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Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron Review

When it comes to hair care, you want the best products and tools to use on your hair. Whether these products are for treating your hair or styling it, having the right tools like a good flat iron for your hair will keep your hair in good health.

When using hair styling tools that work with heat, you want to invest and find the best product. This will prevent heat damage and prevent issues with your hair in the long run. In this article, we will review the Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron.


Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

We have decided to give our review on the Conair Double Ceramic flat iron with all of the advice above. 

The Conair Ceramic flat iron is a 1″ flat iron used to straighten the hair. The rounded edges on the flat iron allow the product to double as a curling iron for loose waves. The iron has five heat settings, maxing out at 410 degrees. 

The ceramic style plates help reduce frizziness and provide shine to the hair. The long length of the plates is a feature that helps speed up the process of straightening your hair. The flat iron comes with an automated timer that shuts off the iron’s heat when not in use.

Ceramic style plates are great for people with fine hair, as using ceramic can cause less heat damage than their titanium counterpart. 

A common annoyance with flat irons is that the cord of the iron can get in the way. The cord of a flat iron can sometimes create a hazard, depending on where you are straightening your hair.

The Conair Ceramic flat iron has a swivel-cord that moves with you as you style your hair. This cord prevents any wire-related frustrations during the straightening process.

The Double Ceramic flat iron comes in a 1″ size or a 1 ½” size. The smaller size is the best size to get if you like your flat irons to also act as a curling iron. The larger size is best for a smooth and sleek look.

Some consumers have pointed out that the Conair Double Ceramic flat iron does not get as hot as they would like. If you have very thick or curly hair, you may find that the heat settings may not be up to par for your hair type. 

Consumers with thinner hair types have found that the heat settings are perfect for preventing heat damage. At the same time, they are still able to get their hair as straight as they want.

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron



  • Ceramic plates prevent heat damage
  • The Conair flat iron can double as a curling iron
  • The flat iron comes in two sizes
  • Swivel-style cord


  • The flat iron heat settings may not work on thick hair types
  • Consumer reports of the flat iron tugging on hair and causing discomfort



What to Look for in a Flat Iron 

Ceramic Flat Iron

It is not any secret that flat irons can cause a lot of damage to your hair. This is a result of the high heat used to straighten your hair. This damage can cause long-lasting dryness and can even cause your hair to break off.

While you can use hair products to help prevent heat damage, having a good flat iron can slow down the process of heat damage. We have provided information on the things that you should look for when buying a flat iron below.


Temperature Control

Being able to control the temperature that your flat iron operates at is an important feature. The temperature control on a flat iron allows you to range between two different temperatures.

If you want to be aware of the heat you are exposing to your hair, you will want to note the highest and lowest settings on a flat iron.


The Size of the Plates

The plate of flat iron is the heated part of the iron that flattens the hair down. The plate size of a flat iron can change the way you straighten your hair.

1″ plates are suitable for medium length hair and can be useful for curling hair.. 2″ plates are suitable for long hair and achieving straight, sleek hairstyles. Flat irons with plates smaller than 1″ are best for maintaining short hair and bangs.


The Price

It is good to invest in certain things, including your hair. That being said, there are many flat irons on the market that are at a reasonable price. If you are longing for an expensive flat iron, make sure that you do research on the product before breaking your bank.

Quality is important, and you will most likely be willing to pay a little extra for quality. But there may be certain situations where you won’t need to hurt your wallet to get a good quality flat iron.