Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Vs. Hooded Hair Dryer

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Both are used to deep condition and dry your hair faster, but after applying hair conditioner what happens next to your hair is quite different for each type of dryers. Let’s find out!

Hooded hair dryer

Tourmaline, titanium or ceramic hooded hair dryer – more they are powerful and can use up to 2500 watts.
  • Because the hood is in a fixed postion – you can not move around while sitting under the hood dryer
  • In terms of air distribution – the hooded hair dryer does the best. It’s also quite
  • Deep conditioning – the optimum temperature for conditioning your hair is not the room temp – hooded hair dryers increase the absorbtion of conditioners into your hair.
  • Short drying time for your hair because it is more powerful
  • You get a lot of benefits that handheld dryer couldn’t provide – the salon finish is achievable
  • Profressional hooded hair dryer costs up to $600 – it comes with a adjustable stand (or without)

Soft Bonnet hair dryer

400W Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer – It dries your hair with even hair distribution and has variable heat settings
  • Because the cap is waterproof materialnylon it is washable and lightweight. You feel more comfortable – you can move your head while wearing it
  • Deep conditioning
  • Do a wet set
  • Save time for drying – It varies from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • They are cheap and even cheaper if you’ve already had a handheld blow-dryer you can buy a bonnet hooded hair dryer cap to customize a new Bonnet hair dryer. But the bonnet may not fit to your head, and it may take a longer time for drying so the result is not assured.
  • The bonnet cap attachment is not durable

Which one should I pick?

It depends on your budget and hair goals (stretch curls, creating volume or wet set)

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