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Can You Stop Hair from Turning Gray?

Have you started noticing gray hairs here and there on your head? Well, stop worrying. You’re not alone.

In fact, about over 60% of Americans have traces of gray hair by the time they turn 40. Most of us who feel like we’re not ready for this crown of beauty quickly turn to remedies such as hair dying to try and reverse the situation.

The question is, can you stop hair from turning gray? Read on to learn whether it’s really possible to stop hair from turning gray. 


Can I Stop Hair from Turning Gray?

No. You can’t stop your hair from turning gray. Genes and age play the biggest role in turning hair gray. However, our lifestyles contribute to our hair color too. You can try to delay the graying of hair color by following a healthy lifestyle.


What Makes Hair Turn Gray?

reasons that make hair turn gray

Pigment cells in hair follicles called melanocytes are responsible for the color of our hair. These produce melanin, which also determines the color of our skin. Now the moment your body stops synthesizing this melanin, your hair color starts turning gray.

Age and genes are the primary factors that determine when hair starts turning gray. However, scientists are still researching what it is that stops our bodies from producing melanin. 


What Can I Do to Stop Hair from Turning Gray?

Once your hair starts growing gray, it’s almost impossible to reverse the situation. Unless you opt to dye it, the best you can do is change your lifestyle to try to delay the inevitable for some time.

Some measures you can adopt to try and stop your hair from turning gray include: 

1. Reduce Stress and Get Enough Sleep

tips for delaying hair graying

According to a study by Tyler Cymet (head of family medicine, Sinai Hospital, Baltimore), high, prolonged stress levels lead to a rapid increase in gray hair. In fact, it can even lead to premature graying.

By minimizing stress and sleeping adequately, Tyler suggests that you can prevent your hair from turning gray. He says if your hair had started turning gray, living stress-free could even revive it back to its initial color.


2. Check Your Diet

nutrients and minerals

Nutritional factors also play a key role in hair color. A deficiency of certain nutrients and minerals may reflect in your hair turning gray.

A study in Bengaluru, India, was conducted to establish the cause of hair graying, and in particular, prematurely.

The results reveal that lack of iron, calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, zinc, and copper, can lead to premature graying of hair. Therefore, ensure your diet is rich in these nutrients and minerals.

Some B-complex supplements provide essential nutrients such as Vitamin B5, inositol, folic acid, and folic, which can help delay gray hair. Also, take zinc and copper in plenty too.

In addition, avoid processed foods and coffee if you want to stop hair from going gray. They’re known to leach minerals essential to hair, such as copper, iron, and zinc, from the body.


3. Avoid Smoking

From the same study, there was evidence that smoking enhances the risk of gray hair. Most of the young men who were regular smokers had their hair already turning gray.

If you care about your hair color, then it’s time you stopped smoking. Otherwise, you’ll start observing the gray hairs sooner or later.


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4. Home Remedies for Delaying Graying

home remedies for delaying hair graying

Some people massage their scalp with egg oil and leave it overnight.

Anti-oxidant xanthophylls like zeaxanthin and lutein in the egg oil are known to stop premature graying of hair. It may also reverse gray hair at its early stages.

For best results, massage it into the scalp and leave it on overnight. Just ensure you cover the pillow with a cloth to avoid dirtying it.

Other hair treatments that can be effective in stopping hair from turning gray include:

  • An Indian gooseberry called amla
  • A Chinese herb called fo-ti
  • Massaging the scalp with lemon and coconut oil