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Hair Waver Vs. Curling Iron: What Are The Differences?

A hair waver tool is exactly what you need to get the coveted beach wave look. It is like a hybrid tool, between a Curling Iron and a Straightener.

The irony of creating an effortless hairstyle is that it does take work. Luckily, the list below will narrow down your options and help you invest in the right hair waver for you. These top-rated tools will help you achieve the coveted wavy look.


What is a Hair Waver?

Hair Waver

It has multiple barrels, classically three, that essentially crimp your hair. Many tools look like a straightener with a flat cover but beneath have the barrels. Others have the exposed barrels to see the process firsthand, as the sections of hair are styled.

A hair waver has multiple heat settings. Some have adjustable heat plates and heads as well for more styling versatility. They also often come with a heat protectant glove, particularly the hair wavers that have exposed barrels.


How Do Hair Wavers Differ From Curling Irons?

  • They are similar in the styling process as it’s done by section but different in that the hair waver is applied like a straightener. Hold down and clamp for up to 30 seconds (depending on the tool.) With a curling iron, you have to coil the hair around the barrel, time it, release it, and go to the next piece of hair.
  • With a hair waver, since you are clamping the hair instead of coiling, there is less chance of a tangle.
  • There is more diversity of styling options in less time.

Hair Waver vs Curling Iron

The language and names can be a bit confusing for these products as they are interchangeable. They are also in the same hair tool family, the ultimate product to achieve mermaid’s hair. That in-between style of a wavy curl if it’s not your natural texture can be achieved with a hair waver.

Hair Wavers are a great modernized curling iron. They are not exactly a curling iron or a crimper or a straightener, but they offer the best of these tools combined.

Hair Wavers allow for a variety of hairstyles from the classic Hollywood loose waves to beach waves to even a tighter crimped style. They work on a variety of hair types, and the tools available all hold merit.

Much like a straightener or curling iron, it’s worth gauging the time you have toward hair styling and investing in one of these convenient stylers.


Top Hair Wavers

The All-Purpose All-Star: BESTOPE Curling Iron + 3 Barrel Waver

The BESTOPE tool comes with three different curling iron barrels as attachments, interchangeable on our wand. The three-barrel waver is a separate attachment so you can have the best of both worlds. It has 100% ceramic tourmaline coating, comes equipped with a heat protectant glove, and two alligator hair clips to section off your hair.

The barrels are a lovely rose gold color, and the LCD display will let you know your heat level. There are 30 heat level settings, and it is quick to reach the desired temperature. You won’t be waiting very long to begin styling after you plug the wand in. It has a 360-degree swivel cord for better dexterity and a handy storage bag.


The Relaxed Waver: Bed Head Makin Waves “S” Waver

Bed Head, a sub-brand of well-known salon-grade hair product line TIGI, is an originator of hair wave tools. A leader on this product, they have a few versions that stand out. The “S” Waver specifically creates a looser wave compared to its counterparts in the product line.

The tourmaline ceramic coated plates that can heat up to 400 degrees will set the style, reduce frizz and maximize shine. This hair waver looks more like a traditional straightener, with a flat iron exterior of the barrel. It has a barrel lock for safety and a simple on and off switch.

Starting at the roots, clamp a small section of hair, holding for a few seconds, and keep working your way down to the end of your strands. The high heat of this waver will make for a quick styling process. This waver is a good place to start, thanks to the safety of the plated barrel. This hair tool would be a good starting point for the young, ambitious hairstylist.


The Award Winner: Babe Waves Limited Edition Hair Curling Wand

The three-barrel Waver (wand) will help you achieve the desired beach wave look. It has an adjustable temperature and an LCD display, going up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The handle has a velvet touch, allowing for a comfortable soft-grip. It has a built-in stand, crease-free clamp, and the tips remain cool when the wand is heated for safer styling.

It has the most classic design of a hair waver, but as noted, sometimes they are referred to as a curling wand. The triple barrel style is what you will find is most popular on the market.

We recommend the Babe Waves because of its cool tips, so you won’t need to worry as much about potentially burning your hands. Unlike some other tools on the market, it does not come with a heat-proof glove, assuring a stronger sense of safety.

With six heat settings and ease of control, it’s the most traditional in a sense, much like a regular curling iron. However, it has other benefits which explain its price, like the well-planned design.

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