use every day. Overall, these rays may be relatively safe, but over time, it’s best to limit exposure when possible to reduce your risk of potentially harmful side effects.

This article on the best low EMF hair dryers will tell you all you need to know to protect yourself from radiation relating to hair appliances.

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What Is EMF?

EMF Stands for Electric and Magnetic Fields. EMFs are invisible energy emitted by the sun, x-ray machines, and small household appliances.

EMFs fall into two categories: non-ionizing and ionizing. Ionizing rays are more potent and can cause harm to cells and DNA, potentially causing tumors and cancer. Non-ionizing rays are weaker and are relatively harmless.

Many items we use every day emit non-ionizing radiation rays, including cell phones, microwaves, and hair dryers. Even though non-ionizing rays are less potent than ionizing rays, it’s still important to limit daily exposure to these EMFs, especially long term.

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

The Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

Below is a list of the best low EMF hair dryers that will help you get great-looking hair with lower exposure to potentially harmful rays.

1. Trezoro Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Ion Salon Hair Dryer – Best Overall

Trezoro is one of the most popular hair dryer brands. The Trezoro Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Ion Salon Hair Dryer is one of the best low EMF hair dryers because it has a ton of features without breaking the bank.

This hair dryer utilizes ceramic tourmaline technology to dry hair without harmful EMF rays. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that, when heated, only uses negative ions.

This technology cuts down on both drying time and damage to your hair, creating smooth, shiny hair in about half the time of regular hair dryers.

The Trezoro Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Ion Salon Hair Dryer comes with three heat settings plus a cool button. The low EMF hair dryer also has two speeds and two connector nozzles to give your hair a professional look without the professional price. If you are looking for an overall dependable EMF hair dryer, this is the one to buy.

2. CHI Touch 2

The CHI Touch 2 – Touch Screen Hair Dryer is the most expensive on the list of best low EMF hair dryers, but it’s worth the investment.

CHI hair dryers are consistently top performers, and this hair dryer is no different. The ceramic heating element enhances shine and eliminates frizz and damage.

Several features make the CHI Touch 2 a must-have. The hair dryer has a touch screen, making it easy to set the temperature and speed. You can also use the touchscreen to view and adjust the ionic output.

You can also place the back of the hair dryer on a flat surface to use it hands-free. The CHI Touch 2 has several temperatures and speed settings, making it a high performing low EMF hair dryer that justifies its price.

3. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a professional-quality low EMF hair dryer and are willing to pay more, then the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer is the one for you.

The ionic hair dryer attracts positive ions from the hair by emitting only negative ions. The ionic system reduces drying time and leaves hair silky, smooth, and less frizzy.

The Elchim is one of the best low EMF hair dryers because it packs a lot of power with little radiation.

Made in Italy, this hair dryer has two speeds, three different temperatures, and comes with two connectors, one for brushing and one for styling. With more than 70 years of fine-tuning, the Elchim brand of hair dryers is top-notch.

4. Xpoliman Ionic Hair Dryer

If you wish to dry your hair faster and more efficiently, you’ll certainly appreciate the Xpoliman’s Ionic Hair Dryer. After all, it’s equipped with an 1800-watt motor which is extra powerful enough to deliver high airflow so you can dry your hair faster. This motor is designed to reduce drying time by up to 50%. Despite being powerful, the motor emits low noise which is a big plus for a lot of users.

The hairdryer also infuses the hair with high concentration ions to keep it healthy, shiny, and smooth. It’s also equipped with low EML fiel and overheat protection technology, to protect you and your hair from any potential health issues.

Lastly, the dryer has an advanced technology that protects the hair from both protein and heat damage as well as moisture loss.

5. FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Dry Hair Dryer

The FHI Heat Platform Quick Hair Dryer is described as a high-performance dryer that combines both power and endurance. It features both gentle far infrared heat and advanced ionic technology which work together in reducing frizz, sealing in moisture, and producing smoother and shinier hair.

The best part is the hair dryer already comes with all the attachments you need to perfectly style your hair—straightening comb, concentrator nozzle, and curl-defining diffuser. Bonus point: it also includes a storage bag for on-the-go use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does low EMF hair dryer mean?

EMF means electromagnetic field. They are further divided into magnetic fields, radio frequency, and electric fields. A blow dryer can fall into the magnetic field spectrum.

Low EMF hair dryers indicate that they generate a low amount (harmless) of EMF radiation. This is due to new technology in the motor of the hairdryer.

Low EMF blow dryers are better for your hair and for your health. The known symptoms for high EMF emission include headaches, suicide, anxiety, depression, nausea, fatigue, higher risk of cancer, and increases chances for immune disorders.

Why buy low EMF hair dryers?

The reason to buy a low EMF hair dryer is that it is safer. These hair dryers emit lower levels of radiation than other dryers.

It is a popular choice for some parents who want to purchase a dryer with less long-term potential for harming the health of their child.

How much radiation is emitted by hairdryers?

Hair dryers give off the following radiation at these distances (in milliGauss):

1 inch of distance: 200mG
1 foot of distance: .1mG-1.5mG
3 feet of distance: <.1mG

These figures reflect the readings for a standard, corded hairdryer. The numbers are higher when the dryer is close to the head.

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