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Three Benefits of Steaming Your Hair

Is your hair weak, damaged or your curls don’t pop anymore? Or, has your hair been feeling limp, dry or very brittle? Then, your hair tresses may be long overdue for a steam treatment.  Steaming your hair on a regular basis may be the remedy that you need for most of your hair issues.

benefits of steaming hair

Steaming involves using heated moisture to open your cuticle layers and hair follicles on your scalp. Once the layers are open and pores are open, the moisture is able to penetrate your hair and work its magic. The magic is the rejuvenation process that your hair goes through in order to bring it to an optimally healthy state.

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Enhances Your Curls

For our naturally curly gals, your curls may be a bit limp. The curls have started to drop, elongate or become straight due to your consistent use of hot tools, the environment or too much product. A nice hot and steamy treatment will have your curls thanking you later. The heat will allow the cuticle layer to open so that the moisture seeps into the strands in order to keep your curls fully hydrated. Once the curls are hydrated i.e. filled with all the moisture that it needs, your hair will curl back into its natural form/state. Thus, bringing your curls into life.


Enhances Product Absorption

On a weekly basis, we apply a lot of products to our hair such as moisturizers, conditioners, shampoo, gels, deep conditioners, dry shampoos and so much more. And as such, our hair is not able to absorb the true benefits of each product because it’s already clogged from the previous products. Hence, steaming your hair on a regular basis will allow your hair to absorb the products that you use consistently in your hair regimen better. The steam will open up the cuticle layers on your hair strands and allow the nourishment to seep right in.


Enhances The Elasticity Of Your Hair

Our hair goes through a lot on a daily basis. It is exposed to our hands, strangers hand, different products being applied to it, the sunrays, the raindrops, heat from our hot tools and so much more. Thus, resulting in brittle, limp and even dry hair. The hair strands are usually overworked and need a pick me up. The pick me up is steaming which allows our hair to bounce back from any form of damage it suffered. Hence, our hair will be looking brand new for the week ahead.

The experts recommend that you steam your hair at least once a week. However, it depends on what works for you and your hair needs. You can steam once a week, biweekly or even monthly. Incorporating steaming your hair in your hair regimen will improve the optimal health of your tresses making your curls pop, products being absorbed better, and enhancing the elasticity of your tresses.

So let us know in the comments, what benefits has your hair received from steam treatments?


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