Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your Next Hair Dryer

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Here are a few things you might not have known about hair dryer

Hair dryer’s Heating elements

Professional hair dryers often come with high-quality heating elements such as Ceramic or Titanium

Heating element should provide consistant air and they are made from high quality materials that won’t easily oxidize at elevated temperatures.

Cut your drying time

If you have fine hair pick the 1800 watts hair dryer,
but thicker, coarser hair requires more power

Strong air flow and temperature decides how quickly you blow dry your hair.


These accessories for hair dryer will help concentrate the airflow

An concentrator attachment does the trick

Is it really necessary to buy a quality hair dryer?

Quality hair dryer performe consistantly, pronounce less damage to the hair

Hooded hair dryers

While a hooded hair dryer helps in wet setting, it also takes less time to completely dry your hair. But most people like it for deep conditioning – the heat spreads evenly on your entire head allow hair to absorb conditioner better.

Hair dryer has an expiry date

Don’t wait untile your hair dryer breaks, here are a few signs that you should replace your hair dryer

Damaging the heating elements or cord at connector is frayed.

You smell something strange – burn plastic or heating elements worn out

The performance is not as good as it used to be the dryer either take longer or quicker time for drying. That’s when the temperature setting no longer works.

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