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Can Permed Hair be Straightened?

Perm hairstyle suits some faces perfectly, but it can be a mismatch for others. Many realize this after getting a perm on their hair. If you are one of them and are wondering if permed hair can be straightened, read on.


Can Permed Hair be Straightened?

In short, yes. You can straighten your permed hair using a flat iron or gel temporarily or using neutralizing products permanently.


Methods of Straightening Perm Hair

There are two methods that you can use to straighten their hair from a perm.

1. Temporary Methods

This is the safest and less harmful solution when it comes to changing your hair from a perm to straight. Two temporary methods can be used to straighten your perm hair.

Using Flat Iron to Straighten Your Hair

Using Flat Iron to Straighten Permed Hair

Now, although the gel method is quite easy, the process is very long. And many people have problems with gels as not every gel suits hair perfectly. For that reason, you can use a flat iron to straighten your perm hair.

  • Like the previous process, begin with moisturizing your hair.
  • After that, add a straightening product to your hair so that the straightness can hold and dry your hair. You can use a diffuser in this scenario.
  • Consider brushing at the same time.

Now just choose a flat iron that you are comfortable with, and start using it. Ensure that the heat is optimal, and compatible with your hair’s thickness.


Using Gel to Straighten Your Hair

hair gel to straighten permed hair

As the name suggests this method requires you to use a gel on your perm.

  • At first, moisturize your hair with shampoo and conditioner to make it softer for the gel to work.
  • Then dry your hair properly. But don’t rub your hair. You can squeeze your hair dry though.
  • Once your hair is all dry, start applying the gel. To make the process easier, you can separate your hair into four to six different parts.
  • You need to start from the root of your hair to the tip and do it thoroughly.
  • After the gel application is complete on one part of the hair, proceed to brush your hair with a comb while blow-drying. Using a bristle brush during this process is the most optimal choice.
  • You can also clip your hair for more freedom. And once you apply this process to every part of your hair, your permed hair will be straight for a temporal period.


2. Permanent Method

straightening permed hair permanently

If you want to permanently straighten your perm hair, then this is the option you should go for. This requires using chemicals, so it is safe to do it professionally with help from a salon.

  • The process starts by conditioning your hair first and then applying waving lotion on them while brushing.
  • After letting the lotion sinking in, the hair will start to unfurl from its curls. Once it starts, the hair will need to be rinsed with warm water.

Then it’s a simple process of drying the hair out and applying a neutralizer, and the hair should become straight from perm. If you got a bad perm, fix it!

watch the following video to learn how to straighten your permed hair permanently at home.



Straightening your hair from a perm can be very daunting. Hopefully, this article answered everything regarding the question — can perm hair be straightened?

And if so, the best of luck straightening your hair from perm!


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