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Seven Reasons Why You May Stop Using A Hair Steamer

A lot to love for a hair steamer – your hair will get more moisture and conditioner, especially with a hooded hair steamer but there are a couple of reasons why people stop using it.

1. Setting up is complicated, whether you place it on a desktop it may not fit to the right position because the stand is not adjustable. But it is not impossible to find the right place, stand and position.

It may stand on a few books to fit your height

2. You have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes when the hair steamer is ready to use.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to boil the water and create vapor

3. It doesn’t get to the bottom of your hair, even you adjust and it won’t style the whole head.

4. It is very powerful, if you apply a deep conditioner on your hair and sits underneath the hair steamer your hair may be ended up over-conditionedyour hair absorbs the conditioner as much as they would need.

5. As it’s a hot styling tool, a high temperature of steam may cause discomfort as long as you sit under the hood. It also can cause hair damage.

6. It can stretch hair out of hair strands – the hair elasticity reaches the point where your hair doesn’t go back original

Time sitting under the hood and hair elasticity

7. It’s even more time-consuming if you have a handheld hair steamer – you have to go through all hair sections, and you need to refill the small water tank (run out of water at the middle of conditioning sessions) and wait for 5 minutes for it ready.


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