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The 10 Best Paddle Hair Brushes of 2023

You have plenty of brushes and combs in your arsenal. But wait, do you have a paddle hair brush? If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on a lot!

Despite its intimidating appearance, the paddle brush is probably one of the most versatile hair brushes you can ever use. It’s mainly used for removing tangles and knots on curly, coarse, and thick hair. However, with the right techniques and the help of a flat iron, this brush can also help you achieve pin-straight locks!

Paddle Hair Brushes

With that said, here are some of the best paddle hair brushes that you can choose from!

Product ImageWet Brush Paddle Detangler Hair BrushSee Price
Product ImageBsisme Hair Wooden Paddle BrushSee Price
Product ImageBESTOOL Paddle Hair BrushSee Price
Product ImageURTHEONE Paddle Hair BrushSee Price
Product ImageGranNaturals Boar Bristle Paddle Hair BrushSee Price
Product ImageConair Velvet Touch Paddle BrushSee Price
Product ImageSofmild Eco-Friendly Paddle Hair BrushSee Price
Product ImageWet Brush Pro DetanglerSee Price
Product ImageRevlon Straight & Smooth Soft Touch Paddle Hair BrushSee Price
Product ImageGoody Clean Radiance Paddle BrushSee Price

While these brushes have the same function in general, you should understand that they may differ in many ways. To find the right paddle brush for your needs, keep these things in mind:

  • Not all paddle brushes can be used on wet hair. If you plan to use it for such a purpose, choose brushes that have vented design so you can dry your hair faster and better.
  • Look for a brush with rounded or covered pins to protect your scalp.
  • If you want to harness the brush’s detangling power, go for a version that uses a blend of nylon and boar bristles.

Best Paddle Hair Brushes

Here are the top 10 paddle hair brushes that we have compiled for you to check.

1. Wet Brush Detangler Paddle Hair Brush

If you want to get rid of your tangles and knots without hurting your scalp or pulling your hair, this Wet Brush Detangler is the one for you.

It features ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles, which are firm enough to capture tangles and, at the same time, flexible enough to glide through your hair as smoothly as possible.


  • The IntelliFlex bristles ensure 45% less hair breakage and require 56% less effort.
  • It has an AquaVent Design for fast water drainage and easy cleanup when used on wet hair.
  • The brush comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.
  • It’s available in two eye-catching colors—black and pink.


  • The bristles are too flexible that they bend easily when brushing thick and coarse hair.
  • The brush’s handle is not ergonomic.
  • It’s not recommended for thick hair.

2. Bsisme Hair Wooden Paddle Brush

The Bsisme Hair Wooden Paddle Brush is not just a detangler or a styling tool—it’s also a great scalp massager! It’s equipped with long and stiff nylon pins with ball-tip that’s great at giving your scalp the ultimate massage treatment.

On the other hand, it has shorter natural boar bristles, which are great at distributing natural oils to your hair, leaving it shiny and beautiful!


  • The wooden handle is not just beautiful—it’s durable and comfortable as well.
  • At the back of the brush, you can find an elaborately carved rose pattern.
  • The purchase of this brush comes with a 60-day warranty.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • This brush is not for fine hair.
  • It has an unpleasant scent.

3. BESTOOL Paddle Hair Brush

The BESTOOL Paddle Hair Brush is perfect for eco lovers who want to have smooth and shiny hair. The brush is made of highly sustainable bamboo material that can last for years.

It also features quality black boar bristles and flexible ball-tip nylon so you can boost your hair’s shine and remove tangles at the same time!


  • It comes with a brush cleaner for easy maintenance.
  • The brush also includes a pouch, which is perfect for traveling.
  • It has antistatic nylon bristles so that you can use it on wet hair.
  • The ball-tip nylon pins are perfect for massaging the scalp.


  • The handle is a bit small for some people.
  • The bristles are too short for thick hair.

4. URTHEONE Paddle Hair Brush

If you absolutely hate frizzy and tangled hair, then you would undoubtedly adore the URTHEONE Paddle Hair Brush!

Same with the other brushes in the list, it has dual bristles—a combination of ball-tip nylon and boar bristles which is perfect in detangling the hair and keeping it shiny and moisturized.


  • The brush comes with a wide-tooth tail comb, which can be used for parting the hair.
  • You can also use the comb to clean the brush.
  • It works well on all hair types.


  • The bristles tend to fall out.
  • Some people can’t tolerate the brush’s wooden smell.

5. GranNaturals Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush

Are you tired of dealing with your frizzy and unmanageable hair? Let the GranNaturals Boar Bristle Brush help you out! This wooden brush features 100% boar hair bristles, which are excellent at conditioning the hair and keeping it shiny and healthy.


