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Curling Iron Brush vs. Curling Iron – Which One Is Right For You

Curls will never go out of style. Whether they are big glamorous curls or small ringlets, curling your hair is always a cute and easy way to jazz things up a bit.

You may be looking for the perfect curling tool to use; the one that delivers great results every time without fail.

Is the nifty curling brush iron the best choice? Or should you choose the classic curling iron as your favorite tool?

Let’s take a comprehensive look at both tools and see which one is really right for you!


The Curling Iron Brush

What exactly is a curling iron brush?

Well, you might have seen one before and not been able to recognize it!

It’s basically the combination of your everyday hairbrush and a curling iron barrel. It’s electric, of course, so it works pretty similarly to your curling iron.

However, this cool tool doesn’t use the traditional clamp that the curling iron uses.

Instead, the bristles of the brush barrel hold your strands in place while the shape of the curl is formed.


What we love about curling brush irons:

  • Won’t burn your fingers! If you’ve ever been burned by a curling iron, then you know just how painful and upsetting it can be. Fortunately, the heat-resistant bristled or curling brush irons make it so that your skin is never singed.
  • Beachy curls and soft waves are where it’s at with this type of iron. They may not be the best for ultra defined hair, but shine and volume are amazing!
  • Varying barrel materials, sizes, and bristle lengths are at your fingertips. Whether you’ve got long, short, thin, or thick hair, you’re sure to find one that’s suited to you.

Benefits of using a Curling Iron Brush

Ready to dive into the world of curling iron brushes? Great! These nifty tools come with some pretty sweet benefits:

Gentle touch: Curling iron brushes are kind to your hair, reducing the risk of damage. Who doesn’t want healthy, happy locks?

Easy peasy: No need for a PhD in hairstyling! Curling iron brushes are user-friendly, making it simple to create stunning curls and waves.

Two-in-one magic: This multitasker not only styles your hair but also detangles it. Talk about a time-saver!

Length-friendly: Got short hair? Long hair? Somewhere in between? Curling iron brushes are versatile, working wonders on various hair lengths.

Safer curls: Forget about accidental burns! The bristles on curling iron brushes protect your skin while you style.

The Curling Iron

Curling irons are undoubtedly more familiar and easier to use, but does this mean that they’re better? Not necessarily!

This traditional curling tool consists of a ceramic/tourmaline barrel that heats up the hair and ‘sets’ the curl into place.


What we love about curling irons:

  • Curling irons are great for defined curls that last all night, which comes in really handy if you’re looking for a style that holds up for hours.
  • The clamp is great if you haven’t gotten the hang of the curling brush iron, or find it troublesome to use. Sometimes, simpler can be better!

Benefits of using a Curling Iron

Curling irons are a staple in the world of hair styling, and for good reason! Check out these fab benefits of using a curling iron:

Defined curls: Want those picture-perfect curls? Curling irons deliver well-defined, long-lasting curls that’ll make you swoon.

Size it up: Barrel size matters! Curling irons come in various sizes, giving you the freedom to create tight spirals or loose waves – your pick!

Heat control: Adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. Fine hair needs lower heat, while thick hair can handle more. Curling irons let you personalize the heat, so you’re always in control.

Material matters: Choose from ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline curling irons to match your hair’s needs. Each material has its perks, so you can find the perfect fit.

Endless styles: Experiment with different techniques and create a wide range of hairstyles. From classic curls to beachy waves, a curling iron is your go-to tool for all things curly.


Curling Iron Brush vs. Curling Iron: What Are The Differences?

Curling iron brushes and curling irons are both popular styling tools, but they have some key differences. Let’s break it down:

Design: Curling iron brushes combine a curling iron’s heating element with the bristles of a brush. Curling irons, on the other hand, have a smooth barrel and a clamp to hold the hair in place while curling.

Styling technique: With a curling iron brush, you wrap your hair around the heated barrel and glide the bristles through your hair. With a curling iron, you wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it in place with the clamp, then release after a few seconds.

Curl type: Curling iron brushes generally create looser, more relaxed curls or waves. Curling irons offer more defined curls, and the variety of barrel sizes allows you to create tight spirals or loose waves.

Ease of use: Curling iron brushes are more beginner-friendly and easier to handle, as they detangle and style simultaneously. Curling irons may require a bit more skill and practice to master.

Heat control: Curling irons typically offer more temperature settings and a wider heat range, making them more suitable for different hair types. Curling iron brushes might have limited heat settings.

Safety: The bristles on a curling iron brush provide a barrier between the heated barrel and your skin, reducing the risk of burns. Curling irons, without this barrier, have a higher risk of causing burns if not used carefully.

Here’s a table summarizing the differences and use cases for curling iron brushes and curling irons:


Curling Iron Brush

Curling Iron

Hair Type

Suitable for fine to medium hair

Suitable for thick or coarse hair

Curling Style

Creates loose curls or beachy waves

Creates well-defined curls

Ease of Use

Easier to use, combines function of a brush and a curling iron

Requires more skill to use


Lower risk of burns, bristles provide barrier between heated barrel and skin

Higher risk of burns, no barrier between heated barrel and skin


Typically more affordable

Typically more expensive

Heat Control

May have limited heat settings

Offers more temperature settings and wider heat range


Consider these factors when deciding which tool to use:

  • If you have fine or medium hair and want to create soft, loose curls or beachy waves, a curling iron brush may be the right choice for you.
  • If you have thick or coarse hair and want to create well-defined curls, a curling iron is likely a better fit.
  • If you are new to styling your hair, a curling iron brush may be easier to use, while those with more experience may prefer a curling iron.
  • If safety is a concern, a curling iron brush may be a safer option due to the barrier provided by the bristles.
  • If budget is a factor, a curling iron brush may be more affordable than a curling iron.
  • If you need more precise control over heat settings, a curling iron may offer a wider range of temperature settings.

Ultimately, the choice between a curling iron brush and a curling iron comes down to personal preference and hair styling needs.

At the end of it all, the tool you use truly depends on your tastes. Do you like glamorous curls or tight locks? Do you value definition over volume or vice versa?

Both the curling brush iron and the curling iron come with several pros that are different, but help to make them truly effective products nonetheless. Take your pick!


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