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20 Jaw-Dropping Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, that means that your locks typically lacks volume and can fall rather flat. This doesn’t mean your style has to suffer, however! Showing off fine hair is not only attainable, but it means that you can play with other elements that bolder hair simply can’t.


How to Pick The Right Hairstyle for Fine Hair?

One of the most important things to remember when you are styling fine hair is to avoid too much product. Whether you are using an oil, serum, cream, or spray, you don’t want to weigh down hair that already falls flat. So, use product conservatively and a little at a time to see how it works with your hair.

Secondly, don’t listen to rules that say you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Fine hair can look greasy in a matter of hours, but as long as you’re using a nourishing and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, your hair will be just fine.

Also, don’t overwork hair when styling, especially with your fingertips. Your hands contain natural oils that can further flatten fine hair types.

Finally, try creating height and volume with your hair in simple, proven ways and with easy to achieve styles. Pompadours and bold curls with gentle teasing can create instant volume without a lot of work or stress. Additionally, shorter hair typically looks thicker, so keep that in mind when choosing your ideal length for fine hair.

Below are 20 different looks to take your fine hair from average to absolutely stunning.

1. Space Buns

long fine hairstyle

Go for something playful if you have a long fine hairstyle. Space buns are the perfect antidote to lank hair problems as they create so much energy around whoever wears them! To create this look, simply part hair down the center into two sections. Tie buns on each side of the head, swirling the hair around the finger as you go.


2. Chic Pompadour

short hairstyle for fine hair

Creating height is a great way to enhance a short hairstyle for fine hair. Shave the temples of your hair in an undercut style fashion to make a pompadour stand out even more. Working with your face shape, shape this style with precision for chic and powerful appeal.


3. Shoulder-Length with Choppy Bangs

shoulder length fine hair

Consider shoulder length fine hair to maintain length without losing much volume. Wispy, choppy bangs don’t try to create the illusion of more hair, but rather use what you’ve got in a fun, stylish way. Ask your stylist for easy, face-framing layers to match.


4. Long Hair with Soft Layers

layered fine hair

An effortless way to add interest to long locks is with a layered fine hair look. Here, layers add bulk in a way that is subtle and stylish to combat stringy hair. Additionally, a half-up braided style creates an extra sense of flair instead of letting locks fall limp.


5. Curly Shag

shaggy haircut for fine hair

Most of the time, we associate curls with thick hair, but curly hair can be naturally thin just as easily. A shaggy haircut for fine hair is perfect for teasing out texture and creating plenty of volume. Shags have so much style and personality, too, so make sure that this retro and overall triangular shape it creates is your thing before trying.


6. Blunt Cut Bob

fine hair bob

Create the illusion of volume in an instant with a blunt cut fine hair bob. Hair that is all the same length instantly looks fuller than before. Plus, a chic crop can hide any breakage or damage from over-coloring. A center part is sophisticated while a sweeping side part can add a touch of drama if you’re craving it.


7. Romantic Low Bun

updo for fine hair

A low bun is the perfect updo for fine hair, especially for a formal event with a romantic edge. Leaving a few tendrils down contributes to the romantic feeling while giving the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do. Add a pretty gem, clip or accessory to top if all off.


8. Headband Style

fine blonde hair

Headbands like these not only keep fine blonde hair organized, but they can create a sort of bubble at the back of the head that makes hair appear deliciously thick. Though it is seen here on long hair, it looks just as cute on short cuts, like bobs, as well.


9. Simple Ballerina Bun

fine hair bun

A great way to frame your face when you need to throw your hair up is with a fine hair bun. Ballet buns have such a feminine effect that is easy to style, regardless of your hair’s length. Go for a sleek look or keep it loose or even slightly messy. If you need, gently pull hair out at the top of the head to add a bit of height.


10. Textured Ponytail with Bangs

fine hairstyle with bangs

Layers can work wonders on a fine hairstyle with bangs. They texturize a ponytail and give the appearance of more hair. Long bangs with sideways motion also contribute to the feeling of more- and with energy. Add a pretty ribbon for even more volume.


11. Short Twists

natural hairstyle for fine hair

Creating the illusion of movement is key for bulking up a natural hairstyle for fine hair. These twists are beautiful, playful, and fun. Add dynamic color to the ends of hair, such as a deep burgundy, for even more interest and flair.


12. Wedding Updo

wedding hairstyle for fine hair

If you want to wear your hair down but you’re worried it won’t last all night, try this wedding hairstyle for fine hair. A side ponytail with lots of loops in a braid effect make hair appear thicker while still letting it drape down your neck to frame your face. Don’t forget to gently tease hair at the top of the forehead for added height.


13. Double Braid Crown

braided style for fine hair

A braided style for fine hair is okay, but a double braid crown gives others the impression that you have more hair to work with than you actually do. Make your braids wrap from your neck and back of the head all the way around to the front so that the braids frame the top of your forehead. This style is not only chic but very protective for hair. We love it on an oval face shape.


14. Sexy Balayage

balayage on fine hair

While cut and styling can greatly impact limp hair, color effects can as well. Try balayage on fine hair to add subtle dimension and make hair appear fuller and thicker. Of course, adding soft layers will only enhance this idea. It’s well suited to a medium cut.


15. Side Part Curls

fine curly hairstyle

Boost your thin and curly hair with a sweeping side part, regardless of your hair’s length. If you find that your hair falls flat midday, try dipping your head over and flipping your part to the other side. This will give your curls some added life!


16. Round Pixie

fine hairstyle for women over 50

Create a feeling of fullness with a round fine hairstyle for women over 50. You can texturize curls with a hydrating creme to hide any dryness and breakage. A short style will highlight your cheekbones and lift your face for a much-needed youthful effect.


17. Half-up Bun

half up fine hair

An easy style for medium fine hair is a half-up bun or even a ponytail. This way, much of your hair will remain down on your neck and shoulders while a bun will pull hair out of your face. Working hair in two different directions will create desired space and volume.


18. Wavy Bob

fine wavy hair

Adding a few bends will certainly boost fine wavy hair. This hair type needs texture and a curling iron or wand will do the trick. Add long side bangs to further enhance the idea of fullness. Luckily, they can work on all face shapes.


19. Long Double Braids

fine hairstyle

Draw the eyes downwards and create the feeling of ‘more’ with two cute double braids. For a laidback feeling, leave a few wispy pieces out to fame the face. This will also make you look younger, too.


20. Colorful Bob

blunt cut for fine hair

We love a blunt cut for fine hair, but rich color can also deepen the appearance of your hair. Obviously, purple and pink aren’t for everyone, but it’s about taking a playful idea and making it work for you, all while enhancing your naturally fine locks.

There are multiple ways to work with fine hair to bulk up texture, add volume and create height,  all while complimenting your personal style. Do you have a favorite fine hairstyle?