  • With the brush’s large wooden frame, you can cover more areas and style your hair faster.
  • The boar bristles prevent oil buildup at the scalp.
  • It can leave your hair nourished and well-conditioned.


  • Since it only has boar bristles, it may not be that great at detangling hair.
  • The short boar bristles may also not be suitable for thick hair.

6. Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush

For those who find it challenging to find a paddle brush that’s perfect for thick hair, the Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush will make things easier for you!

Designed solely for detangling and styling thick hair, the brush features long round-pin nylon bristles that can firmly hold your hair without hurting your scalp.


  • Since the brush is vented, you can also use it to detangle wet hair.
  • Its grip is soft to touch.
  • The brush features a cushion base that’s flexible so you can quickly get rid of hair tangles.


  • Some people find the brush to be too small.
  • The brush smells like a burnt tire.

7. Sofmild Eco-Friendly Paddle Hair Brush Set

If you’re looking for sustainable hair brushes, which is also excellent for detangling hair, the Sofmild Eco-friendly Paddle Brush may just be what you’re looking for!

The wooden paddle is paired with durable rounded-end wooden bristles that distribute oil in your hair and prevents scalp damage.


  • The brush is fully biodegradable as it’s made with 100% bamboo.
  • With the brush’s seamless handle design, hair won’t get snagged while brushing.
  • The air cushion has a ventilation hole to allow air to circulate and dry out the rubber material.
  • The rounded bamboo bristles are perfect for massaging the scalp.


  • The brush is a bit heavy.
  • The bristles break easily.

8. Wet Brush Paddle Hair Brush

9. Revlon Straight & Smooth Soft Touch Paddle Hair Brush

For people looking for a gentle paddle brush that they can use every day, the Revlon Straight and Smooth Paddle hair Brush is highly recommended!

The brush’s plastic and nylon construction are simple but extremely practical and durable. Its nylon-tufted bristles can detangle your hair without damaging your scalp.


  • For a Revlon product, this one’s affordable.
  • The brush’s handle is smooth and has a rubber finish for a more comfortable grip.
  • It can be used both on dry and wet hair.


  • The paddle tends to separate from the handle.
  • The hair snags in the decorative silver ring that joins the handle and paddle together.

10. Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush Heads Up

At first glance, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with how the Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush looks. Once you use it, you won’t get enough of its simple yet effective design.

After all, it has unique copper bristles with rounded ends known for delivering healthier and shinier hair!


  • The handle’s shape promotes a more comfortable grip.
  • It has peach details and bristles that will surely capture your attention.
  • With the flexible cushion pad, you won’t feel any pain on your scalp while brushing.
  • The copper bristles offer the benefits you can get from both boar and nylon bristles.


  • The brush’s white color is prone to collecting dirt.
  • It also doesn’t smell good.

The Verdict

To be honest, you don’t need a paddle hair brush with lots of bells and whistles. What you need is a brush that works—no matter how straightforward its design is.

With that in mind, we highly recommend the Wet Brush Detangler Hair Brush because its flexible bristles are great in detangling and styling the hair while minimizing hair breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we recommend a paddle hair brush?

Paddle hair brushes have the ability to detangle hair quickly with comfort and ease. The wide, flat, rectangular surface makes the brush easier to control.

It also gives smooth results without damaging the natural pattern of curly or wavy hair.

Can I use a paddle brush on wet hair?

While there are some paddle brushes designed to use on wet or dry hair, it is not advisable. When your hair is wet, it is at its weakest. Brushing wet hair makes it more susceptible to breakage, split ends, flyaways, and damage. 

Do paddle brushes damage hair?

Paddle brushes may damage hair because they can be hard on the hair. They can scrape off roots and cause hair breakage. They can leave behind hair residue making it unhealthy and extremely dry.

Paddle brushes are generally recommended for long, thick, straight healthy hair. One with a rubber pad will eliminate static from your hair.

Does a paddle brush straighten hair?

Yes. Paddle brushes are designed to create a straight, sleek look on medium to long hair. It may not work well for shorter hair unless it is about chin length. 

How do I use a blow dryer with a paddle brush?

When blow-drying your hair, use a hair dryer until your hair is 80-90% dry. Use the paddle hair brush with a hair dryer with a nozzle (concentrator) to smooth the hair while you dry it the rest of the way.

It is recommended to use a vented brush when blow-drying your hair. It will allow the heat to recirculate without creating damage and it will dry faster.

For detangling hair, a paddle hair brush can be used to get rid of knots and tangles. Create sections in your hair and brush the tangles gently from the hair ends. Then, work towards the roots. Repeat this process until your hair is completely free of knots.


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